Shocking Twist in SWARAGINI

Guys there is a shocking twist in swaragini
swara and sanskar are married and taking blessings then suddenly a voice come from staircases and we found her as ragini coming from staircases and shouting laksh everybody runs to her and she yells that laksh u are marrying some other girl then laksh came and says that she is marrying right girl and says that why he should again marry ragini as he don’t love her and tells everybody that he was doing all of this love drama with ragini due to property papers. everbody asks him that what is he saying then he replied to them as please don’t interfere as you all are forcing your decisions on me I want to live my life I want to take my decisions myself and said that he never liked ragini always hate her and continued her marriage and leaves every body hell shocked………

oh god dont know what will happen to ragini then
will she commit suicide or blame swara that due to her only she once again loose her love as she came in Maheshwari Mansion as a bride..

Shocking Twist in SWARAGINI


Shocking Twist in SWARAGINI


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