Sadda Haq 15th February 2016 –

Sadda Haq 15th February 2016 –

Sadda Haq 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Vidushi spends time with Sanaya and Sanyukta at ISRC after ditching Ankit on Valentine’s day, as Vidushi wanted to meet Sanyukta’s friends.Just when she was complaining that she is getting bored, Sanyukta receives a phone call. It turns out to be a wrong number, and an old lady has called Sanyukta mistaking her for someone called Jessica.The old lady, who calls herself granny, makes Sanyukta listen to all she has to say. She thinks Sanyukta is her granddaughter and tells her not to get married to the guy her father has chosen, as she loves Steves…and she should tell Steves that she loves him. Sanyukta promises granny that she would do as granny says. Sanaya and Vidushi gets shocked , and asks Sanyukta how could she promise such a thing when she does not even know them. Sanyukta plans that she would break Jessica’s marriage and make her confess her love for Steves. Sanaya and Vidushi agrees to the plan.

The whole gang land up in the wedding, after Sanyukta finds out the details of the wedding. Sanyukta then breaks the plan to the gang. Everyone is shocked but then agrees to help out. Sanaya, brings out a truth tonic and says that the plan is to make Jessica drink this, and then she will tell the truth to Steves, but the truth tonic’s effect lasts for only half and hour. Everyone splits up to find Jessica and to think how to make her drink the tonic. Sanaya keeps, the tonic on a table, as she talks to Randhir over the phone. She gets so busy in talking with Randhir, as he comes there, she fails to notice that the bottle of tonic was taken away by a waiter.

As Sanaya breaks the bad news to others, they get busy as to how to retrieve the truth tonic. Just then Arjun, goes and gets shots of Tequila for all, and says that everyone needs a break, They should have these shots and then think. All have tequila shots. After having the shots everyone begins to behave weirdly.

Joy suddenly gets smitten by Kritika, while Kritika begins to like Arjun,and Arjun gets smitten by Vidushi..all begin to tell their feelings to each other. Randhir and Sanyukta sits at the bar, and Randhir suddenly tells Sanyukta that he still loves her. Sanyukta becomes pleased. Randhir then tells her that he always gets a dream, that he is wearing a groom’s turban and along with it is wearing only a towel, wind is blowing, and Sanyukta says, does the towel fall off?…Randhir says no, and that he sees Sanyukta in a mechanic’s dress coming towards and he tries to run but fails. Randhir then tries to say that he loves her, when Sanaya comes from behind and says she loves him and gives him a rose. Sanyukta gets angry and thinks that here he was saying he loves her, but actually he is with Sanaya. Just then Aryan comes and asks Sanyukta to go with him. Randhir gets angry and thinks, what is Sanyukta doing with Aryan. As Sanaya and Randhir leaves. Aryan proposes Sanyukta for marriage. Sanyukta tells him if he really wants to know the truth. Aryan says he will propose her later on, then she can tell her answer. Aryan dreams of dancing with Sanyukta on the song “Tu Meri”

Sanyukta tells granny they have lost the truth tonic and is hunting for it, but now everyone is behaving weirdly. Granny tells her that she has noticed two boys going after her , and she was enjoying that. Sanyukta says, yes she was enjoying, and then stops speaking, shocked at what she has uttered. Granny tells her that may be everyone is telling truth thats why its all weird. Sanyukta understands that the Tequila shots had truth tonic in it. She tells that to everyone.

They decide to kidnap Jessica and make her drink the tequila. As Vidushi goes up the stage and distracts the audience announcing a performance by D4, Sanaya takes away Jessica on the pretext that Steves is waiting for her, They tie Jessica to a chair, and then Sanyukta and Aryan makes her drink the tequila. Jessica, escapes and tells her dad that she was kidnapped by a gang. Sanyukta and gang comes up, and sanyukta says that they were granny’s guests. Granny agrees to her. Sanyukta asks Jessica if she wants to get married to Melroy, she says no, when asked whom she loves, she says Steves. Steves also says she loves Jessica. Jessica’s father announces marriage of Jessica and Steves. All gets happy and as the marriage is done, they have a fun time dancing.

Randhir tells Sanyukta that he had been speaking nonsense because of the tonic. Sanyukta and Randhir both begins to dream that they are dancing and romancing on the song “Ishq Bulava”. Aryan comes just then, and stares at both of them. Suddenly Randhir and Aryan both kneels down in front of Sanyukta and proposes her. Sanyukta looks at them and says no and turns to go. Sanaya comes and tells Randhir that they should go now, as the effect of the potion is also over. Randhir and Aryan both thinks what Sanyukta meant while saying “no” was she still under the effect of truth tonic or it was something else. Sanyukta smiles.

Precap: Aryan plans something , and says his plan with Sanyukta will take time, as he needs to solve another matter first. Sanaya tells Sanyukta that she had met Randhir at an orphanage. Nirman gives the candidates 30 secs to reach a place for food.

Update Credit to: Wrackspurt

Sadda Haq 15th February 2016 –


Sadda Haq 15th February 2016 –

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