Manan ff – unconditional love – Digging the past ! Episode 26

Manan ff – unconditional love – Digging the past ! Episode 26

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Recap: Abhi survives cancer. Manik and Nandini spend some time together and try to get to know each other well. Aliya confesses to Dhruv that she loves him. Harshad talks to Nandini about Manik and drops hints that Nandini might have known him from the time she was in New York.

Just as Harshad says those things about Manik, all the suspicions Nandini had had about Manik for a few days, started getting clearer. She realized he had never answered her questions like what was the file he always used to carry or why was he always wearing the spectacles. He had also remained silent about his past life in New York the other night when they were chatting over the cup of tea. Since the first day she saw him, she had got a feeling that she might have known him, but did not remember anything. She even asked chachi about it but she too denied. Now it was getting much more obvious that she might be knowing Manik somehow since the way Harshad was saying the things. Or maybe Harshad was just playing around ? She needed to know and so she immediately left for her home even though she was supposed to wait for Navya at the college gate and they were to go to the hospital together.

On reaching home, she straightaway went to her room without talking to chachi. Chachi too was left suspicious of such a behavior. She went upstairs and started searching about Manik Malhotra over the internet and social networking sites. She came across the information about Malhotra Industries and also found Manik on facebook but did not get any clue as to how and why would she have know him before they met in SPACE. However, she was really surprised to know about the huge Malhotra Industries of which Manik was the only heir. She also found that Manik had been doing extremely well in music in New York, he almost had a chance to launch his own album. So then why did he leave all that and fly over to India ? And why had he been hiding his identity from everyone ? These questions were making her more suspicious. She knew she could trust him but these doubts until cleared would not let her have full faith on him.

She went downstairs to talk to chachi about it. She had asked chachi about her past life in New York and also about Manik before when she first met him in college but chachi had not revealed anything to her as instructed by Manik’s father.

Nandini: (climbing down the stairs) Chachi !! Chachi !! I need to talk to you.

Chachi: (coming out of the kitchen) What happened Nandu ? What’s wrong ?

Nandini: Chachi I’m going to ask you something and I want you to tell me the truth please !

Chachi: What is it Nandu ? You’re making me nervous.

Nandini: You don’t need to be nervous if you tell me the truth.

Chachi: What is it ?

Nandini: Chachi I’ve asked you this before and I’m again asking you. Do you have any idea about my childhood in New York and have you heard about Manik Malhotra from my parents ?

Chachi: (suddenly nervous) Nandu..You’ve asked me the same question before and I’ve told you there’s nothing like that. Your parents had shared each and every thing about your childhood with us and Amma, and there was no mention of Manik.

Nandini: Amms ! Yes ! I need to ask her.

Nandini goes back to her room and calls Amms in Mangalore.

Rishab, Nandini’s younger brother who had been staying in Mangalore with Amms picked up the call,

Rishab: Hello !

Nandini: Hello ! Rishu ? Where’s Amms ?

Rishab: She’s taking the evening music class. What happened ?

Nandini: Rishu, do you remember anything from our childhood in New York ?

Rishab: Like what ?

Nandini: Like, do you remember some guy named Manik Malhotra ?

Rishab: Di, what’s wrong with you ? How can I remember such a thing. I was only 4 years old when we left New York. So, then how do you expect me to remember anything ?

Nandini: Yeah but ! Please ask Amms to call me as soon as she gets free.

Rishab: Yeah sure. Oh wait, she’s here.

Amms: (taking the phone from Rishab) Aiyyo Nandu ! How are you my child ?

Nandini: Yeah I’m fine Amms. Amms I wanted to ask you something. Can you please tell me the truth ?

Amms: What is it Nandu ?

Nandini: Amms, do you remember someone I knew, or we as in Amma, Appa, Rishab and me knew from New York named Manik Malhotra ? Did Appa ever talk to you about him ?

Amms: No Nandu. I don’t remember your father talk about any such person. But what is the problem dear ?

Nandini: Nothing Amms. I’ll speak to you later then.

She disconnects the call and leaves to go to the hospital as she knew she would find Manik there and then she could confront him. Now that there was no other source left, she had to ask him directly which was going to be difficult because Manik was very stubborn on certain things and if he did not wish to, he would never reveal anything.

After she left, Amms called up Chachi.

Chachi: Yes Amma. She was asking me as well. I hope you didn’t tell her anything.

Amms: Why would I ? Krishna (Nandini’s father) had strictly denied all of us to talk to Nandu or Rishab about the Malhotras. But suddenly why is she asking about them ?

Chachi: Actually Amms, we did not tell you this because we did not wish to bother you. But the truth is that Manik is here in Mumbai and he is studying with Nandini in her college. They have started becoming good friends as well. Manik’s father had called me up and told me that Manik is here to help Nanidni. You remember the incident 10 years back ? Such an incident can occur again, this time with Nandini. And so, he is here to protect her.

Amms: What ? Oh my Nandu ! May lord keep her safe ! That is so grateful of Manik to fly down to India specially to be there for her.

Navya reaches hospital and goes to Abhi’s room where Mukti was sitting with him. Cabir had gone home to freshen up. Since Nandini disappeared suddenly, Navya decided to go to the hospital by herself. Navya had known about Abhi for a long time before Mukti revealed it to the Fab 5 but she had not revealed it to anyone, not even Cabir. Navya, Mukti and Abhi had been talking in the room when Cabir arrived and overheard their conversation.

Mukti: By the way I was shocked to see Cabir’s surprised reaction when I told you all about Abhi. I thought you might have told him at least.

Navya: I wanted to tell him. I even tried many times but then something or the other would happen and disturb that particular situation and so I thought maybe destiny does not want me to tell him about it.

Cabir heard that and felt betrayed. He had been worried about Mukti for such a long time and Navya who knew about it already never told him. He was really angry at her for doing that but decided not to create a scene in front of Mukti and Abhi as it was their happy day. He tried to control his anger, took a deep breath and entered the room in his all time cool attitude.

Aliya arrived in her car and just as she was getting down from her car, she saw Dhruv coming from a distance. She did not remember what had happened the other night but when she saw Dhruv, it reminded her of the slaps both of them had given to one another. It suddenly struck her that she had confessed her feelings to him. She suddenly started feeling nervous and felt like apologizing to Dhruv. She moved towards him but Dhruv was also not feeling comfortable facing her so he simply nodded his head towards her and then moved into the hospital without waiting to talk to her. He straightaway went to Abhi’s room to avoid talking to Aliya alone. Aliya followed him to the room.

After some time Manik arrived too and all of them had been waiting for Nandini. They tried calling her so many times, Navya explained the whole situation how Nandini went missing from college and it had started to worry them. They were about to leave to look out for her when the door of the roome opened and Nandini entered.

As soon as she entered, she took one look at Manik and wanted to go and directly talk to him but then she saw the others who started asking her questions on where had she been and expressing their concern which made her postpone the plan of talking to Manik to a later stage.

Precap: Nandini following Manik to his home.


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Manan ff – unconditional love – Digging the past ! Episode 26


Manan ff – unconditional love – Digging the past ! Episode 26

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