The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 1

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 1

Sanskar’s POV

“Oh god where is she?” Why is she testing my patience? Can’t she see how long I’ve been waiting for her?

“Mom plz bring her.” I told Sumi Mom impatiently. She laughed at my condition and went upstairs. From there ,I heard her shout Angel’s name. I got really worried. I ran upstairs to see what happened. She was on her knees ,in shock, holding a paper in her hand and crying vigorously. I ran to her and took the paper from her hand to receive a shock myself! It was a letter in Angel’s handwriting, which read,
Sanskar, I’m sorry. I thought we would have a ‘forever’ together but I see forever isn’t as long as I’ve imagined.
Maybe you’ll hate me for leaving you or risking my lyf but I’ve no option. Rohan has my Di and I have to try.
I love you today and always.
-your Angel.’

No she can’t do this. SHE JUST CAN’T. Why didn’t she tell me?didn’t she trust me enough!

“Both my daughters! They’re in danger. Oh god!why are you doing this? That man,I don’t know what will he-”

Her voice is cut by a loud shout, “Mom?mom why are you crying? What happened? I’m fine mom, someone pushed me in the storeroom and locked it!”

Ragini is here that means he tricked Angel into leaving!!! she’s not safe. I’ve to find her.

Mom was dumbstruck seeing her. She couldn’t reply. Ragini saw the letter in my hand and snatched it, tears started flowing from her eyes too.

“What the hell? How can he do this? Sanskar you have to get her back. That man is a monster. I can’t let anything happen to my Shona. She left thinking I’m in danger. She sacrificed everything for me!I want her back.”
She said holding my collar and shaking me while crying.

“I WILL GET HER BACK RAGINI. She has to come back. I had promised her,I’ll always protect her. I will!”

I asked Ragini to go and handle guests while me, Arnav and Laksh will will try to find her. Arnav informed commissioner and police about it while Laksh tried to find her by tracing her from home if anyone had seen her. I also joined them.

When I came downstairs, Arnav called out, “Sanskar come here,you need to see this.”

Maybe he found something! I ran upstairs he gave me a diary and its first page had been torn and whatever was written, its impression was made on the second page.
“What is this Arnav?” I asked irritated.

“Sanskar look, an ADDRESS was written on the first page and this is its impression. maybe he called Swara at this place and in stress, Swara scribbled it so hard that it left so dark impression.” I saw it carefully, at some places, she pressed so hard that the alphabets were seen on the next page.

“We’ve no tym to waste!” I took the speediest car and rushed there with Arnav while lucky stayed back to update us about home.

We reached a warehouse in about some half an hour. All the cars are home which means Angel had taken taxi! It might have taken her more than an hour to reach.

I went inside and shouted her name repeatedly but no response! I went further and found a video player with Angel’s family video played in it! I got a complete picture of his plan! This is what he might have used to convince Angel! But there is no way he’s getting this from Angel’s mansion! Something is missing! There is someone helping him from home! A close one!but bl**dy who???

The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 1


The Devil met his Angel_”Meeting” Chapter 38 part 1


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