Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 13

Hey guys…!! After a short break meim vaapas aagaya!! So dear RAGLAKIYANS, I hope all r enjoyed valentain’s day. Sorry guys I take the break bcoz of my exams. My exams started on yesterday. So may be the next chapter will be also after a break….

Scene 1
Laksh ‘s cabin.
He was thinking about Ragini!
Laksh:may be he reached there ! Wat will be her reaction to see her car! !
He imagined that situation in his mind.
after some time a man opened the door of the cabin. It was the same man who went to give the car.
Man:may I come in sir?
Laksh(with excitement):yes! !
He entered to the cabin
Laksh:kyaa tum GH meim gaya?
Man:yes sir.
Laksh:do u see Ms. Ragini?
Man:yes sir. I hand over the car to madam.
Laksh:did she tell any thing?

His voice became little louder becoz of the excitement! ! Laksh understood that &told in mind to calm him self.
Man:yes. Madam aap se thank u kehne ki kaha.
Laksh:only to say Thank u !!
In mind” kyaa inzaan hei voh !!. Just a thank u?” He felt bad in his mind.
Man:can I leave sir?
He turned to go. But just then he remembered about Ragini’s letter! !
Man:oh.. sorry sir. Madam also gave this to give u!! I forgot that.
He gave the paper to laksh.
Laksh:is she gave this??
Man:yes sir.
Laksh: then u can go now.
Man:thank u sir.
He went out the cabin.
Laksh opened the paper with huge excitement!!
In that letter;
“Mr. Laksh Maheshwari,
Thank u for ur help(yesterday&today).
Meim tum se baath karna chahthi hum(face 2 face). If ur not busy now,u can came 2 the SM Park to meet me. I didn’t want to compel u Mr. Maheshwari to come there. If u didn’t come there then……
I will surely come to ur office to meet u!! It will not be good(for me,u &also to ur dad!!)
So come SM park soon. I will be there.

Ms.Ragini Gadodia.
A smile came to his face after read that letter.
He suddenly take his coat&car’s key. Then leave from there.
he was run towards the parking area. Suddenly he collide with Dp!!!
Dp:Laksh…. wat is this?
Laksh:I … I really sorry Dad. I didn’t see u!
Dp:tum kyaa dekhte jaa rahum? Aur……where r u going now?
Laksh stood like a statue. He became blank!! He couldn’t think that dp will ask that question!! Any lie didn’t came to his mind in that time!!
Laksh:Dad… I …..I am going to meet…..
Dp:kyaa tum koi clint ko milna jaatha hum?
Suddenly an idea came to Laksh’s mind.
Laksh:haa Dad, I am going to meet very important person for a business deal!!
Dp:ok laksh,then go.
Laksh:thank u dad!! By…
He ran towards his car&drive out to SM Park..
Scene 2

SM park.
Laksh reached SM park. He park the car&stepped out from it. He looked surround to find Ragini.
Laksh:kaham hei voh??
He search every where. But he couldn’t find her. He placed his hands ,the sides of his waist.
Laksh:where is she?
Some one pattend his shoulder from back . He turned&look .
It was a girl.
Girl:kyaa aap Laksh Maheshwari hei?
Laksh:haam. But ..aap kon hei?
Girl didn’t respond any thing. She only gave him a piece of paper& went from there.!!
Laksh stood cluelessly about her act!!
He look at the paper in confuse! Then opened it!
“Come to the garden side”
He go to garden. He looked arround. But didn’t see her.
Laksh:ab hei kaham?
A man come towards him&gave a piece of paper&go from there with out saying anything!!
he tried to stop the man. But the man went from there.laksh opened the paper.
“Come parking area,quickly!!”
Laksh:ohhh..Ragini…wat is this yaar!!!
He go to parking area..
Also from there a lady gave him a piece of paper.
He covered whole park!! Finally he reach the pond side!!. He became soo tired& also felt to drink water!!

Suddenly ……..from behind of him!!
“Kyaa aap kisi ko doondti hum??”
Laksh turned & look. It was Ragini.!!
Laksh:(fake anger): wat is this Ragini? Y u do the childish play to me?
Ragini:just for a fun! Kyaa asp ko paani chahiye?
He forwarded a bottle of water to him. He looked at it. But didn’t take it.
Ragini:take this!! Dunda paani hei! ! Aap ko acha lagega!!
Laksh hesitaly take the bottle from her hand. He started drinking.. Ragini felt laugh to see that. he finished the bottle with in a second!!!
Ragini:ab kaise lagrahi hum? Acha hei na?

Laksh gave an angry look to her.
Ragini felt bad to see his face. He felt a little pain. she understood that bcoz of her prank he became soo tired. It was visible in his face.
Ragini:sorry laksh! I just think to fool u. But if u felt it bad. So sorry for it!!
she looked down.
Laksh felt funny to see her face. He laughed loudly!!
Ragini felt relaxed to see his laugh. She also smiled.
Laksh:Ha haa.. Ragini!! Tum itni bevakoof hei? Meim sirf ek joke bola dha!
Ragini: oh…really!!! I didn’t get that.

She laughed.
Laksh:wat is the matter Ragini, wat uwant to tell me?
He try to control his excitement.
Ragini:I want to said thank u laksh..
Laksh:ohhh.ohh ab tum kitni baar mujhe thank u bol diya?? Don’t u feel bored!!!
Ragini:but I feel that,I want to said thank u more &more times laksh!!
Laksh:itni bolne ke baad bhi!!
He laughed…
Ragini:laksh it is not a joke laksh! I am seriously said it.
Laksh:ohh really? Then do one think ,u just write in a paper”sorry,sorry” in many times. When u want to feel stop it,finish it &gave that to me. I will read it,when I got free time..
Ragini:it is not a joke laksh. I really mean it! Tum jaanthi na? If u didn’t came in that time,kitni bure mere saath ho jaavoongi?
Laksh:I told u na? Forget it Ragini. It is a past thing he na?

Ragini:but laksh,how can a girl forget this type of incident so easly laksh?
Laksh looked to her face. It was filled with so much of sadness. Laksh felt a pain in his heart?
Laksh: Ragini,kyaa tum rone ki tayaar karthe rahtha hum?cool down Ragini.. u r not look good in with sad face.just being happy with a smile face.
Ragini felt a calm in her heart. She smiled.
Ragini:thank u soo much laksh! Not only for ur words laksh,also for ur help,caring,concern…towards me …u make me feel soo happy by ur doings laksh.
Laksh felt soo happy to hear her words….
Laksh:kyaa ab tumhara thank u bolne ka wish complete ho gaya?
Ragini shake her head in”s”
Laksh:ohhhh..God help me..!!!
Ragini hit him slightly…
laksh:just a joke.!

Laksh:do u have any think to say more?
Ragini:nothing laksh!! Y u asked?
Laksh:heyy nothing,so by…
Ragini:byy laksh…
Laksh:take care ragini…
Ragini:u too laksh…
Laksh:so see u again
Ragini:haamm. By laksh
They turned opposit direction. Laksh want to talk to her more&more …
He didn’t want to stop the conversation…..
he felt some thing in his heart. He asked God for one more chance to talk with Ragini!!
Suddenly Ragini called him from back!!!

Laksh stop sudden&looked back with excited face!!!………



Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 13


Raglak-pyaar ki bandhan 13


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