Misconceptions… Chapter 1

Hello there. To make this easier for new readers, this is something you should know before starting reading this story. Misconceptions is the second book in my INDEPENDENT series.That means, they are connected but you can read the stories in the order you want, although it makes more sense if you read them in order. They are organised like this in chronological order.

#1 – Backfire (Niall Horan)
#2 – Misconceptions (Zayn Malik)
#3 – Music Sheet (Harry Styles)
#4 – Bitter & Sassy (Louis Tomlinson)
#5 – Hidden (Liam Payne)
Let’s start then..

“Misconception: a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.” – From Oxford Dictionary.

If you haven’t read Backfire before, this is what you need to know: the boys met Alex, Phebs and Belle during the summer and Niall and Alex fell in love with each other, but so did Zayn and that’s the problem here. He still has strong feelings for Alex.

Chapter 1 ― Zayn ( Zayn’s point of view)
“Come on, Zayn. It’s gonna be fine!” She begged and I rolled my eyes as I walked to the kitchen. Niall was following us closely, he had this stupid grin on his face, amused by this whole situation. And he wasn’t the only one having fun out of this. I just wanted to go to my bed and sleep the whole night.
I was tired, we’d had many interviews that day and a few minor performances, and those things dragged me out by the end of the day. “Alex, I told you. I don’t wanna go clubbing and definitely I’m not in the mood for a blind date.”

“But you’re gonna love her! How can you refuse so boldly without even giving her a chance! You don’t know how hard it was to get her to agree. Please!” The black-haired girl begged one more time. The water in the kettle was already boiling and I just wanted my tea.
Alex and Niall, the happy couple, were at my flat trying to take me out to some new club where I was going to meet some Alex’s friend. A girl whose name I couldn’t remember; not that I was paying attention when Alex talked about her, though. Every time she talked to me, I did my best to not look right into her eyes or try to get closer to her. She was Niall’s girlfriend and it was obvious they were crazy for each other. I had nothing to do between them and I knew I had to forget about Alex, get over all this I was feeling for her, but it wasn’t that easy. We got along so perfectly, we had so many things in common, she was so beautiful, so funny, so witty, and so incredible and all the time I wanted to be Niall, I wanted to be the one who kissed her, the one who could hug her without worries.

It had been a couple of months since I met Alex and yes, my feelings weren’t as strong as before. I accepted that she would never love me back, but I still liked her.
“I told you. I don’t wanna go out,” I repeated sighing but I felt her grabbing my arm and trying to make me look into her green eyes.
“Please, pretty please?” She tried again with those puppy eyes and I just couldn’t say no. I moaned as Niall laughed at the situation walking to my refrigerator to grab something for him. “I promise you’ll have fun. She’s incredible! I adore her and I’m sure you’re gonna love her, too. You can even talk about comic books with her!”
I rolled my eyes knowing that I was done, I couldn’t say no to Alex even if I tried. I really didn’t want to go on that blind date with that nameless girl, and most definitely I didn’t want to see Niall and Alex snogging or being all lovey-dovey to each other at this club, but Alex was stubborn, she would never accept a no as an answer.

“Okay,” I groaned and she literally started bouncing out of sheer happiness. She even clapped like it was the best thing I could have ever said. She was so special. Sometimes she could be a very strong and independent woman, the next moment she was like a child and after that she was a very fragile girl who needed you more than she could accept.
Whom could she introduce me to who could be better than her? Who could keep me entertained with just talking about anything if it wasn’t her?
I slapped myself mentally. I didn’t have to think of that. She was Niall’s; I couldn’t have these feelings for her. I had to bury them far away so no one could know about them. My mates knew I had ‘a crush’ on Alex and they thought I was totally over that, but I just pretended I was, even Alex believed I didn’t have that kind of feelings for her anymore. The only one who really knew about this was me.

“But I don’t promise I’ll be nice to this friend of yours,” I warned her and she actually looked hurt.
“But Mila’s great! You have to be nice to her or she’ll kill me. Do you want to see me dead?” And those puppy eyes again. Well, at least now I knew her name was Mila. “She’s little but she has anger issues and she has this friend and I believe she is a hit woman. Zayn!” She whined.
I chuckled because probably she was just exaggerating so I would be forced to be nice. But I couldn’t, even if this girl was really great. I knew Alex was fixing this whole blind date out of pity. She still felt bad for not corresponding my feelings. She felt bad because I loved her but she loved Niall. Maybe she knew I still held some feelings for her and this was her way to help me to forget about her. And I hated that idea. I didn’t want her pity. I knew I couldn’t have her heart, so I just wanted her friendship.
“I’ll do my best. If she still wants to use her friend to finish you, let me know and we’ll hire some bodyguards for you,” I teased her, hugging her quickly and placing a kiss on her forehead.
“Niall! Tell him he has to be nice!” She protested looking at her boyfriend. The blond Irish boy just smiled amused by the whole situation and then he shrugged.
“I really want to keep my girlfriend, Zayn. Can you, please, be nice with Mila so Alex won’t be in danger?” Niall asked nicely and biting the leftover of pizza he found. I believed that pizza had two days. Oh, that boy…

I just shook my head and let Alex go, she went quickly to the blond and wrapped her arms around his waist and stood on her tiptoes to steal a bite of that pizza. Ugh, those two could eat anything. “Get ready, we’re leaving in an hour,” she told me still chewing.
I nodded and went to my room to get a shower and change. I didn’t know where this new club was and if there was going to be too many people, but I always wanted to look nice and that took time.
+ + + + +
I hated feeling like the third wheel and for that reason I was already in a bad mood. None of our other friends wanted to come with us and I just despised them for leaving me alone with the happy couple and this girl, Mila. I wasn’t going to have an excuse to avoid her. I felt like it was going to be a bad night.
Alex looked so happy and so did Niall. But he always looked happy around her. They had a great relationship. Yes, sometimes they fought but they made up pretty quickly. They spent as much time together as they could. When we were out of the city, they talked over the phone at least one time every day. However, they never sounded overly cheesy, after all, Alex wasn’t clingy –one of the things I liked about her the most– and they talked a lot because they were also best friends. When they talked over the phone the most you could hear was their laughter.
I wanted to have something like what they had.

I sighed as we entered the club. It was really new and not many people knew about it. Best part of it? The paparazzi didn’t know we were there so Alex was really happy and acting all carefree. Officially, the media knew about them but they left her alone most of the time as she wasn’t famous and tried to avoid all kind of relation with the press. The only thing for what she was known was because she was dating Niall Horan from One Direction.
“How did you know about this club?” I asked her as we all walked to the bar to ask for something to drink. I was going to need a drink if I had to bear with a blind date and the happy couple. Maybe this girl was even a fan. Oh, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with someone fangirling in front of me the whole night.
“Belle,” she replied with a giggle and I smiled. That girl was great; she always knew the best places to go out without having problems.
The club was really nice, the music selection was a mix of pop, hip-hop and electronic. It was a good environment, modern and a bit minimalist, but with a lot of style. Tables and booths surrounded the dance floor and there was a second floor where the DJ was playing. The bar was big and so shiny with two barmen.

“I’m gonna call Mila. She must be here,” Alex informed taking her phone off her pocket –she hated using a purse when she went out– and dialled what I could only guess was her friend’s number. Niall meanwhile asked for three Coronas but Alex made him a sign so he asked for four bottles. “Are you here?” she asked over the phone and I just waited there until the barman finally handed Niall our drinks. “Great! We’re at the bar, so come quickly!” Alex really sounded all excited. I believed her when she said she adored this girl.

Niall was whispering something into Alex’s ear when I saw her. She was pale. Her curly black hair fell over her shoulders and a fringe covered her eyebrows. She wore glasses that framed her brown eyes, a warm smile adorned her feminine features, and her prominent cheekbones looked really nice on her heart-shaped face. She was short, a head shorter than me probably, with a little waist and hips that moved from side to side with every step she took closer to us. She was wearing high heels, skinny black jeans and a stripped black-and-white top that hugged her torso perfectly. She was beautiful in a very special way; I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. While I watched her, I just wished I didn’t have the blind date so I could approach to her and invite her a drink.
The girl got closer and closer to us; her smile grew bigger as she set her eyes on Niall and Alex. Was she a fan? Maybe I could try to introduce myself to her and then tell Alex that I couldn’t meet her friend.
Her brown eyes met mine for a few seconds and her smiled disappeared. An expression of surprise and concentration crossed her lovely features and I smiled cheekily. I caught her attention.
She stopped next to the happy couple but her eyes were still on me. “Alex!” the girl said surprising me.
Alex looked at her forgetting about whatever Niall was telling her. The smile on the taller girl was incredible. You would think she just met Matt Bellamy –one of her favourite singers.
Both girls hugged each other and that only meant they knew each other. Niall looked at them with a smile but I was still confused.
“I’m so glad to see you! Thanks for coming,” Alex said once they pulled apart. The shorter girl had again that warm smile on her lovely face.
“Yeah, this club is great but I was getting a bit bored, you know,” Alex giggled like that meant something else but we weren’t part of it.
“Let me introduce you to the lads,” Alex added putting her hand on the shoulder of the other girl so they both were facing us. “This is Niall, my boyfriend. You know about him. And this is Zayn of whom I told you about. Lads, this is my friend Mila.”
And my face fell. She was Alex’s friend, my blind date, the girl who was there out of pity, just because Alex begged her to meet me. Yes, she was beautiful, she had something special that caught my attention from the moment I laid my eyes upon her, but she was there just because she felt sorry for me, because she was making Alex a favour.

“Nice to meet you all,” she said holding her hand to us but I just refused to shake it. No more cheeky smiles, no more eyes fixed on her. I didn’t want her pity and I wasn’t going to accept it even if she had called my attention at first.
Just no.
# MILA ( mila’s point of view)

“Moni!” I screamed out loud whilst still looking for the damn phone. Where the hell did I put it? “Have you seen my f**king phone?” I asked my best friend. She was in her room, probably reading or writing something. Or maybe she was fangirling over one of her celebrity husbands.
I didn’t know why I was so nervous, it was just a date, a date that Alex settled for me with a guy I didn’t know at all. I just hoped she just set me up with a nice lad or I would kill her later. I still didn’t understand why I agreed to this stupidity, but here I was, looking for my damn mobile phone so I could go to that club where I was going to meet her, her boyfriend and her friend. Yes, I knew she was dating the oh-so-famous Niall Horan from One Direction. Honestly, I liked their music but I knew very little about them. There was one I liked and my best friend told me his name was Liam, but he was taken. She is more of a fan of them.

Talking about the devil, Móniren, AKA Moni, walked into my room with a humungous mug of tea. She was smiling, her long brown hair falling over her shoulders and chest with big curls and her amused smile that always reached her dark brown eyes. “What did you lose now?” She asked taking a sip of her drink.
“My f**king phone!” I replied crossing my arms and pouting like a little girl. She smiled and let the mug on my nightstand where she always kept a coaster. “I don’t know where I put that damn thing.”
“Tell me something I don’t know,” she chuckled as she started looking for my mobile. “You probably left it in the fridge again,” the brunette mused and I just gasped. That happened just one time and it was because I was drunk, it didn’t count.
“You’re never gonna let me hear the end of that, are you?” She chuckled again looking at me over her shoulder with an evil grin.
“Nope. That’s what friends are for, to remind you all the stupid things you’ve done.” Moni got to her knees and looked under my bed. I already looked there so I knew she wasn’t going to find it.
“I think this is a sign that I shouldn’t go. I should call Alex and tell her that I can’t go and—” One of my stuffed animals hit me, cutting me off in the middle of my sentence. “Oi! What was that for?”

“For stupid. You’ve told not only me but Alex that you want a boyfriend and she’s helping you, so stop moaning and looking for lame excuses. It’s just a date; it won’t kill you. How do you expect to meet a good guy if don’t want to have dates?” My friend inquired staring at me intensely, I just rolled my eyes.
“I don’t know this lad! What if he’s a psychopath and wants to kill me? Or worse! Get expelled!”
Moni chuckled at my Harry Potter reference before replying, “Alex is gonna be near all the time and, oh for God’s sake, you’re gonna be in a club, not in a dark alley.” She rose to her feet and walked to my bathroom.
We shared a flat, it was small and cosy and we loved it. It had two rooms, each one with a bathroom, a small kitchen and a living-dining room. We didn’t have much furniture, but we had all what we needed and it was enough for us. We had, though, many bookshelves. We weren’t the kind of girls who needed thousands of things in order to be happy. Give us food, Internet connection, a bed and books and we didn’t need anything else.
“You dumbass! You left it here!” She screamed from my bathroom and I felt my cheeks burning. She came back holding my iPhone and with a cheeky smile plastered on her face. “Now you don’t have an excuse.”
“Why is it only me that has to go out on a blind date? You want a boyfriend, too!” I protested frowning lightly.

“That’s different. I’m waiting till David gets the divorce so we can be together. Or Tom. Whoever gets the papers first. That if I want to stay in the country, I could also go to America and marry Zac Efron… or Ryan Reynolds…” she trailed off handing me my gadget. I giggled thinking of her list of husbands. David Tennant, Tom Fletcher, Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds, among others, were a few men of that list. David and Tom were currently married. She even cried the days those marriages were held.

“I have a list, too, but I have to go on a date.” I folded my arms. “My list is even longer than yours! This is not fair.”
“Camila Green, stop moaning and go to that club. They are probably already there. Don’t make them wait.”
I stuck my tongue out at her and she just smiled brightly like I just blew her a kiss. Silly woman that one, but I loved her anyways.

I grabbed my other things as Moni took her mug back and I walked out of my room to the parking lot where my car was waiting for me. I just hoped he was at least hot.
+ + + + +
I was breathless. He wasn’t just hot— he was beyond words. He was tall and muscular; he had a tan skin and dark hair and eyes, tempting perfectly shaped lips and very manly features. I liked his hairstyle, though normally I wouldn’t like a guy with a quiff, but it suited him so damn good.
At the beginning when our eyes met, I just felt like tingles all over my body and my heart raced. His stare was so intense and even if I wanted, I couldn’t pretend he wasn’t there, staring at me. I focused on Alex, my friend and whom had me come here.
Lately we got pretty close friends. During this semester, we would met at least once a week and to talk about different things. We had loads of things in common and we were similar in several aspects, yet very different in others, and as she was so patient and tolerant, we got along pretty well.
She introduced me to the two boys with her; one was her boyfriend, Niall. A cute blond boy with piercing blue eyes who was evidently crazy about the black-haired girl, you could tell by the way he looked at her, like she was the only girl in the world.
The other boy, the one who had caught my attention and who had that intense look that kept me all tensed up, was Zayn and it wasn’t until I heard his name that all clicked. I didn’t know them, if I saw them in the street I wouldn’t know who they were, but I heard his name a couple of times and Alex had talked about them several times. Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn, the five boys who formed One Direction. And my blind date that night was one of them.

Now I understood why Alex didn’t tell me his name. She knew that if I had known he was part of the boy band, a celebrity, I wouldn’t have accepted it. I didn’t have anything against famous people; I was just too lazy to deal with them and all the consequences that they brought up.
Something funny happened when Alex introduced me, all that intensity that kept my heart beating before disappeared and his stare turned into a cold one, like I was everything he despised in someone. I didn’t understand why the sudden change and, in a way that I wasn’t ready to accept, it hurt.
I held out my hand and he refused to accept it and I just got mad at him. He wanted to be rude, fine. I could play the same thing. No one had told me I had to be nice to him and certainly I wasn’t going to act like miss congeniality when it was evident he didn’t like me at all. Well, I was going to give him reasons to hate me then.

“So, you’re in this boy band, too?” I asked him raising one eyebrow and resting my elbow on the bar. Alex and Niall went to the dance floor to give us some time alone, but Zayn still was acting all cold and indifferent, kind of mysterious.
“Yes,” was his answer and I rolled my eyes. I just wanted to make conversation because I didn’t want to bore to death, but he wasn’t helping. I probably should go and talk to someone else cause I couldn’t drink. Why did I have to come in my own car? Maybe I could call Moni and she would pick me so I could drink, because otherwise I was going to get so bored with an unfriendly boy like Zayn.
“Has someone ever told you that you’re a smooth talker?” I asked ironically and I just felt his eyes on me for a couple of seconds. “If they did, they lied to you.”
“I don’t feel like talking. That’s all,” he replied in that cold voice. Ugh, I wanted to hit him. Luckily, Moni wasn’t with me; she would probably had hit him by now. She hated when people didn’t treat me right according to her and I could bet my life she would consider the way Zayn was treating me like a bad example.
“And I don’t wanna get bored. Look, I didn’t want this either but if I had known you were, well… you, I wouldn’t have come. No offence.”

He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a glimpse of a smile, but he quickly hid it and looked away. “None taken. I just accepted this because Alex begged me.”
And there I noticed another thing about Zayn, a very evident thing that I didn’t know how I missed that at the beginning. He fancied Alex, pretty much. The way his eyes softened when he said her name, they way his whole expression changed and his smile got warmer. It was obvious he had strong feelings for her and probably Alex knew about it.
Oh, that made total sense! Yes, Alex cared big time about Zayn and probably she knew Zayn had feelings for her, feelings she couldn’t reply because she loved Niall —everyone knew that last bit—, so she wanted to do something about it and maybe getting him with another girl would solve everything. And I was that girl in her eyes.
I didn’t know if I was pissed off by her attitude or just amused that she would believe that Zayn would look at me and consider me in any way. It was evident that he practically hated my guts and just wanted me as far away as possible, and as if that wasn’t enough, he was head over heels for her.

Alex’s plan was futile from the very beginning and probably I should feel sorry for her and Zayn. More for him because he couldn’t get the girl he wanted and the same girl wanted him with another, someone he couldn’t care less about.
Well… I felt rejected. I couldn’t help it, even if I didn’t care about him either, it was a pride thing that he didn’t even consider me and that I was just a plan to get Zayn over Alex. I wasn’t a toy; I wasn’t something they could use at their will. I was going to talk to Alex about it and leave clear that I wasn’t going to play this game.
Ah, f**k this shit. I was going to drink. My blind date was crazy about my friend and he seemed to hate me. My friend was just using me. Moni better came to pick me later because I didn’t want to feel miserable and if I remained sober, I would end up like that. It was obvious when I had next to me Mr I-have-a-stick-in-my-arse-and-I-boldly-hate-you.
“Bring the rum! Mojito, please,” I asked the barman and decided to ignore Zayn whom I could feel was staring at me. “Don’t look at me ‘cause I’m not gonna share so ask for your own drinks,” you arsehole, I added mentally.
“I wasn’t and I don’t care ‘bout what you do.”
“Fine. Then leave me alone ‘cos your face annoys me right now,” I snapped not caring about being an arsehole myself.

“My face? My face’s nothing wrong,” he complained and I knew I’ve hit a nerve, what made me smile mischievously.
“Oh, you don’t wanna know. Plus, I don’t wanna be mean and tell you what’s wrong with your face. Oh, yay, my mojito!” I cheered when the barman came with my drink whilst Zayn’s face fell and his jaw almost hit the floor. Oh, how I wanted to burst out laughing but I had to control myself. “Now excuse me, you’re boring as hell and I wanna have a good time. Bye!”
And I didn’t wait for an answer as I turned around and walked to the dance floor where I expected to find some better company than Zayn.

Hellllooòoo everyone..how are you all???
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He is not completely over at Alex now..he needs time..he doesn’t know that he just had a crush on Alex not love..he doesn’t love her..it’s his mind that tells him..he thinks that people don’t love him.. he thinks that he is not good enough..
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Misconceptions… Chapter 1


Misconceptions… Chapter 1


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