Ahem!!! Ahem!!! After yesterdays short horror story here is a light joke
“Judge: Tumhe faasi ki saja di jaati hai, Tumhe agle hafte faasi par latkaya jayega..
Santa: Ok Sir, But fir utara kab jayega? Mujhe dukaan bhi kholni hai….!!!!”
Mmmmm PJ tha………
“Aapko kabhi humsey khone nahi dengey,
Aapko kabhi khud sey alag hone nahi dengey,
Kabhi humare yahan comment, b kar diya karo warna,
Aankh mei mirchi daal dengey aur dhone b nahi dengey!”
? ? ? ? ?

I, just waited for her comeback , every moment was soo long,
I made many plans for her welcome ,
The day arrived soon, and there she was , that day she looked like a beautifuulllll, pink butterfly, ♥♥♥
Amm… ahem!!!!
I mean she was looking vvv beautiful….♥♥♥♥
As she entered the class all eyes set upon her,
And she kept her bag , on her seat and looked at her group,
They just ignored her, but she went to them so that she could talk to them after , long,
But they left , seeing her coming towards them,
And her smile , turned into a frown, and she quietly sat on her seat,
I felt bad , so I went there to join her,
And what I saw there was horrible, she was in tears,then I decided to just be by her side for……….r
I took my bag and sat next to her with a heavy bang,
Which attracted her attention towards me, and she wiped off her tears, and looked at me in surprise,
“Oh! Be careful !! you just…”

That worried face , I couldn’t see anymore , so I smiled and acted tuff in a funny way which made her laugh and so the plotters attention shifted towards us,
They the plotter group I call them , gathered around us, and the leader came to her and started enquiring her state ,
They spoke about ♥her♥ phone number , and when she wanted to clarify, they didn’t even gave her a chance and pulled her towards them, taking an excuse of decorating her PLASTER…….
Oh!! That one which she had got, oh!! That one which was cut two days ago…
Ooooooo miracle they still can see its trace in her ankle or HALLUCINATING during day time……

Well by now she would have understood their selfish nature…..
As she came back to her seat she looked a bit off, and I joked on her invisible plaster, and their invisible decorations,
She gave a faint smile which upset me…..
The next she asked me to join the group and try talking to people,
mmmm…. I agreed to her, just for her sake and so that I could reveal their true faces…
Next I entered the group, and WHAT THE#@$$#$
Those freaks , just pushed her back, and she just fell on the ground .
They didn’t even gave a ………
She had just got her plaster off!!! And after removing the plaster the bone is still…… care is still needed……..
Oh gosh al my mistake all……….

They didn’t even care that she was H____pd and had some problem and couldn’t just……and she was barely able to stand………
Screw them just sc……… I just wanted to……………….
Well thankfully the bell rang and I somehow shooed off that vicious gathering around me…….
And stayed back to help her,
I dusted coat, and rubbed her foot as it was paining and was cold,
And together we went to the class room, now I was just determined to save her from those mean and vicious people,
But not make her sad by making her a loner like me without friends………….
Kya kar sakte hain iss matlabi duniya ka
Kuch nahi par dilse hai nikalti hai, aur woh moti jaise aansoo…..

Aaj tum par aansuo kee barsaat hogi,
Phir wohi andheri kaali raat hogi,
Yaad naa karke tumne dil dukhaaya hain mera,
Jaa tere badan me khujali saari raat hogi!

Manhaa sorry dr kalakari nahii dikha paai





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