It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”Happy Birthday ‘” Episode 40

To be continued
I entered that club it was real hell which was more worse than Goa club loud music girls are begging for drugs to Mens and some are trying to touched them and ……
Manali Trance Song was played in its highest volume……
Some girls are taking drugs and dancing….. And goons were taking them inside..
And some are dancing on floor….. I go inside finding Aslam Khan but some mens were staring at me with doubt….so I take drug but not really only fake and goes towards dance floor and started acting drunken, not in senses….and started dancing….
Badla mizaaj mera phookte hi grass
Grass lage hai mohe sabka ilaaj
Thoda toh main jhoom loon iske nashe mein
C’mon DJ laga de dubstep trance??????

I had seen Aslam Khan seating on first floor looking down or I said looking for girls to slept……
Oh kaisa lage hai mohe kaise main bataaun
Laage hai sab kuch upside down
Tu bhi kheench do puff
Manali ka hai ye stuff
Tu bhi kheench do puff
Manali ka hai ye stuff
Aah puff, aah.. Stuff
Aah puff, aah.. Stuff
Aah puff, aah.. Stuff
C’mon now, c’mon now
C’mon boy do me **
So I started exposing so that he noticed me……and some boys came close to me….
Rani ni..
Rani mere saath maal phook phook le
Thaamu teri kamar dhuein ke phir ghoont le
Saanson se chadhegi tu kash toh laga le yaari
Dum bole dum ka aa mazaa loot le
Chandan ye badan mat kar tu jatan
Humdum mere sang dori main tu patang
Dum-dum bum-bum kheench mere humdum
Dum ka bum kheenchegi toh
bhoolegi tu saare gham

Finally my planed worked he called me through his men….. I go but with the support of his goons because for them I was drugged…..
Dum-dum bum-bum khinch mere humdum
Dum ka bum kheenchegi toh
bhoolegi tu saare gham… (x2)

(Aah puff, aah.. Stuff – x4)

Dum-dum bum-bum khinch mere humdum
Dum ka bum kheenchegi toh
bhoolegi tu saare gham…

Then they take me to his farmhouse…. With some other girls…. Then he seated on sofa and started laughing and make me stand in front of him…..

Aslam Khan – so welcome to my kingdom Misha (Swara) Omkar Malik please don’t act like drugged because it will be very hard and I don’t want that my ex-boss daughter will do all this….

I was shocked that how he came to know my identity but I take out revolver and target him…..
Aslam Khan – oh my god I afraid please don’t kill me I begged you please…. Ha ha ha ha ha you think I will say you all this you are kid in front of me Misha (swara) what you think it is so easy to kill king of drug bussiness…… No not at all….
Misha (Swara) – I think Aslam Khan you are blind that not seeing gun in front of you and that gun’s bullet only targeting you…..

Aslam Khan -oh oh Misha Malik you are wrong because in your gun there is no bullets….

I checked my gun but he was right there was no bullet but I was not coword so I throw that gun on his face and because of that his one damage….. And kicked him all his goons come inside by listening his screaming I was about to kill him with flower vase but his one man shoot me on shoulder…. I fell on ground…..but I was consious…..
Aslam Khan – you **********D you don’t know what you have done you damage my one eye and now you will pay for it but I will not kill you easily by one bullet I will do that condition of your that no one has seen …….

I was not afraid because I know that god is with me but then he takes me outside the farmhouse and ordered his mens that to heat knife and bring salt then they tied me on bench and started burning with that knife I was screaming loudly they burn my face then my hands then stabbed me on foot…. My all parts of my body was damaged then they burn me but then my Dad came with his mens and started firing all were killed including Aslam Khan then they throw water on me and take me in car his eyes was full of tears because that people burnt me my face can’t be not recognize I was in extreme pain but in half consious condition I said Dad to make me die in front of world then Dad understand and call police officer to make fake sucide case….. After listening that I get unconscious when my eyes open in my face and body bandages were done and many doctors were in front of me and Dad was there….

I wanted to speak but no voice was coming….. I wanted to move my hands but I was in extreme pain…. I can’t tolerate…. Then months passed years passed finally my bandages were removed and lastly my face bandage were removed dad showed me mirror I saw my new face my whole skin was my eyes were my vocal chords were New….. And then I looked at Dad, mom and dadii in all these passed year I said Dad only to visit and don’t allow mom and dadii and asked dad about his business and illegal works and he taught me all his shades and techniques….. I remember one day before when my bandage was removed I said Dad that I wanted to come in his business Dad first disagree but I told him that I wanted to finish all drugs dealings bussiness then I said that your Misha is dead your elder daughter Misha is dead and now your younger daughter Misha is also dead and from that moment in Malik family no Misha exist and the day when I came back to home Mom was standing with aarti thal and doing all traditions and said come Misha but I didn’t move they all looked at me…. Dadii asked me what happens your Mom have called you to come in but I said I am not Misha…. Misha is dead all were shocked just then Dad said don’t do all this you are our daughter Misha…. I looked at dadii her eyes were in pain….

Misha (Swara) – yes dadii you are right that from this moment my new life will be start but new life meant that forget everything what happens in past you know I should remember each and every pain because in future I will not do this mistake again…. Dadii you have changed my name from Swara to Misha and now you will again changed my name and give me the blessings….
I bend down to take dadii blessing and she kept her hand on my head saying my granddaughter Swara Omkar Malik……. I said proudly that from now I am Swara Malik which doesn’t know to take out tears and heartless…… From that I became Swara Malik and that moment I involved in Dad bussiness…..

Then Swara gets up and switch on the light and turned to look all photos it was her photos when her face was not change her picture from childhood ,when she came to shimla, her pictures with sanskar, her naughty pictures with Laksh and arjun, her picture with Ragini when she was in Goa (she was unconscious but Swara manged to click some photos with her sister), and her biggest frame in she was with her dad (in that photo she was in her Misha face)……..
Then she listened knock….. She goes towards door and opened it….
Swara -what happens dadii??
Dadii – Happy Birthday Misha…..

Swara- dadii please… Many times I have said that today is not my birthday and Misha is not my name please don’t do this again… And ya please take your medicine my s*xy dadii…. But for that we have to take dinner right… So let’s go…
Dadii- Swara please god sake don’t act in front of me….
Swara- dadii let’s go….

Dadii to herself -when will you be happy from heartdly……my Swara….

It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”Happy Birthday ‘” Episode 40


It’s not revenge it’s love swasan (a way love to revenge) ‘”Happy Birthday ‘” Episode 40


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