Friday Spoilers Combo – 19th February 2016


Meera drives her bike and saves Vidya from Mental hospital. She has broken all the walls that is between the sisters. She has broken the wall through her bike in Singham style. Meera folds her hand and asks them to let her go inside Vidya’s ward, but she is refused to let inside. Just then Meera gets angry and breaks the wall with the bike. Vidya gets relieved seeing her sister coming as Kanha ji and saving her from all the torture. Meera is fulfilling her duty as elder sister and gets happy saving her sister. It is yet to be seen what does Gopi do now.


Roshni got her memory back. Kunal’s bride has changed in the mandap. Jyoti Tai and Roshni have swapped the bride. Jyoti Tai brings Shabnam wearing Roshni’s clothes, and makes her sit. Shabnam is unconscious though and falls in the mandap. Sid and Roshni have given her drug which she used to give to Roshni. She says she doesn’t know that she is sitting in the mandap.

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YHM shocking alert

Vidhaani get married in IKRS…

Chotu and Arzoo’s comic romance in DABH

Simar to target ghosts in SSK

Thapki and Bihaan rock the valentines party in TPK

Sid and Roshni plot to trap Shabnam in JR

Friday Spoilers Combo – 19th February 2016


Friday Spoilers Combo – 19th February 2016


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