Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 15


I’m happy that you guys are liking my ff. Thank you to all for encouraging me to keep going?
I tried to reply to Sunehri’s comment, but for some reason I couldn’t, anyways I do have a Facebook. Add me  I’ve replied to others in the previous episode.

The episode starts with everyone preparing for Mahira and Azad’s marriage.
Azad: do you really want to merry me?
Mahira smiles: of course Azad.
Azad: are you sure?
Mahira: positive
Azad: really?
Mahira: if you ask me that one more time then I will say no for sure…
Azad fakes a sad face
Kainat: what are you guys talking about?
Azad: none of your business
Amad: wow. Did you see that Kainat. After getting bhabhi…Azad bhaijaan already forget us and don’t even share anything with us.
Kainat (acts angry):yes Amad bhai! We should go now!!!
Azad: amad! These days Kainat is talking too much, we should find a guy for her and marry her off.
Mahira: meri sidhi sadhi nanand ko kitne chidte hai ap logon.
Kainat: bhabhi, don’t act.
Amad laughs and kainat goes from there angrily while Amad goes behind her to say sorry. Azad senses that Mahira is tensed.
Azad: what’s wrong Mahira? Did you felt bad about Kainat’s word?
Mahira: no Azad. Remember we went to khan begum’s room and was about to open that secret room, but we never did. I want to know what is in there.
Azad: ok. Lets go now
Mahira opens her mouth in shock: now! Mr. Khadus!! You are really crazy
Azad: how many times have I told you to don’t open your mouth so wide…fly will get in and one last time. I have a name and it’s Azad.
Mahira gets mad and walks away
Azad: uff yeh ladkiya bhi na. She made mistake and gets angry on me.

Kainat is about to fall and a guy catches her. He introduces himself as Shravan.
No precap

Which actor would you guys like to imagine shravan as opposite Kainat. Any suggestions?
And about the last episode thingy, i was joking. Sorry for giving you guys shock.

Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 15


Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 15


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