True love never dies Episode 17 (Swasan)

Episode 17
Guys here is the next episode… I hope you will like it..

Shona calls him..
Sanky: hello Shona!! Il talk to u later.. I need to save Tasha.. Bye…
He cuts the call!!!

He calls his gang, to save Tasha.. Nd tells them about the plan!

Shona gets tensed..
Shona: ohh god! They r leaving.. I should do something!!
She again calls but at that time it was call waiting!!

Shona: oh god!! What should I do now.. She remembers Bublu..nd she calls him..
But his phone is in silent so he doesn’t pick up…

Sanky, Bublu and all others started to go to colz…
They see Rohit and Laksh smiling evilly.. Sanky gets angry!!

Shona keeps on calling them.. But Sanky doesn’t notice it!!

Sanky and all his gang runs inside their den to save Tasha!! But they couldn’t find her!!!

Sanky: Tasha!! Where r u??

At that time.. Suddenly they hear the sound!!
(Door closed)

Laksh and his group traps them… Laksh calls Sanky and tells him..

Laksh: ohh my poor Varun… Once look at the tv..
Sanky and all looks at the tv.. Where they can see their program…
I’ve sent Tasha long back!! Now you all trapped!!
(He smiles evilly) so Varun, u are trapped!!
Nd I want to tell you something which is important!!
We arranged a party, the grand party… If you get to know the theme you will get shocked!!
But Yaa I need to show you.. So enjoy.. Our party with ur theme…a live program!!!
Hahahahah…(he laughs loudly)
You can’t come out Sanky… These keys will be with me for this whole night!! You can’t escape!!!!

Nd he cuts the call!!

Sanky and others are shocked and angry on Laksh!!
Bublu: arey this is because of Tasha!! She should have informed us ryt.. That they left her..
Sanky: leave it Bublu, that’s okay!! She is safe na!! How can girl be in this den.. We should be happy that she’s out!!

All others agree Sanky…

Arts party!!!
The party was in full swing.Drinks and food flood freely,and the music from the DJ boomed loudly making the party all the more lively.
Laksh glanced around as he watched how each of them were mingling with everyone.. He was happy!!
Many were dressed elegantly to fit into the Royal Evening…
Ragini comes wearing a simple Evening gown.. She was so beautiful..

She looks at Laksh.. Who dresses up very stylishly.. She could see him smiling, laughing… He was soo happy!!

She stares at him lovingly.. She was lost in her thoughts!! As she never seen Laksh being soo happy..

Laksh goes to stairs and started speaking..
Laksh: hello guys!!! Happy evening all!!! So r u all excited for the game???

All shouts yes yes yes!!!

Laksh: okay the game rule is.. All the colourful girls here will keep this masks, to cover their faces.. Nd the music will be going on.. Once the music is stopped.. And this light will select the best beautiful girl… That girl should do a dance and she will get a chance to dance with me..nd after the dance…I will reveal her mask.. Nd that girl will be this years beautiful girl of arts!!

So this game is only for selecting a beautiful girl of arts 2016.. After that will have many more games to continue!!
So all girls r U all ready???
(He looks towards the camera and smirks)

All girls starts to shouting saying yes!!!!

Sanky and all who are watching in the tv gets angry!!
Bublu: Sanky this is our theme!! It’s soo cheating yar.. We shouldn’t leave them!!

Sanky is fuming with anger.. Bublu checks his calls and shocked to see shona’s missed calls..

He calls her back and keeps it on speaker!!

Shona: hello Bublu.. Where r u ?? Are you all fine?? Where is Sanky.. Is he fine?? you know what happened Tasha..

After listening shona’s voice Sanky became bit cool… Nd he interupts her

Sanky: Shona!! Haa we r fine!! By d way Tasha is out..
Bublu: But bad thing is that we r trapped!! We r in arts den!!

Shona is shocked..
Shona: what??? Oh god..
(She thinks it’s not the correct time to tell about Tasha)
Sanky is there any way to get you all out..

Bublu: Noo Shona..

True love never dies Episode 17 (Swasan)


True love never dies Episode 17 (Swasan)


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