The Episode starts with Sandhya being taken to the hospital while the flight 2310 takes off. Prema thinks its time for action. She drops her MP3 player and hits on his neck. He faints. She says he is gone. Sooraj talks to Chaturi. Shanky talks to Disha and asks for introduction. He says he will send her friend request. Chaturi sits between them and scolds him. He says I m not talking to you. She says I don’t talk to strangers. Prema asks the steward to come later, as Verma is sleeping and should not be disturbed. Sandhya is treated in hospital. The doctor says she has internal injury and will be fine soon, we will know after she gets senses.
SP thinks its fishy, first Zakir and now her, maybe she saw something, and the terrorists have done this to her, or maybe it’s an accident. RK gets ready and prays. Sandhya thinks about plane hijack and wakes up. She says Sooraj ji. The doctor asks how is she feeling, can she hear him. She asks the time, call SP Sir, call him. He says he is outside, I will send him. Sandhya gets up. SP comes. She says 2310, RK’s gang are hijacking the flight 2310. She cries and says they want to free RK by pressuring us. She says do something Sir, there are many people and their lives is in risk. He says he will inform ATC and calls them.
Diya aur baati hum 10th November 2014 Written Update
Maya thinks Disha and Prema did their work, its my turn now. She goes to bathroom and keeps gun in her clothes. She comes and sits back in her seat. She sees the time. The air hostess gives coffee to the pilots. They get the news of the hijack and are shocked. Maya sees the cockpit security code and enters the cockpit. She gets in and says the plane has been hijacked, take the plane back towards east. They ask why shall we listen to you. She shoots the air hostess. They get tensed and says don’t shoot us, we will do as you say. ATC people see the plane going out of route and get worried. They ask the captain why did they change direction.
They track the plane. SP sir and Sandhya come to know the plane has been hijacked. They get shocked. RK is taken for his hanging in the police van. Maya thinks its 37 mins for RK’s hanging, I should contact ATC now. Maya talks to SP and Sandhya and says we have hijacked the plan, She asks them to stop RK’s hanging, else she will start killing people here. Sandhya thinks about RK’s words. Maya asks them to think about passengers. Sandhya says its 35mins for RK hanging, so they have given us 30mins time. Maya says we will talk when you give me good news of RK hanging stopped. Sandhya says we have to do something, else they will start killing people.
SP says its out of our hands, we have appointed an officer to negotiate with them. Sandhya worries for her family and others. She holds Sooraj’s gifted watch.
Maya asks their decision, is hanging stopped. Arjun Chowdhry talks to her. Maya asks him to say will he stop RK hanging or get 78 people killed.
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Diya Aur Baati Hum

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