Reporters season 2 episode 56

Reporters season 2 episode 56

The episode starts with kabir and ananya reaching home and finding out that rsdikha and riya are not in their cots.Worried kabir and ananya,report about them to the police,where they find them.Kabir and ananya are relieved.

Richa and rony are sitting together in the cafeteria which makes karishma,who is sitting from far,jealous.Baby and sunny come to karishma and distract her by their usual lame jokes.

Ananya works on a lead relating to a girl,nandini who is 13,and is forced to work at the age she is supposed to study,just because of her poverty background.After following up that lead,ananya gives the information leading to a perfect 9 pm news by kabir prior to that.

Kabir and ananya share some romantic moments in the cafeteria.Kabir says”i have been noticing that you have become very unromantic nowdays.”Ananya says”really?when i said this what did you say?”kabir says what and their usual sweet fight start.

Khalid announces that KKN has become the best news company in the world,causing a party.The usual excitement is there when the girlfriends of the respective men in KKN make an entry with their glamourous gowns.

When ananya is choosing her dresses,she comes acrosses a golden and pink dress and remembers her engagement.As their partners make an entry,everyone impatiently waits for ananya especially kabir,and there she makes an entry with the exact make up on her engagement day.

Music plays(the music that was played when ananya hugged kabir after kabir defused the bomb in ep 102.)All dance with their partners.

Richa tries to make rony jealous by dancing with puru and rony dances with karishma to make richa jealous.


Precap:ananya finds out that some terrorist have set bombings in certain places and hopes to defuse them by 48 hours,which is the bomb timing.

Reporters season 2 episode 56


Reporters season 2 episode 56

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