True love story (Intro)

Hi frds… I’m new here … I to want a place n ur family, yeah I was a silent reader bit not anymore??… This my maiden ff , hope u ppl like it and I will try my level best to entertain u guys and plz do comment and criticism r also allowed

So here v go to my story world

Into :
Swetha, a cute rich , kind generous and can do anything for her loved ones and a big sacrificer
Kiren : rich spoilt brat , never loved a girl except one , love others but hate one person to d core

And yeah ur guess is right both will be having a past related to them…. Let’s see what destiny plan for them….

Swetha is studying 2nd year in chennai. She has four close friends whom they share every secret with others except on one matter which Swetha and one of her friend only knows and they don’t talk much with each other as they do with other 3 friends. But they don’t like each other due to some misunderstanding, which I will tell u guys later…. Till then bye guys

Precap : intro of hero

True love story (Intro)


True love story (Intro)


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