Piya Rangrezz 17th February 2016 –

Piya Rangrezz 17th February 2016 –

Piya Rangrezz 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

Mama asks Shamsher why did not he save Manohar. Shamsher says he went in search of Manohar and Manohar was coming towards him when someone shot him. Munna slaps him and says Manohar cosidered him more than a brother, but he killed him for his false ego. Shamsher says he did not kill Manohar. Mama continues venting out his anger.

Bhavri says Manohar’s ashes have not yet cooled down and she is seeing family members fighting, they should kill each other. She keeps Samsher’s hand on her head and asks him to take her oath and tell he did not kill Manohar. He asks if she does not trust him, then who will. He shouts that everyone should stop doubting him and asks Veer to do proper investigations and find out who killed Manohar. Mama holds his collar and says if investigations says that bullet is shot from his gun, he will not spare him. Bhavri consoles mama and asks Veer to do fair investigations.

Veer enjoys alcohol with Tilakraj and asks why did he break Aradhya and Arjun’s alliance. Tilakraj says he wanted to alliance to happen as Bhavri is powerful and he would also get powerful, but Shamsher insulted him and he wants Shamsher to be out so that Arjun becomes sole heir of Bhavri’s dysnasty. Veer says already munna mama’s family is against Shamsher and he will use this in their favor and will kill Shamsher.

Inebriated mama comes home and imagines Manohar calling him from balcony. He happily runs towards Manohar but realizes it is just his imagination and starts crying vigorously. Bhavri and Shamsher come running and ask what happened. He says he cannot forget Manohar, earlier Chanda ruined their family and now their own family member killed Manohar. Shamsher tries to console him, but Munna shouts why did he kill Manohar. Shamsher says why will he kill his own brother. Bhavri says let the report come and if Shamsher is found guilty, he can kill him, but Shamsher is telling he did not kill Manohar. Munmun comes and picks mama. Mama says Shamsher god will punish him.

In the morning, Shamsher does not find Munna mama at home and asks servants if they saw mama. They say no. He goes out to search. Veer informs him that mama is meeting Tilakraj. Shamsher says if his info is wrong, he will slap him with shoes. Veer gives binoculars and asks to see from his eyes. Shamsher sees mama sitting in a hotel and Tilakraj coming to meet him.

Precap: Veer gives bullet and gun’s forensic report to Bhavri. Whole family looks at her eagerly.

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Piya Rangrezz 17th February 2016 –


Piya Rangrezz 17th February 2016 –

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