Spoilers — 17th February 2016

Santoshi Maa:

Santoshi is getting married. All the Devis have come to bless Santoshi in the marriage, and the jealousy symbol Devi Paulmi has also come there. Santoshi has got ready as bride. Devis has come on the earth to become part of Santoshi’s marriage. The flowers shower on Santoshi. Santoshi Maa has taken the sindoor and blesses Santoshi. The Lord and devotee relation is shown strong. Devis come for Santoshi, as Santoshi has lost her mother in early childhood.


Raman adorns jewellery on Ishita, and hugs her. He fills her maang while a romantic song plays. Their happiness have returned and they got a chance to get romantic again. Their love is strengthen with the love. Ishita hugs him. Sarika is keeping evil eye on them and is again conspiring against her. Simmi comes to meet Ishita and greets her happily. The family is about to celebrate for Ishita’s return, but Police comes and arrests Ishita again shocking the kids and family.

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Spoilers — 17th February 2016


Spoilers — 17th February 2016


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