The episode begins with, roopan says this rukhma has done something surely, bcoz rukhma was around when mohan gifted me the bangles. Dadi says enough roopan i know rukhma since she was a baby she isn’t the culprit, roopan says im very sure rukhma has done something for sure, rukhma says u can check my room n belongings, laxmi says roopan rukhma is with us like our family, roopan says u don’t say anything laxmi, but dad ii want to check rukhmas room n till i get my bangles back rukhma wont come around me or my room, dadi says ok. Bunty listens to this hiding behind a wall , roopan walks off.
Virat goes to his cabin n looks after it as he is back after so long, his aunty enters , virat offers her a seat, she says u seat as well, virat says i have to fix somethings before i take the responsibility of the academy, his aunty says ur cabin missed u a lot but ur here after a long gap take it easy, virat says aunty i was resting till now, his aunty says plz call me gayatri, virat says ur only blood relation left n gives her a gift,virat says ohk i would like to go after the past 2 years reports, gayatri says oh u know priyanka was missing u, virat says i missed her a lot too, gayatri says she wants to study abroad n did u talk to dad, virat says oh Mr vikram singh rathore is wat u said my grandfather right, ya i spoke to him 6 months back n i need an assistant , gayatri says i will look after it n leaves. Gayatri thinks she will appoint priyanka as the assistant n goes to nisha n says u are not been appointed as we have no vacancy, n throws nishas letter down n leaves.
Sourabh says wat happened nisha, nisha says the job is appointed to someone else, sourabh says thats not possible i will check n talk to u abt it in the evening u go home now. Nisha finds her letter crushed thrown on ground. Nisha seeing it gets angry n lifts her letter, sourabh says wat happened, nisha says that aunty said she wants to keep letter for reference but i found it near dustbin. Gayatri comes n says why are u here it, nisha says why did u lie, gayatri says im not lying its true we have vacancy but u aren’t worth it n this letter when i reject it its place is in dustbin n guards throw her out. Nisha says i wont leave im here for interview n will go only when virat will ask me too leave.
Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 10th November 2014 Written Update
Virat comes n says may i have ur attention guys, all gather, virat says im very happy to see all my people with me back again n being with academy when i wasn’t, this academy was my father arjun singh rathores fream as well, in my absence we had a new cafe to get over bills , n that cafe proved to be saviour n so it will be always running n this academy is very proud to have u all, n this academy will keep with its motto of helping those girls who dare to dream n are willing to work hard on it. nisha starts clapping listening to virats speech.
Roopan is tensed n crying in front of mohan, mohan says roopan first calm down, roopan says wat calm down we lost bangles today god knows wat next, mohan says see lets go n check ones again, roopan says u people don’t trust me but trust that rukhma go check her room first. Bunty from corridor looks at roopan n then walks, roopna sees bunty n finds it fishy n goes follow bunty, bunty goes in room n locks it. Roopan says this means bunty robbed the bangles.
Nisha walks to virat n says u always inspire me, im here for assistants job n would be glad to be a part of ur academy n in its work, virat says u look so confident n thats great fill the form for the job u wish to apply n we will give u a call when u are short listed,nisha says ok, virat says n always remember, nisha says i know nothing stuff, virat says right.
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