All alone ragini episode 35

Epiosode starts with sanskar and sujatha taking
Sujatha explaining how a girl heath changes and how we have to take care of her.
How a men should be carefull about his feeling towards her
Sanskar:-i will take care of her
Sujatha:- and one more thing is very important sanskar .
Sanskar:-what maa.
Sujatha:- your caring and loves towards her makes her feel more good and happy.i knew that their is no need to say to u to love her as you love her more than anything but still just pamper her like a kid.
Sanskar:-nodes and goes from their.
Ragini is getting ready in room she about to wear jewellary sanskar stops her and asks her to wear light jeweallary and makes her wear light ones.
Sanskar:-a good news for u. Arnav bhai and khusi babi are at hall.ragini gets happy and goes and meet them.
They both congralutale her .
They four were sitting in hall.
Arnav and khusi introduces a baby girl priya.

Ragini:-bhai u didnot say me that u have a girl.
Arnav:-she is my sister daughter and one more thing we are going to have a baby
Ragini sees khushi .
Khusi signals her as 4 month.
Ragini about to jump sanskar stops her and asks her to be carefull dont jump like that.
Sumi and remaining family members comes and hugs ragini .
Rathod family also comes.
Marriage is done successefully .
Uttara bidai is also done .
Uttara hugs ragini and asks her not to cry and just give us a beautifull and cute princess just like her.
All smiles.
All sometime all goes to their rezpective room.
Ragini changed and sitting on bed because of strain and suddenly feels a hand on her head and opens her eyes and sees sanskar giving her head massage .
She tries to stop but sanskar does massage succeszfully.
Later sanskar makes ragini take meficines and makes her rest.
Like always rags sleeps hugging sanskar
One month passes.

Precap:-5 months to go

All alone ragini episode 35


All alone ragini episode 35


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