Good mrng guyz….. thank u all for ur awesome comments…. here is epi 52

Nk entry which makes asr feel jealous…. raman thinking to ask for apology and shares with shagun….

asr in kushi’s home

Arnav : who is this joker?
Kushi: he is my frnd… not a joker…
Asr: whatever…
He leaves…
Kushi to herself: y he bcame lord governor again… so .. he didn’t do all that for me… he just want to make things right …
Kushi looks upset… nk cheers her…
‘arnav watches them in distant and got jealous…

Raizada mansion…
Ishu: sweetie… tmr we will go to kushi’s home for haldi… ok?
Shagun: yeah.. u me.. dadi… arnav .. also raman… enough nah?
Ishu: yeah.. no need for crowd…

Raj: no bets they will come here for haldi… garima ji said… there will be no relatives from their side…. so i have decided to do all rituals together
Shagun: thats grt big d… hain na arnav
Asr: whatever.. i have to go for one meeting tmr
Shagun: what hap…. have u fought with kushi?… thay may come tmr and u r gng?
Asr: nothing… thats imp meeting
Mihir:wat? U r gng? Really? U r giving this much imp to me?….
Ishu: what? Bittu… u r gng?.. office is more than mihir?
Shagun: haan yaar….
While shagun starts arnav interrupts
Asr: oh pls,…. don’t start again.. i m not gng.. fine?
All laughs…

Ishu notices raman upset
Ishu: raman… r u alright?
Raman: yeah.. yeah… i m fine… y?
Ishu: u r looking disturbed..
Raman: u can sense anything related to me
Ishu: oh pls…. i don’t care….
Raman: really…
Ishu: ofcourse.. i don’t care… u r our gues… so i asked it for dadi’s sake
Raman: so u don’t care for me?
Ishu: yeh…
Raman: but yesterday… u said something else….
Ishu: (in tensed tone)_ wwwhhat wwhhat
Rman comes close to ishu…. : got tensed?
Ishu: y will i get tensed… that too bcz f u.. never…
Raman holds her waist.. and pulls her closer..
Raman: still not scard or tensed…?
Ishu: ofcourse not…
Raman kissed her cheeks…. ishu got surprised .. she couldnt believe… she couldn’t blink… her eys got stucked in one direction…. she si in shock….she stare at him as to know whether it is real or dream….

Na kuchh puchha na kuchh maanga, tune dil se diya jo diya
Na kuchh bola na kuchh tola, muskura ke diya jo diya
Tu hi dhup tu hi chhaaya, tu hi apana paraya
Aur kuchh na janu, bas itna hi janu
Tujhame rab dikhta hai, yaara main kya karu – (2)
Chillena Oru Mazhai Thuli
Ennai Nanaikuthey Penne
Siragugal Yaar Koduthathu
Nenjam Parakuthey Munne
Un Vizhigalile Naan Vaazhgiraen Penne
Un Kanavugalaal Naan Maarinen Penne
Oh Ho Ho Ho..
Oh Ho Ho Ho..
Raman comes further closer…

Ishu closes her eyes tightly….
Shagun: ishu… ishu..
Shagun shakes ishu
Ishu opened her eyes… and looks at shagun…
Ishu: sweetie… raman…
Shagun: raman.. what.. he has gone to buy some shagun ki things.. dadi asked hi to go… why? U have some work with raman?
Ishu got confused…: no nothing sweetie…
Ishu to herself: no.. its not dream..i felt him… he only… but how…. i think its my dream only…
She leaves… shagun gives thumbs up to raman… by then raman leaves smiling…

Arnav couldn’t sleep bcz of NK and kushi… he called kushi

Asr: hello
Kushi ( laughing ): hh….e…l..l.oo…. koun?
Asr: with much anger.. its me
Kushi: again laughs…: hello…. i couldn’t hear….
Nk grabs phone : the person u r trying to speak is currently playing… pls try after sometime
Asr got much anger and cuts the call

Asr decides not to talk with kushi….

Next morning….
Haldi preparation is going on….
Kushi payal got dressed up in yellow.. payal in yellow saree… kushi in yellow suit….
Thay came to raizada mansion
Raj: welcome all… sad to hear about madhu behan… how is her health now?
Garima: jiji is fine…. she is not allowed to take stress.. so only
Raj: its not a prob.. her health is more imp…. and who is this guy
Garima: he is Nand kishore… jiji’s son
NK: hi uncle.. aapse milkar badi dhuki hua (very bad to meet u)
Raj: what?
Kushi laughs out loudly : its kushi… dhuki nahi nk
Raj: why? He don’t know hindi?

Kushi: actually.. nawab saab studies in convent from childhood… he always soes mistakes while speaking in hindi….
Nk: ok ok.. stop praising me…. and uncle i thik u don’t mind if i speak in English
Dadi (ishu’s dadi): oh English ki aulath…. no English vinglish… onlu desi hindi….
Nk: what she is telling
Dadi: ithar aa chore
Nk: hey grany… im not thief…(mein chor nahi hoon)
Kushi laughs : nk… thats means boy.. not thief….
Dadi: u cant insult old people… u have to talk in hindi only
Nk: ok baadi mein hindi baath karungi
Dadi; what?
Kushi: he meant… daadi.. not baadi… also karunga not karungi….
Dadi: arey baapre… i will forget my hindi soon
All laughs
Asr becomes angry plus jealous…

Haldi ritual gets started… everyone starts applying haldi over payal and mihir while they starte at each other and talks through eyes…
Shagun: hmmkumm…. sabar kar beta …. don’t rush… all [eople are here.. they may notice ur eyes conversation….
Mihir payal blushes….

Shagun: ok then… now its my turn.. she took some haldi and applies over mihir’s face
Mihir: dhi…. y this much….
Shagun: how can i miss this opportunity?

Kushi : yeah…. how can we miss this opportunity…. hain na nk
Nk: no… no.. kushi… i m warning u
Kushi takes hand full of haldi and runs behind nk

Ishu : raman…. if u r thinking that ,… by seeing ur dull face i will leave u… its big misunderstanding… bcz… i wont leave any opportunity ..
Raman: ishu.. u know.. i don’t like haldi
Ishu: but i like while applying over u
She takes hand full of haldi and runs behind raman…

Nk turns and bends down… so kushi without noticing applies haldi over arnsv’s face while he s talking in phone
Asr in phone: i will call u later.. seems somebody need some emergency treatment
Kushi bites her lips : no… i m sorry.. its by mistake….. i m really sorry…
Nk runs from there… asr moves closer to kushi

Ishu : ouch… my legs
Raman: what happened ishu… ishu….
Ishu: i just wanted to apply…. so only … sorry
Raman: what?
By telling that she applies haldi over raman’s face… to which raman got super angry
Raman: ok fine… u won.. but u know what?
Ishu: what ravan?
Raman: u will surely regret…
By telling this he comes closer to ishu

Screen freezes with ishra and arshi

Hope u guyz like this epi…. don’t forget to leave comments… to let me know…





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