My layered demeanour (Episode 5)

My layered demeanour (Episode 5)

Recap: bonding between Himanshoo and Surbhi

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[Surbhi’s pov]

I reached college a little early and straightaway headed to his classroom. As expected, I found him standing near the door waiting for me. I walked up to him. My every step in his direction was making him step back. Eventually, he stumbled due to the bench present at his back. He fell on the bench as he moved slightly to make himself comfortable. I lifted my right leg as I placed it on the bench, beside him. I leaned slightly and placed my hand over my thigh. I smirked as I looked at him and finally uttered, ‘Vicky…Vicky Khurana. I hope no one knows about the incident that happened yesterday.’

‘No one knows about it. I have handled everything.’

‘That’s like a good boy.’ I placed my leg back on the floor as I warned him, ‘If anyone gets to know then you know what I’m capable of doing.’

‘When should I meet you?’ he looked hopefully at me as he asked this question.

‘Today only. I’ll message you the address & timing.’

I turned back and started leaving when I heard him say, ‘But today is my bhai’s birthday and there is a party.’

I again went near him as I patted on his cheeks. ‘I don’t give a damn. It is you who have to make a choice.’ Saying this I left the place.

[KVB’s pov]

My classes were starting late today so I didn’t come along with my brother. But I had reached a little early before the scheduled time. I straightaway went to basketball court where everyone started wishing me. I moved out of there along with some of my friends and met her on my way. She was chatting there along with her friends. I was a little far away from her and I decided to irritate her. ‘Hi Surbhi baby,’ I shouted making it clear that my words reach her. I saw her expressions changing as I smiled at the success of my small plan. I reached her as I saw her gritting her teeth and saying, ‘Why the hell do you call me this?’

‘I know you are a devil but I love the word baby and don’t you know how much I love you,’ I quipped.

‘Oh please!! Just shut up and keep your nonsense stuff with yourself.’ I must accept that she is quick when it comes to answering back.

There was a complete silence between every one of us for a few seconds when I heard her friends wishing me but she was doing the stuff she is famous for… passing cold glares at me. Maybe after seeing her friends wishing me, she had the bare minimum courtesy to wish me. ‘Happy birthday.’ I could feel the coldness in her voice.

‘I don’t take wishes which are not from heart. Oops sorry baby!! I forgot that you don’t have a heart. So, I accept your wishes.’ I sneered at her.

I saw her fuming face as she turned towards her left and entered the lobby, going towards our class. I looked at my friends as I said, ‘So boys, do you all want to have some fun in today’s party?’

‘But she doesn’t attend parties,’ I heard one of my friends saying.

‘But this time she’ll and get ready for some fun.’ I smirked as my mind was flooded with various evil ideas.

Thanks a lot guys for commenting and all those who are out there reading my story. I know that I’m irregular and I’m really sorry about it. Pls bear this and don’t get angry over my irregularity. Thanks for showering your love. I don’t know whether I deserve this much appreciation or not but I feel really blessed. Love you all.

@janvi- I’m also really happy that I came in contact with you and I hope that we never lose contact even after this ff gets over.Can we be friends?
@Roma- Thanks dear. I thought that you had stopped reading this ff. But I’m happy that I was thinking wrong. I would also like to remain in contact with you even after this ff gets over. Even though you always address mme as your friend, but still I’m asking- Can we be friends? Are you also a student?


My layered demeanour (Episode 5)


My layered demeanour (Episode 5)

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