Swasan- together till the end (Episode 1)

Swasan- together till the end (Episode 1)

hi guys !! This is my first ff .I hope u all like it. So,here it starts.

swara as aisha
sanskar as arjun

so the story starts right now

new day means new start ,new mistakes ,and a hope for bright future.as rhe sun rays fall on a girl who is stunning,cute and gorgeous even in her messed hair.she gets up and stretches .suddenly this trance is broken by her dad’s voice:Good morning my princess
aisha-good morning dad!

she gives a hug o her dad and gets up straight
aisha-dad u know we have the pooja for mum like every year.
dad-hmmmm,how can I forget that?
aisha -no I was wondering if u could help me in the preparations.
dad-of course !
and he gave her a weak smile
aisha-(thinks to herself) i know that u miss mum .she died when was very young.And u hide ur tears from me as u want me to be strong and not break down.
she hugs her dad and smiles at him saying”i know dad”

aisha – dad I m going to the ngo.I will meet u in the evening.

at the ngo
the ngo is located near a beach and it is beautiful.
as she goes inside she is greeted by children .
Aisha -so everyone ready for school?she asks the children
“yes” they answer in chorus .
she makes them ready and takes them to their bus stop
she waves them and gives a kiss on their cheeks one by one .
then she laughs at their childishness and makes them board the bus
she keeps waving till the bus takes a turn and is out of her sight

then she forms a beautiful smile looking at the beach

PRECAP-swasan meet

Swasan- together till the end (Episode 1)


Swasan- together till the end (Episode 1)

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