The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 2

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 2

Swara’s POV

“Rohan, why are you doing this? What do you want?”

“I. I want you love. You know how much I love you right”.
What! He loves me?

“No Rohan. I really loved you. But U didn’t. And the things you’re doing now, It’s not love. You are a PHSYCO!”, I shouted at last.

“What? WHAT DID YOU SAY?”, he shouted his eyes were black with anger.

I tried to run from him, but his men are standing on the door. He caught me by my wrist so hard that my bangles broke and my hand started bleeding. “Rohan, please leave me”, I said tears running from my eyes.

“Why don’t you understand Swara . I love you. Can’t you see it. I treated you so well. Where is the Swara that I love”, he said and threw me on the floor.I can’t say anything.

I should be asking the questions he is asking me. Where was the Rohan I once loved?

“You know Swara IF I would have known that things would come so far between U both, I would have taken you that very day we met in the mall. I thought he would play you and then dump you. And then… You would need my shoulder to cry.”

“But you rejected me right!!!” I reminded him.

“Yes I did . You know why? Cause I came to know the business of your father is handled by Ragini and you didn’t have anything in your hand!!! How could I make such a flop deal?
So I tried to impress Ragini and asked her hand from your parents. But they flatly denied. I tried calling her all the tym but she didn’t respond. So I decided to go for PLAN B”

“Plan B”

“Ya that I would have to marry U and then I would have to Stage an ‘ACCIDENT’ For Ragini. After that everything would be yours and you would be MINE.”

A shiver ran down my back! He wanted to kill my Di for the sake of money!!!

“It means you never loved me?” It was a stupid question. Of course he didn’t!

“That tym I didn’t, but now I do. Cause that tym I thought, as a businessman, Ragini was my choice but nobody ever seemed to get anywhere with her. Not a single scandal, affair or a picture with a boy holding her popped up in the media since the tym she joined business. So…I shifted my choice to you and U were so desperate for love, you agreed to marry me just like that! But that was past,my love, I really love you now.”

He said it all in the same psychotic state. His words were a witness of his madness! God! Plz send my Sanskar to me I can’t listen or tolerate this man anymore! I prayed in the heart!

“Oh! And Swara , he said cupping my face in his rough hands , his touch felt so disgusting. I just want to get away from this! I’ve arranged our transport and after an hour,we’ll leave this country and go faraway where nobody will ever find us.
I felt my knees turn jelly with those words. Living without my Sanskar? Only him and me? The thought itself is killing me. No I can never do that. In fact even he can never do that!

“Rohan, you can’t take me anywhere outside the city even, cause by now Sanskar would have known about my disappearance and the police might be searching for me. All exits are sealed. You can’t ESCAPE!!!” I said firmly. I know my sanskar, HE WILL FIND ME!!!

But there was not even a hint of disturbance on his face.

“That’s where you are wrong love. I’ve arranged everything lyk I told you.” He went towards the drawer and I thought this is a good chance to run but I saw two of his men still standing at the door. He returned with something and I was shaken to the core to see it! It was my PASSPORT!!!
“No…th…this… Can’t be!” There’s no way he can get hold of it. Maybe it it’s fake!
“This was only necessary to leave the country na? I’ve booked our tickets and as you said, the police have sealed the exits, but they haven’t sealed something else. There is a helipad right above this building which will take us straight to the airport and from there we’ll go where no one can ever find us!”

I knees left my support completely this tym. This can’t be happening!!! I tried to find some reason to distrust him but couldn’t! I thought of the last hope to hang on and said slower than a whisper, ” this passport can’t be original cause U getting my passport is impossible.”
“Yes it is , I know I know you’re thinking how? Let me tell you, Oh sorry, let me SHOW you”
He pointed towards the door and I turned my eyes to see My best friend, Priya Standing there!!! How could she do this!!! Moreover why would she do this? I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Shocked Swara. Don’t be!” She smirked.
“Why did you do this? What did I ever do to you?”
“Not U. Your sister did! She snatched my love my Laksh from me and I had to make her pay for it!”
“No!my di can’t do this! You’re lying!” I almost shouted.
“Yes she did. In high school, I was his girlfriend for three years , but then he started falling for her. I got to know it was just a bet so I didn’t stop him coz I knew he would come back But he didn’t! He broke up with me saying he loves her. I was determined to avenge that at any cost. That day in the club when I saw her and you told me she’s your sister, I joined hands with Rohan .
U know Swara it was ME who stole Ragini’s phone and gave it to Rohan, I got that family CD from Ragini’s room when your haldi ceremony was going on! And while you were leaving the wedding hall to come here, I locked her in the storeroom so that you think she’s really kidnapped, it was me who was informing Rohan about your every move! Cause I could easily keep an eye on both of you. And you know what the greatest irony is??? That you,yourself kept me updated about your relationship with him all the tym, I didn’t need to do anything!!!”

“And Priya also tell her about the fire at the refinery!” Rohan encouraged.

“Oh yeah! And you remember the tym you were staying in his mansion, and he left the country for two days, he called me,his PA, and asked me to make arrangements for him to propose you! And you know I did it very well and also informed Rohan about it! He set Sanskar’s most huge refinery on fire! And he had to leave you and run to there. And you left him thinking he rejected you!!!”
She laughed at my foolishness. Yes, I’m a fool.

“See you’re crying. I don’t like to see you crying, but you’re never behaving. Just if you behave we could avoid all this. Everyone call me phsyco, but I never cared. Cause I know I am not. But why did you call me. You make me angry.”, he said cupping my face hard. I don’t have any energy in my body. My vision started to turn black. I am now kneeling on the side of the bed.

It’s so painful. God please help me stop this torture! Why am I not blacking out? Why am I not dying? Sanskar please save me!

“And then, then I will take you away, no we will run away from all this drama and live happily”, he said and came very near to my face, “only you and me”.Only him and me? The thought itself scares me to death.

Tears are streaming from my eyes.

Plz Sanskar come here or I’ll die.

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 2


The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 2


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