Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 4

Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 4


yes maheak its true that we are not able to live dignified life here.there is not only one reason but many.nothing is safe here and at the top of the list is a girl’s respect.qe being muslims are asked to cover our heads and face when e go out but still many people’s eyes are on us to take a girl’s virginity.they are cruel to such an extent that recently a 5 yrs old girl got raped.who does it??how cheap!!!u may see that those girls who wear veils here in pakistan wear jeans and walk with open hair in other countries as its safe there but not here cuz in other countries such clothes can be wore but not here.

Corruption is ost common here esp in checking of exams.the board exams.these exams are held all over the countries’ cities.and result is declared after 6 mnths.after seeing the results many wise and hard working bright students commit suicide bcz in the papers checking is done depending on examiner’s mood.they dnt read the answers and mark it true or false either it is right or not and u r not allowed to object.this cheap rule is applied only in pakistan.what do we do??
Terrorism has now become a daily and heavy dose here.last year the most heinous act was performed by terrorists.they entered an army school and killed hundreds of innocent children of 3yrs-14yrs brutally as they didnt want them to be the part of future army.dead bodies over dead bodies were lying.blood was spread everywhere.

whole country was teary eyed.such cruelty it was.many mothers lost their mentality.if u go to google and search for PESHAWAR ATTACK 2015 and search in images u will definitely be shocked and teary eyed.and now this year in january again a university was attack where 20 students lost their lives and some teachers too.even teachers can not be trusted.in my city a very well known and respectable principal was arrested as he was found to be part of terrorist team and a list of targeted institutions was received by him in which my college was at top and it would have been attacked if he had not been caught.all people are scared to death and want to leave this country as its not safe anymore.

i dont want to insult my country by narrating all this but its just that this situation is damn piercing our hearts.i know some of u might think that this is common in every country but i bet that the situation is worst in pakistan.there are many more reasons but the time is short to tell.i just pray for the betterment and protection of my country.hope everything becomes fine(AMEEN)

its tough to give recap of this ff.i hope u remember the previous epi.tell me if i should give recap in furthur epis as its not given in today’s.and let me clear a confusion that shraddha received the gift not gajra.sorry for wrong name in previous epi



shraddha cries badly.
shraddha:i have to do this or else papa….ma….bhai….no……..
shraddha is not able to do any work.finally night arrives.she is shattered from inside but doent wanna show this to anybody.she comes dressed beautifully.
ma:where r u going?what abt ur project?
shraddha:ma me and my friend will first have dinner and then we will go to her home
ma:ok beta
gajra:come soon tomorrow i will get bored without u
sumer:i am here to give u company.gajra shys.
shraddha gtes teary yed and sees her family laughing and hugs he mom
ma:r u ok?
shraddha:i love u
she hugs her father
shraddha:u trust me?
he kisses her forehead and she leaves

shraddha reaches sher’s residence.she knocks at the door.sher opens it and gets mesmerized.
sher:so u have come i thought u wont come.well if u have come then i should ask her to leave
shraddha is boggled but gets shocked when she sees a girl wearing short black dress comes out of sher’s room.
girl:i wish u had given this night to me
sher:later babes.
he gives flying kiss to her and she smiles leaving shraddha disgusted
sher:come in
shraddha enters and is nervous to see bed decorated with roses.a champaign bottle with two glasses.
sher:u r wise.u took right decision.so….ready……

he looks at shraddha.he touches the dupatta in her neck.shraddha keeps hand on his hand bcz she doesnt want him to take it off.sher looks at her annoyingly.she removes her hand.sher takes off her dupatta and throws on floor.sher moves forward and tries to hold her but she steps back.sher feels surprised and then says:i am much more rich than ur father.if u do it willingly i will join my business with his and then u can also become millionaire.what say?
shraddha stays numb.sher moves forward and pins her gainst the cupboard.she shuts her eyes.sher moves closer and stops as he sees ears rolling down shraddha’s eyes.he leaves her.shraddha opens her eyes.
sher looks surprisingly at her
sher:what r u?who r u?
shraddha is surprised.
sher:what is the problem in spending a night with me?i am giving u a chace to be millionaire.what wrong??
shraddha bursts into tears and cries badly.she sits in his feet and folds hands.
shraddha:plz plz let me go.i will do whatever u say but plz plz let go of my virginity.plzzz

sher is still in surprise.he takes sharaddha’s dupatta and drpaes over her.he pats her face:go…
shraddha is taken aback:what
sher:just go….
sher:leave i said
shraddha doesnt know what happened and leaves silently.

she walks on road with blank mind and is about to collide with a car but dodges.the girl comes out of the car and she is CHANDA.


shraddha: u r mysterious sher.that girl saved me that night or else it would have been problematic.thank u unknown.but i wish somebody saves me from sher…….


Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 4


Piya rangrezz (a hate to love story) epi 4

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