The love story of sanskar maheswari (Intro)

Hello everyone!! Sree harini again. I am back with one more fiction. I am not going to describe any story in this episode but just to inform everyone that I have started another fiction because in my previous fiction, many had commented that they didn’t knew about my return and had got to know reading last episodes. So in order not to disappoint them, I have written this segment.

Coming to the story, as mentioned it is the love story of sanskar and the whole story is written in his point of view. At first I thought of making it tragic but I had tears in my eyes after plotting the entire story so I made my mind for an happy ending. I am so sorry raglak fans as I know that you all are desperately waiting for their story and I have the one too in my mind but a lengthy one. I may wrote this for them but only varun kapoor suits this plot as he is great at depicting the heart broken person. Namish suits for a flirtatious and carefree guy.

Please forgive me and this is a seven shot so I will upload every episode daily by 6pm from my side. I will try my best to sketch the charecter of sanskar and please don’t expect too much as this is completely imaginary one. I have tried my best to make the plot to ground but still I didn’t get enough information for it.

Please excuse for my flaws and I hope that you all will shower the same love as you did before. don’t worry for raglak as I will come back with a satisfactory story of theirs after completing my exams.

The love story of sanskar maheswari (Intro)


The love story of sanskar maheswari (Intro)


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