One Month Agreement – Episode 10 Part 2

Hi guyz. I think der is limit to words. so uploading d some part of 1st part as 2nd part.
It’s 1 pm.
Teacher tells dem that, ” its lunch break for 1 hr. After dat we will go 2 hilltop. We will enjoy scenery till 4 pm.. Den we will come back to guest house.
And today we r going to stay here. ”
All nods.
All r excited.
Dey finished der lunch..(obviously wid cute nok zok)
Dey r divided into two grps.
Sanky and laksh r leaders if d grp.
And it’s decided that one who will reach 1st @ hill top is winner.
Winner wont do any work.
looser have to do all d work.

Swara is in d grp of laksh.
And ragini is in d grp of sanky.
Sanky is ahead of all.
Swara and laksh behind him.
Seeing sanky’s speed dey r like aww! And thinks ,’ we hv to do all work till 5 days’.(dey r imagining it :) )
Suddenly 1 evil plan popped into laksh’s mind.
He whispers something in d swara’s ear.
Swara ask him, “will it work?”
L(wid evil smile) – “definitely !”
Dey both did hifi to each other .
Laksh hides behind d tree. Swara screams (loudly),” ouch !”(and seats)
Sanskar (listens dat and comes near her) -” wht happened swara? R u ok?”
Swara (trying to show her pain throgh voice )- “its paining in d leg ” (and signs laksh to vo ahead wid waving her hand)
Der plan was to divert attention of sanskar.
Sanskar sees der is no one is near. All r far from dem. So he thinks to carry her.
And takes her into his arms in bridal style .
After sometime ,
Whn she got signal from laksh dat he is reached at hilltop.

Swara said to sanky, ” its fine now , I will walk ”
Sanky, ” r u sure ?” (Lost in her eyes .
She says, “yes !”
And swara stands on her leg.
She winks at him. And screams, we won !”
Sanky didn’t understand 1stly. But whn he looks at hilltop he understands der plan.
Swara runs and sanky runs behind her.
@ hill top
All students from sanky’s grp curse him for losing.
Swara and laksh r laughing..
Sanky is angry on dem but still he is happy, ‘ he carried her into his arms. aww! :)
Ragini and laksh and all students r busy. Swara is clicking d photographs and suddenly she loses her balance and slips..
She screams, ” save me!”
Sanky skipped his heart beat listening her scream. students n teachers rushed to that point.
Dey thinks dat she felt in valley. And may be she is dead. But sanskar is not believing on it. D
hill is covered wid too much trees so dey r not able to find her.

Swara shouts again, ” sanskar save me”
She thinks , ‘I dnt knw why I called him but I knw he will save me’
Sanskar shouts back, ” whr r u swara? ”
Swara shouts back, ” I m holding d branch of dis tree. But I dnt think dat I will hold it for longer time.”
Sanky says ,” be brave swara! I m coming ”
He convince d teachers somehow. And tells dem, ” he will come wid her.”
He takes d rope and ties it to d tree and goes down .
(Our hero becomes spiderman to save d heroin :)
He shouts ,” swara ! Talk continuously so that I will try find u with d help of direction of sound ”
Swara blabbers ,” god I dnt wanna die now. Dis is to early. I m nt married yet. I wanna enjoy my life. I wanna torture my husband. How can I die without completing my dis wish?”
Sanskar laughs in dat situation also hearing her talk..
He founds swara. She was holding d branch tightly.
Sanskar goes near her. He holds d branch by one hand and holds swara by other hand.
Swara scolds him , ” dnt take d advantage of situation ha ”
He smiles and says, ” ok so m taking off my hand. ”
Swara shouts, “no!no! Sanskar ! I m ready to do anything dat u will tell ”
Sanskar smiles.
She hugged him tightly. And tucked her legs around his waist.
Sanskar shouts back, “sir here is no way to come upward ”
(Dey can’t pull him coz der r lots of trees on dis side of hill)
Sanskar says while looking at down, ” sir but der is way to go to d bottom of dis valley. ”
Sir says, “ok u both go by dat road! And get help from somewhere and join us .and be in contact wid us”
Sanskar- ” ok sir. I will.”
And he slides down slowly wid the help of rope till d start of dat road.

Precap- swasan spending night in d jungle..

Plz do comment guyz..
I m just updating dis part in hurry.
So der r lots of mistakes in dis part..
I will try to update d next part as early as possible.
Love u all.

One Month Agreement – Episode 10 Part 2


One Month Agreement – Episode 10 Part 2


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