Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 16

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Nandini was going through some old photographs and she came across Arjun’s childhood pics…everything flashed in front of eyes…Arjun’s innocent love for her…his selfless care…but now she had nothing…a middle class small town girl and taken everything from her. Her revenge …her desire to get Bird song and her brother Arjun. Radhika had destroyed everything…Nandini had decided that she would never go back… even if she wanted to change no one will accept her …so why change … then she thought half of her life had already been in pain…why shouldn’t she try to sooth her wounded heart for one last time. Nandini dialled Rana and asked him to give her all the details about what all happened after she left…it was time for payback.

Arjun’s house
Radhika sometimes use to go to Arjun’s place to cook for him… Arjun had already given her an extra pair of keys, she was cooking when she heard Arjun’s scream. Arjun woke up with a jerk…he had a nightmare…someone separated him for Radhika, he was sweating badly…Radhika came running to him she cupped Arjun’s face and asked ;’’Are you ok…?’’ before she could complete Arjun pulled her to him and in no time she was on the bed with Arjun on the top…hugging her desperately. Radhika rubbed his back and waited for him to calm down…Arjun looked at Radhika’s face for sometime..he kissed her and said; ‘’Radhika promise me something…if ever due to any circumstances we get separated …you will never lose your trust on me and my love…Promise me please.’’ Radhika now got worried she changed their position..cupped Arjun’s face and said; ’’No one can separate us now…but if this happens…where ever I will be I will wait for you to come back…I promise.’’ Arjun wanted time to stop today…he never wanted to let her go…Radhika slowly said; ‘’Arjun…make me yours forever…’’ Arjun looked at her and smiled; ‘’I want to… right away…but we should think about our family too…I promised your family that I will marry you properly…we can wait till then.’’ Radhika hugged Arjun again…and lived this beautiful moment of her life.

Sam was happily looking at her engagement pics…when maid handed her a courier…Sam opened the parcel and was shocked and frightened it had half burned pictures of Neil…Sam left everything and took her car keys and drove off to Neil’s house. She kept on ringing the door bell restlessly and when it was answered Sam went running to Neil’s room and hugged him. She was shaking with fear…Neil was totally taken aback…he broke the embrace and made Sam sit on the bed…and gave her water. Sam was only looking at Neil…Neil smiled and joked; ‘’Sammy I didn’t know you were so desperate for me.’’ Sam could not say a word….her eyes were full of tears she smiled weakly hugged Neil again…gave a peck on his cheek and left. Sam while driving she thought …’’I cannot speak to Neil about this …I will talk to Chashni…no one will understand my fear other than her.’’

Arjun had discussed with Neil about Vicky and Soniya and his plan…Neil knew what has to be done he met Mala and explained her everything…Mala was happy to help as she had technically bought Vicky up…and since his father was no more…it was their duty to look after him. Mala somehow manged to get Vidhi out of the house and Arjun took Vidhi to an entertainment park…he called Neil
And asked him to go and meet Soniya.

Soniya entered Vicky’s office in a desperate situation…but he refused to meet her. She sat on the pavement outside his building…waiting for Vicky to come…Vicky after leaving from office didn’t give her a glance and drove off…she helplessly sat in the middle of road crying calling out after him when someone touched her shoulder…she turned to see Neil standing behind her…Neil ask her to sit in his car…and he called Arjun to execute the next part. Vicky reached home and ask the governess about Vidhi and got to know Vidhi was nowhere in the house…his mind boiled …he wanted to kill Soniya for stealing his daughter again…he went straight to her flat and broke the door open…she was sitting on the floor sobbing silently…Vicky caught hold of her shoulders and pulled her up with a jerk…he angrily asked; ‘’Where is my daughter?’’ Soniya helplessly looked at him and asked; ‘’you already snatched her from me…now what do you want?’’
Vicky was unaffected ;’’ Where is Vidhi…you took her 3yrs from me no more…don’t make me do something which you will regret for life.’’
Soniya lost her cool;’’ What more will you do Vikram Agnihotri…you already took my reason to live …just leave me alone.’’ She pushed him
Vicky was not in a mood hear anything, he grabbed her again his grip was turning painful…Soniya was trying to free herself she looked at him painfully and uttered a single word; ‘’Vicky…’’
Vicky let her go he turned his face away from her…he closed his eyes…he could never hurt her. Soniya crashed on the floor crying…between her sobs she said; ‘’I…I am sorry Vicky …I wanted to tell you on the day of our wedding…but my family got to know about our wedding they thrashed me locked me up…they wanted to hurt you…I somehow managed to confuse them…I had to keep my pregnancy hidden or they would have killed her too…I wanted to have her more than my life…I m sorry I should have told you earlier about Vidhi…but I feared that once you know of my wedding you won’t believe she is yours.”
Vicky looked at the miserable figure on the floor… he sat and lifted her chin so that she could clearly see his eyes and said; ’’I would have accepted you and Vidhi…even if she was not my child…Why couldn’t you trust me…I loved you…I am still standing at the same place…you asked me to wait…you should have called me…but you..’’ He left the sentence in half and was about to leave when she caught hold of his leg and asked…’’what about Vidhi…please let me see her once…I will not come back ever…’’ Vicky looked at her and said; ‘’She is missing since evening…I thought she might be with you… I will go and find tc.’’ Soniya got up shocked; ‘’Missing….you couldn’t take care of her for a day…and you have been blaming me like hell.’’ Vicky angrily retorted; ‘’Listen I mellowed down because you were in pain…that doesn’t mean I have forgiven you for hiding the truth…so stop screaming your lungs out and let me think.’’
Soniya looked at him and said; ‘’I beg you …please find her…I will die without her’’ Vicky could not help himself…she was the only one he had loved for so long he cupped her face and said; ‘’I will bring her back…calm down now’’
Vicky took his phone to dial police…when he heard a soft voice…’’mamma’’ Vidhi ran to her mother and hugged her…Soniya was tightly holding on to her daughter when Arjun with Mala walked in.
Arjun smiled at Vicky and said; ‘’I had taken Vidhi out…to make you guys understand that you need each other…and your daughter needs both of you. I agree Soniya made a mistake hiding the truth from you…but you are making a bigger one by separating Vidhi from her mother…what’s her fault?’’
Vicky had no answer but he banged his phone on the floor out of frustration…Mala walked upto Vicky and said; ‘’If not for yourself…then for Vidhi both of you have to make adjustments. Give her a proper life.’’ Soniya softly said; ‘’I have no problem with Vicky meeting Vidhi…I am sorry for the 3 yrs I stole from you.’’ Vicky was still quite Arjun walked upto him and made him sit and then explained; ‘’Vicky I know what it feels to grow up without parents…I will never know what mother’s love of father’s care feels like…but Vidhi has both don’t take that from her.’’ Vicky; ‘’I will not give Vidhi back to her and that’s final.’’ Arjun shook his head and looked at Mala…Mala went and sat next to Vicky and said; ‘’Marry Soniya…for Vidhi..’’ Soniya and Vicky were shocked. Vicky was about to say something when Mala cut him off…’’don’t tell me you don’t love her or care for her…we all know and heard the truth…so if not for us or yourself…make an arrangement for Vidhi.’’ The room was into complete silence Arjun looked at everyone and spoke; ‘’fine then I will make arrangements for a registered marriage soon.’’ He went to Vidhi…and the little angle smiled at him he gave her a hug and Vidhi offered him he half eaten chocolate Arjun smiled gave her a peck on cheek and left from there…he came out of the building and updated Neil…both were happy with their job.

Radhika got to know from Mala what Arjun did for Vicky…she suddenly felt very proud of him. She went back to her room and called him. Arjun answered her immediately; ‘’Yes Mrs Mehra’’
Radhika; ‘’Can we meet now?’’
Arjun; ‘’its 12:30 AM…you want me get kicked by your family’’
Radhika; ‘’Yes or No…don’t tell me you are scared’’
Ajrun;’’ Be ready…I will be there in 20 min’’
Radhika happily disconnected the call and waited for him . Arjun called her after reaching outside Vicky’s house. Radhika quietly tip toed through the house and went running to Arjun…she was enjoying all this…it felt like a teenager. Arjun gave her one warm hug and drove off with her…they reached his house and as soon as Arjun locked the door…Radhika leaped and hugged him..she planted a warm kiss on his cheek and said; ’’Thank you…for everything.’’ Arjun lifted her face he caressed her face lovingly and said; ’’you are turning naughty day by day and I am loving it…so what shall we do now?’’ Radhika gave him a look and said; ‘’hold me in your arms and never let me go.’’ Arjun did the same.

Sam was restless since she had received the parcel she would check on Neil again and again…Neil sometimes would ask her but she would just brush aside his questions. Sam entered office and searched for Radhika she found her talking to Teji. She wished Teji and took Radhika with her for coffee. Sam without losing a minute told Radhika everything…Radhika was shocked…she calmed Sam down ; ‘’Sam don’t worry nothing will happen just give that parcel…we will check with courier company about the sender.’’ But truth was Radhika was herself worried…Arjun’s nightmare…Neil’s burned photographs was troubling her now. She saw Neil and Arjun happily enjoying a conversation…a sudden fear gripped her…she had to keep her loved ones safe.

Arjun after office took Radhika home…she wanted to spend time with him…Arjun thought of watching a nice movie with Radhika and order something good to eat. He didn’t want her to spend time in cooking, He was going through the DVD’s when Radhika hugged him from behind. Arjun left everything and brought her infront of him…he lifted her face up and kissed her warmly…she without a word sank into his arms again. Arjun asked; ‘’Radhika what’s wrong?…Why are you so restless..?”
Radhika after a pause replied; ‘’Arjun someone had send Neil’s burnt pictures to Sam” Arjun broke their embrace and ;’’When ….why didn’t you tell me before?’’ Radhika; ‘’Arjun…Sam told me today…I don’t have a very good feeling about it.’’ Arjun saw her terrified expression…he gently smiled he cupped her face and said; ‘’Don’t worry nothing will happen…and now please don’t waste anymore time…we got to watch movie now…and then I will drop you home.”

Sam was having dinner with Neil at a beach side hotel…Neil was talking animatedly …and Sam was just watching him…she thought; ‘Neil …all these years you made all moments of my life so special…you were even ready to sacrifice your love for me…my happiness was the most important thing for you…and now when I am about to get my biggest happiness…don’t know why time is testing us again…Neil I cannot imagine my life without you now…marriage is just a word now…I am already yours…tied to you by my soul…I can’t tell you how helpless I am feeling right now…I don’t know what future has for me…but I know one thing…I will fight for you till my last breath.’ Neil suddenly waved his hand infront of Sam’s face..and Sam came out of her thoughts and got into the discussion.

Vicky and Soniya were married off in presence of family…Mala and Dilip left for Rishikesh after 2 days…Radhika was trying her level best to make Soniya comfortable in her new surroundings…Vicky had married Soniya for the sake of his daughter but he maintained a distance from her…he would only speak the required words…Radhika and Arjun had developed a bond with Vidhi…Arjun had his way with kids and Vidhi would run to him whenever he would come to Vicky’s place…at times even Soniya would leave Vidhi with Arjun…when she had something urgent…and Arjun would happily play and take care of Vidhi.

Since Radhika had told Arjun about the Neil’s burned pictures…he knew this was not a warning alone for Neil…it involved all four of them.He wanted to make sure that Radhika’s future is secured…he had transferred his both the houses to Radhika and had put a good amount deposited in her name. He was having his lunch with Radhika when he suddenly asked her; ’’Will you promise me something..?’’
Radhika looked up and said; ‘’I will but what is the promise you are looking for’’
Arjun; ‘’Promise me …that you will make big in your career…and will win Best Copywriter Award for me.’’
Radhika smiled and she was suddenly pulled to into a bad memory…where Saral just wanted to kill all her dreams …because he wanted maid serving him in the name of a wife…and here is Arjun…who wanted Radhika to full fill all her dreams…because he respected her dreams…she thought ‘Arjun you taught me the meaning of love.’ Radhika pushed aside all her bad memories …she looked at Arjun and said; ‘’I promise to make you proud.’’

Neil entered Arjun’s cabin…Arjun greeted him and went about doing his work. Neil kept on staring at Arjun and then asked; ‘’What are you hiding Arjun?’’
Arjun little shocked’’ What are you talking about…please be clear’’
Neil; ‘’I know you enough to understand something is trobling you…and not just you…Chashni and Sam have seem to lost their mind too. Why the hell you guys are treating me like a baby? Sam checks on me every now and then…Chashni wants every detail about where I am and when will I rech home…and you for past one week I don’t know why are you acting like a bodyguard or my personal chaffeaur …I have a Vehicle and I can drive…but you don’t let me do…now its enough…tell me what’s wrong?’’
Arjun smiled… he knew its getting difficult to hide from Neil…but he didn’t want to bother him. He calmly replied; ‘’Take is as a pre wedding royal tretement…any ways after weddig only Sam will be royal and you would running on her commands…so just chill.’’
Neil shook his head smiled and replied; ‘’Arjun I accepted you with full heart…and I expect the same from you…whatever it is I will wait for you to tell me…we are friends and you cannot lie to me for long…whatever it is we are into this together’’
Arjun moved towards Neil and hugged him…Neil understood there was something because Arjun was not that expressive… after Neil left Arjun sat on his chair helplessly…he knew some storm was building up but he wanted to keep his loved ones safe. He wanted to keep Neil safe…for himself and for Prerna too…Neil was only the support she had. Arjun knew that warning what Sam got was not for Neil…there was something else…but he just could not figure that out and that frustrated him more.

Sam and Radhika had gone out for a meeting on their way back…both of them were quite…they both had same fear I there hearts. Sam broke the silence between them; ‘’Chashni…can we make a pact between us.’’
Radhika; ‘’Pact…ok but about what’’
Sam; ‘’I don’t know what future holds for us …but I promise you today…I will be on your side whatever the situation will be…I will not leave your hand…I belive you and want to belive in you for life…whatever comes we will face it together…nothing can fail our bond now’’
Radhika with tears in her eyes looked at Sam and said; ‘’We will…pinky promise’’
The 2 girls were not aware about what future had for them…but each and every particle of the wind around them knew that this bond was unbreakable now…and their bond will fight all the odds in its way with such ferocity that even worst problems and enemies will crumble and change their route infornt of them.

Arjun was busy talking over the phone when he received a mail from Radhika; ‘’Where are we going to celebrate tomorrow?’’
Arjun knew she was talking about Valentine’s day but he thought of teasing her a bit he replied; ‘Celebrate… Why ?’ he didn’t get any response… he knew …she will be all angry now… she will fight him…but he loved it… she made that cute face whenever she was annoyed and he would get a chance to pamper her…Arjun wanted to fullfill all her dreams…he decided to take Radhika on a dream date.

Sam walked into Neil’s cabin and handed him a list…Neil made a confused faced and asked; ‘’What?’’
Sam folded her hands to her chest and said; ‘’Idiot this is the list of gifts you are supposed to give me for Valentine’s Day.’’
Neil; ‘’One minute…why should I give you something…you can also give…which rule book says that a guy should only gift…why can’t a girl gift her partner something.’’
Sam; ‘’you know… IDIOT name suits you good…you can’t even do such small thing for me…I don’t love you Neil.’’
Neil; ‘’Same pinch’’ Sam stomped her foot and was about to leave when Neil pulled her into a hug and said; ‘’Sammy …I love you…every day is Valentine’s day for me…and I have a plan for you tomorrow …but you also need to surprise me.’’
Sam looked at Neil and smiled; ‘’you are testing me …done wait and watch.’’

Vicky was having breakfast with Radhika and Vidhi …Soniya was serving them…Vidhi was enjoying playing with food in her father’s lap.Radhika had noticed the distance between the two and she wanted to bridge the gap somehow. She knew Vicky loved Soniya…but was punishing her for keeping Vidhi’s secret on the other hand Soniya was quitely taking everything for her daughter and her love. Radhika took an envelope from her bag and gave it to Vicky. He gave her a questioning look and opened the envelope…it had a honeymoon package for Vicky and Soniya. Vicky banged it on the table and was about to leave when Radhika held is hand
Radhika; ‘’You can’t love and forget…this is what you told me…now when you have her in your life… you are wasting all the moments in your anger…can’t you see her pain…she never gives you back for your harsh words…its done now…past cannot be changed…she herself suffered a lot…Vidhi is small right now but with time she will understand your coldness towards her mother and that will affect her too…think about it.’’ Vicky gave her one glance…Radhika was about to leave but then she suddenly smiled and said mischievously; ‘’By the way you are definitely going… I have put my salary into those tickets and no one wastes my money…I will get bhabhi ready for the trip.’’ Radhika tickled Vidhi and took her inside to get Soniya ready for the trip. Soniya looked at Radhika and said; ‘’its not needed Radhika…’’
Radhika; ‘’Its absolutely needed…and you are going… please bhabhi not everyone is that lucky to get a second chance…please make most of it…and if you don’t agree I will lock you and Vicky up in a room for infinity ’’
Soniya; ‘’I am responsible for Neil-Sam’s marriage planning…how can I…’’ Radhika cut her short; ‘’which is after a month and if you don’t work for a week it won’t make a difference…moreover I am aware…you are already done with most of it…so no more excuses…just give a try for Vidhi.’’ Soniya nodded positively. Radhika came out of the room and found Vicky standing there she smiled at him he hugged her lovingly and said; ‘’I am lucky to have you…’’ Radhika looked upto his face and said; ’’That line won’t work anymore…you need to get me nice stuff from there to prove your love…these days I have to compete with Vidhi for your attention.’’ Vicky pinched her cheeks loving and said; ‘’No one can take your place…I will get you whatever you ask for.’’ Radhika; ‘’then I want my Vicky to be a happy man…give me his happiness’’ Vicky kissed Radhika’s forehead and said; ‘’Promise me you will always be the same…you will never lose this positivity and goodness of yours’’
Radhika sighed; ‘’One more promise…ok fine… I promise Vicky.’’ Radhika didn’t knew these promises which she made to Arjun Sam Neil and Vicky will help her sail through the toughest time of life…will help her stand infornt of the worst fears of her life.
Nandini had made all her arrangements to go back to Mumbai…Rana had tried to dissuade Nandini from her revenge but he failed…Nandini was like a daughter to him he never wanted to see her hurt…but he cared for Arjun too…he was happy to know that Arjun finally had found his happiness…But Nandini again emotionally blackmailed Rana to squeeze everything out of him. She could not stand that Sam never loved Arjun….instead she was happily marrying Neil… that hurt her she felt Arjun never tried enough to make Sam fall for him…she wanted to break Sam and hurt Samrat and yes Arjun deserved a punishment…she bought him up gave him everything he can he just forget her…and yes Radhika…she should know the result of poking her nose into others matter.

Precap: Arjun-Radhika’ dream Date…Sam’s surprise for Neil

Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 16


Manmarziyan….a journey of love and friendship Chapter 16

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