My boyfriend’s best friend (intro)

My boyfriend’s best friend (intro)


“Yes he is charming with sparkling eyes. Handsome hunk but still a playboy and supposed to be my boyfriend’s best friend. Why shall i fall for him and especially when he is a playboy who flirts with every single girl as told by my boyfriend. And morever why will he fall for me, the attractive hunk for whom every girl is an easy target.”

Will Avya cheat on her loving and perfect boyfriend for a playboy who is supposed to be her boyfriend’s best friend. Let’s see guys .

Lots of fun awaiting inside the novel. Open it and get to new world of Avya her friends and her perfect, loving, most caring boyfriend and obviously her boyfriend’s best friend.

Guys let me know in comments if you likes it and want to read more.

tell me in comments your thoughts about the novel.

Waiting for your feedback.

My boyfriend’s best friend (intro)


My boyfriend’s best friend (intro)

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