Swasan : The Star Couple (Plan B) (Episode 22)

Swasan : The Star Couple (Plan B) (Episode 22)

Swara yells “Plan B !”

Ragini : What plan B and why I dont know about your plan B .

Swara : That is so because i dont need your help. You already ruined the previous plan Ragz and I really want to win this game. I wont let that jerk win

Ragini smiles thinking “She still lives him and somewhere Sanskar also loves Swara. Let them sort this out on their own.”
Ragini (to Swara) : Fine I will leave but don’t forget Madame I m watching you from there. So don’t even think of anything psychotic.

Swara : What ?

Ragini : I wanted to tell you this that I think you changed for better. I love my new Swara. I had not called you once these two years as I was really angry at you like seriously..
But when I saw you here all my anger melted away and vanished.
Swara gives her a hug a tight one. “Now plan B” she whispers

Swara smirks. She goes to the stage and snatches the mic. Sanskar sees Swara totally amused. Now what this girl is going to do apart from creating a scene.
“Guys I have just realised my husband does not love me anymore.”
All look wondered. An old man speaks out “What happened my daughter all okay ?”

Swara starts her drama with some fake tears. Ragini bangs her head on the wall. Why god why you gave me such a crazy friend. And she’s now a lot more crazier.

“I think my husband Sanskar (pointing towards him) he does not love mr anymore and not even my baby. (placing her hands over her stomach and caressing it)”

Sid enters. Drama queen. He smiles and goes to Sanskar and pats his shoulder.

“I love him truly ! And I think I would forgive him only if he says a sorry.”

Sanskar glares at her in anger. What sorry no way !

Sid also gets on the stage.

“I Think Sanskar should come on the stage and say a sorry publicly. What do you guys think ?”

All agree and force Sanskar. Swara winks at him and gives him a victorious smile. And Sanskar gives her a I will not leave you look.

Sanskar is pushed by the guests and he gets on the stage. He kneels down on the stage and says “I m sorry Swara. Sorry for hurting you so much. I always loved you. Bur I dont know how I got courage to refuse you.”

Swara gets teary eyed hearing that. Did he really mean that ? Could something actually happen between the two ? Then what was all that Kavita’s drama? Was that … Thoughts flushed in her mind as if it was going to blow her mind away.

Sanskar was at a corner. Swara goes there.

Sanskar : Listen I know you are here to ask me if I really meant that and my answer is a big no. I was just kidding

Swara : And I was here to ask you how was it to say sorry and not such stupid things ! I really don’t care.

Sanskar : Oh really. (he holds her hand)
Swara revolts.

Sanskar to the old lady. “See my wife she does not want to dance with me and share this moment of happiness”

The old lady and Sanskar both drag her down to the dance floor. “Mr. Sanskar now you have to pay for this” swara looks at her heels and gives away an evil smile. Sanskar senses something bad is going to happen.

And they start their couple dance. Sanskar’s hand rested on her waist and her hand on his shoulders. Swara flickered her eyes and then a hard stamp on Sanskar’s leg.

Sanskar : Ouch !

Swara : I m so sorry mt hubby.

Sanskar : No its okay. (he holds her waist tighter)

Swara again stamps his leg which loosens his grip followed by a victorious smile on Swara’s face.

Sanskar : Now please enough of this stamping. Dont bring you heels near my feet.

Swara : Okay !

Swara and Sanskar dance quiet romantically and when it came to a lift swara stretches her leg a little to make Sanskar fall but he also makes Swara fall with him.

All the guest look at them.

Swasan : What ? We were having fun. Let the music be continued. !

Sid comes and asks for Swara’s hand and swara goes with him. Sanskar sees them dancing.

He goes to the old couple and tells them how her wife is dancing with that stranger and not with her husband.

The old lady goes there and pulls Swara’s ear.
Lady : Be loyal to your husband !

Swara : Loyal to him who had never been loyal to me.

Sanskar wondered what he had done.

Sanskar : You leave your partner when he needs you the most.

This made swara confused as she was always there with him and it was he who left her for Kavita.

Precap : Swasan confront each other about what they actually meant.

*So hope you like this episode. And silent readers wake up and comment as your opinion is needed. Planning to end this ff ? Do you want me to continue or I shall end this soon*

Swasan : The Star Couple (Plan B) (Episode 22)


Swasan : The Star Couple (Plan B) (Episode 22)

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