the unknown truth…Episode 5

the unknown truth…Episode 5

hi guys, I m happy with your comments. and bisha, I m your classmate and happy for that.

here’s the horror story…..

we were searching for the mansion. the island is small but dense. we felt like were in a complete abandoned area.

and this idiot Mahi, he’s behaving like bear grylls. he wanted me to enjoy there. there’s no fault in him. I bet I wanted to hit him in the same iron rod in his stupid dream.

I m going crazy over the mystery.

“Mahi, who are the people left in Vincent family?”

“sadly, only his son Sam.”

“so, I doubt Sam. he might had done something that …”

before I could complete my sentence, the winds blew weird, we felt strange. its really strange.

we again started to search. and at last we found it. it was awesome. I can describe it like huge, dark, unique , and mysterious. it was like some fantasy movies.

we moved closely to the door. I slowly unlocked the door. the door was squeaky with some noise.

it was dark but fully furnished. we entered in. it was big. very big.

” Mahi”

my words echoed.

“give me the camera Mahi” I whispered because I don’t want the stupid echo to scare me. I took some clicks of the place. on the corner, there was stairs, which was dusty. I went upstairs holding the handle of the stairs. the first floor had a grand decoration. it was beautifully organised. I can sense the place very odd because it gave me a feel that there is something unknown to us. I opened a room.

“achu… achu… akchu….”

I began to sneeze because of the dust. I closed my nose with my sleeve. I saw a huge portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent. they were happy. I smiled at that.

suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I didn’t shout because I know it was my stupid husband. I turned and began to laugh at him. he was all covered with dust and spider webs.. I was laughing like hell. he didn’t know why. how innocent?…

I searched for a mirror. and I saw it covered with dust. I wiped the dust and pulled him closer to me. I was standing close to him. I cleared the mess on his hair. he was smiling at me?

“.Mahi, from which dustbin you’re from?”

“what? but I was searching for my Sherlock Holmes. she left me alone in this scary mansion. I m afraid you know”

“how can I leave you alone? god, I should at least have some pity on these poor ghosts. I m sorry Mahi. I’ll never leave you alone. ”

he made his face like ‘he’s a ghost’ and chased me. I ran escaping from his grip. ha ha ha. it was fun.

suddenly I skipped down and that poor fellow fell down. but I don’t know how but I was above him.

“hey, how can you top me? but I fell after you” he complained.

“that’s my fast move sweetheart.” …

he caught me in my hip. I placed my hands around his neck and blackmailed him to leave me.

then we got up. so, now we are inside the mansion.

I kept the bags in the room near the balcony. we need a place where sunlight is available. that’s because our system needs power and we get it from solar panels. I took the antenna in which we can communicate and access signals for our wireless camera.

I m good at mechanical works like fixing the equipments. he’s good at technologies like the data and functions of machines.

I fixed the antenna near the balcony grill. then I was searching for Mahi. he was sleeping. I went near him. he lightly smiled. so he’s acting. I then began to tickle him and we had a nice time enjoying there ..

suddenly I felt the environment cold. its the first symptom of the ghosts.

we were shocked. we didn’t fix the cameras as we were playing.

Mahi placed his hands in mine. I was hugging his arms.

Mahi hugged me more tightly. I took a deep breath and I gently pushed him. I slowly walked towards the door and opened it. there was no one. I mean nothing.
suddenly I heard the voice


echoing in the hallway …

I turned to look at Mahi but I’m shocked to see him. behind him was a mirror and I can see a blurred figure standing before me.

I felt the same strange touch in my hand. but it was strong now

the unknown truth…Episode 5


the unknown truth…Episode 5

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