Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 17)

Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 17)

HI EVERYONE..thanks for the warm appreciation.. u all are so sweet..m so glad that u ll are liking my ff. Thanks to those who are recently reading my ffs and of course special thanks to silent readers. I have one request to all those who read my ff..plzzz guys when i end my ff i want all of u to comment even the silent readers..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its an earnest request. Okay moving to todays epi….

Twinkle stops there. She turns towards kunj.
T: i also what kunj??
K: u also don’t want this marriage……
T: no.. its nothing like that…we don’t have a relation as such..(before she could finish)
K:o really twinkle??
T: kunj we had never shared a husband wife relation then y are u asking such things??
K: oh …so that means u ll be able to see me someone else..good very good…
(Then he softly says to himself) “matlab sirf mein akela hu jo tumhare liye mare jaraha hu”
Twinkle couldn’t hear this..
T: what did u say??
K: nothing..tu nehi samjhegi..

Kunj leaves angrily.
That night twinkle couldn’t sleep thinking about kunj’s words.. “ tu nehi samjhegi” echoed in her ears.
Next morning twinkle decides to visit the gurudwara as she always does when she is upset. She informs bebe and leaves. Twinkle is shown praying in the gurudwara. She comes out and finds something very shocking.
Kunj gets up. He doesn’t find twinkle there. He gets tensed thinking what if twinkle had left him and the house. He calls her bt she doesn’t picks up the phone. Kunj gets more tensed.
Twinkle is shown following someone. She has suspicion in her eyes.
Bebe comes to kunj. She finds him tensed.
B: what happened puttar??
K: bebe twinkle is not in the house..she is not taking my call..
B: oho.. i forgot to tell u..she went to the gurudwara, and she had informed me that.
T: thank god…..i was so worried..!!
B: oye..when u are in love wid someone happens..But don’t miss her so much… (She laughs and leaves)

K: love?? I wish bebe she could understand what i feel for her!!
Kunj was leaving from there when he heard….
“ kunj..bebe..maa…where are u??”
Kunj turns back. Its twinkle. Every body comes there running.
B: what happened twinkle??
T: batati hu bebe..sab bata ti hu…bt where is anita aunty??
K: twinkle what is the matter??
Anita comes there listening to the noise.
A: omg!! Is this a fish market??
T: anita aunty..where were u??

A: in my room..
T: oh.. i thought i saw u somewhere..with someone..
A: what??…i..never went out today..
T: then what is this??
Twinkle show a pic in her phone where anita has covered her head wid a dupatta and she is offering a packet to a person in black burkha!)
Everyone sees it.
B: arey..its anita..
Usha: yeah bt what is all this..twinkle?
T: bebe maa, i saw anita aunty and clicked the photo in my phone..
Anita gets nervous.
B: anita y did u lie then??
A: bebe actually..
T: arey bebe what will she say.. m telling u..
Twinkle calls someone….”plzz come in”
A person with black burkha comes in…
T: bebe now u can hear from her..

Twinkle uncovers the face. Its maya.
Everyone says in unison… “ MAYA??”
Every one gets shocked..
T: now will u tell everyone or shall i call the police?????
Maya cries.
M: m sorry everyone….sorry kunj..i have done a great mistake..plzz forgive me..
K: now what have u done??
M: i…i am.. i am not pregnant !!
M: yes..anita aunty gave me money to do this drama so that u and twinkle gets separated …(she narrates the whole incident)
Everyone gets shocked..they all looked at anita.

Bebe goes near anita..she slaps he right away…
B: chi anita chhiii…. i never thought u l go so down and maya u… u claim ur self to be kunj’s friend and u did this wid him!!
M: m really sorry be…….
K: shut up..just shut up..if u utter a single word..then i will forget that u r a girl..just leave from here..leave..
M: ku…
K: (shouts) i said get lost…out..!!
Maya leaves.
B: he wahe guru..tera lakh lakh sukr hai k sab thik ho gaya..
Bebe and usha leaves. Anita also leaves.

Twinkle looks at kunj. Kunj seems to be angry..twinkle is about to say something but kunj leaves.

PRECAP: twinkle asks kunj what he was telling her last night?? Kunj smirks.

Ok guys.. i hope u all are happy now..all those of u who were thinking it to be kumkum bhagya track..i hope u all are satisfied wid this twist..and twinj romance will be there from next epi onwards…and it will be posted on coming Friday… plzz do share ur views…via comments..

Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 17)


Fanfiction of Tashan e Ishq (Epi 17)

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