Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 15

Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

It was the D-day for Neil and Sam, Radhika’s parents had come down to attend Sam and Neil’s Engagement …Ankush had stayed back with dadaji as Ridhima was busy with her new born son . Neil called up Ankush and scolded him for not coming to his engagement. Ankush promised to attend the wedding. Radhika was helping Sam dress up, Sam had worn a beautiful golden lehnga…and she was waiting for Radhika to help her with jewellery and make up. Radhika made Sam ready for the engagement when Piyali entered she looked at Sam and smiled and then she turned to Radhika; ‘’You also go and get ready …we all have to reach the venue soon and Sam won’t leave without you’’
Radhika smiled hugged Sam and went to the other room to get ready. She took out the dress which Piyali had gifted her and thought; ‘’Everyone is bringing me Arjun’s favourite colour no one thinks about my choice’’…she pouted like a child and changed. Radhika after getting ready came to Sam..Samrat was adoring his daughter…Radhika stood near Sam and Asked; ‘’So uncle did you like my work…Sam will be looking the best of all today …even better than Neil.’’ Samrat kept his hand on Radhika’s head and ; ‘’Yes she will be the best today…and all because of you..thank you so much Radhika’’ Radhika simply smiled when Samrat left the room Sam hugged Radhika and said; ‘’Chashni…you are the best thing that happened to me…your friendship is my strength thanks for coming in my life…thanks for being my friend …a big thanks for forgiving my mistakes…I would have never got my love without you” Radhika broke the hug and wiped Sam’s tears…she smiled and then mischievously said; ‘’Sam if you keep on shedding tears…Arjun will win..I had challenged him that Bride side would be the best…So please don’t spoil your makeup…we can cuddle each other after the ring ceremony.’’ Sam smiled and nodded and left for the venue.

Neil was ready and praising himself standing in front of the mirror…Arjun asked Neil to hurry up as they were getting late…when Neil was done …Arjun spoke his heart; ‘’Neil you are best person I have ever met…I don’t deserve friendship and affection you gave me with open heart…but I know one thing I will never leave your side …your friendship is as dear to me as Radhika.’’ Neil smiled and then said; ‘’Thank god ! you said you love my friendship…if you would have said I love you Neil…I would have seriously doubted your interest.’’ Arjun made a bored face at Neil and pushed him towards the car.

Soniya had decorated the venue in Royal theme as per Neil and Sam’s wish. She was busy giving the final instructions when Sam with her family walked in Sam introduced Radhika to Soniya…Radhika felt she had met her somewhere but couldn’t recall…she gave up and went about to prepare the welcome of the groom and his guests . Radhika came to the door where Piyali was waiting to welcome Neil…she gave the Pooja thali to Piyali and Piyali started the ritual. Arjun was continuously looking at Radhika…she was looking like a pink rose in that orange-pink lehnga. Piyali coughed and said; ‘’looks like I chose the right dress for you…you got Arjun’s approval.’’ Radhika smiled. Neil elbowed Arjun and asked him to stay focused…as the bride side must have planned something to get an edge over them.

The guests started pouring in… Vicky along with Radhika’s parents reached the venue…he loved the decoration and thought he would hire the same wedding planner for Arjun and Radhika’s marriage. Dilip and Mala blessed Sam. Vicky went straight to Neil to congratulate him. Vicky asked Arjun about the wedding planner and Arjun promised to share the details. Dilip and Mala were happy to see the old Radhika back…they silently thanked God for blessing Radhika with good people. Arjun saw Soniya working and introduced her to Vicky…both turned stone…Soniya greeted Vicky and left…Vicky masked his expression with a smile and started interacting with the group…but his eyes were continuously looking for Soniya. Past flashed before his eyes like a movie and he became restless…Arjun could notice his discomfort and he came to him and asked; ‘’Are you ok…?’’
Vicky without looking at Arjun responded; ‘’no I am not…I think I am not well…please say sorry on my behalf to everyone…I need to leave…I am leaving my car along with the driver for Radhika and her parents…please don’t tell them anything right now.’’ Vicky left the place in a huff.

Party was on a full swing and Sam and Neil exchanged rings. Radhika had arranged some games she went to stage and took the mike and started; ‘’Hello everyone…as you all know we have gathered here to bless my best friends Neil & Sam….so to make it little interesting we have also arranged for some games and it would be Bride Vs Groom…and here are the rules…if the Groom’s side lose then as a part of punishment Bride side will get to pull Neil’s nose…and if we lose then same applies to us…but we will not lose today so my dear Neil…buy an ointment for your nose’’ Neil laughed and gestured that he will only win…but little did he knew Radhika was in full revenge mood…she wanted to make Neil’s nose red for pulling her leg every now and then… she knew what she should do it was first game was ‘dance till you fall’… she had put Kritika against Zubin and because she knew Zubin was going gaga over Kritika …Radhika gestured Kritika and she gave Zubin a sweet smile… and Zubin lost…Radhika with full pride went and pulled Neil’s nose hard. Neil was hitting Zubin for losing, Neil had full confidence on Arjun…he was against Radhika in the game ’Resham ka Rumal’…they had to pick a red cloth kept in between the two teams and go back to their respective places…whosoever does that first would win…Neil challenged Sam to protect her nose but Sam knew what Radhika was about to do…Arjun and Radhika started…. both had bend down and were looking at each other…Arjun was is full mood to win…but Radhika looked at him curled her lips in form of a kiss…Arjun froze… Radhika winked picked up the cloth and ran straight to her team…Arjun stood there all frozen…he was too shocked to react…Sam danced happily clapping …Sam knew Radhika would definitely extract revenge on Neil…she was happily enjoying Neil’s helplessness …Neil banged his hand on his head…Radhika came to Neil dancing and pulled his nose again. Last was Neil against Sam…He had to search for his initial in Sam’s mehnadi…he scratched his head…turned it to every side but could not find it…finally he gave up…and then his poor nose had to bear the punishment…after this Radhika teasingly said; ‘’Neil …I knew you would look for your initials in Sam’s palm…so we had it done on the other side near the knuckles’’ Neil made a kid like face Sam lovingly pulled his cheeks and hugged him.

Between all this Arjun’s eyes never left Radhika… Radhika knew the Arjun won’t leave her today after what she did in the game…she tried her level best to escape his eyes…but Arjun had turned into a hawk…he knew she would try to escape …Radhika went to check on dinner arrangements…when Arjun pulled her into a room and locked it.
Arjun; ‘’ Can I have what you offered me during the game?’’ he slowly walked towards her and Radhika moved back…she had turned mute…she knew there was no escape now. Arjun locked her in a corner ,lifted her chin up…gently touched her lips with is thumb and kissed her.
Radhika gently pushed Arjun and said; ‘’Arjun you are turning shameless day by day…now let’s go…what will everyone think’’
Arjun; ‘’who cares what others think…. by the way you baited me…you should have thought about it before, now bear the consequences.’’ He leaned and gently made a trail of kisses from her cheek to neck.

Radhika ;’’You are mad…enough for today now’’ She escaped his arms and unlocked the door before she could leave Arjun held her hand and said; “Yes I am mad…mad about you and madly in love with you.’’ Radhika smiled and gave him a tight hug…and they went out of the room to join the party.

Radhika was checking something when someone gently touched her shoulder…it was Prerna…Radhika greeted her with a smile. Prerna;’’Tell me Radhika which colour lehenga you would like for your wedding.’’
Radhika a little confused …couldn’t understand. Prerna;’’ I have decided to be the planner for your re-marrige with Arjun…so tell me your favourite colour or Arjun’s? But there is a danger in gifting you something pink…as Arjun will not be able to take his eyes of you and then….you know’’
Radhika blushed…she knew Prerna had noticed Arjun romancing her…she was looking for words when Prerna gently held her shoulders and said; ‘’Don’t leave him Radhika…he is a good boy…just lost his path…he desrvers love and support…stay with him.’’
Radhika saw pure concern in Prerna’s eyes and said; ‘’I promise I will…and thank you for taking care of him.’’
Prerna; ‘’that’s not required..he is like Neil…he made his place in our hearts through his goodness.’’

Radhika; ‘’Aunty don’t buy Pink for me…I already have too many.’’ Prerna laughed at that and hugged Radhika lovingly.
It was time for the dance and Neil took the mike; ‘’All the wonderful people out there …thanks for sharing my happiness…it’s a tradition for bride and groom dance together in engagement …but today I will change that…I will have my first dance with the person who made this day possible for me…my friend Radhika… and also because I am punishing Arjun for getting my nose injured’’ Arjun gestured Neil to go ahead , Neil extended his hand and Radhika took it…once they started others joined too Neil and Radhika kept on teasing each other and then suddenly Neil twirled Radhika and left her hand she went straight into Arjun’s arms…he was waiting for Neil to do this… Neil took Samaira’s hand from Samrat and winked at Arjun.…Radhika smiled at Arjun and he pulled her close to him. Sam was enjoying her dance with Neil when he suddenly pulled her out of the hall Sam continuously was asking Neil where was he taking her…Neil brought his car and asked Sam to get in Neil took Sam to his house and blind folded her …he bought her to a room and opened her eyes Sam was shocked …all the walls were full of Sam’s picture starting from her childhood till date…Neil had captured all their moments in one room…Sam was so overwhelmed with emotions she turned to Neil and found him smiling he looked at her and said lovingly; ’’ Sammy you were always there…in each moment in each second of my life… and hereon you will rule every beat of my heart’’…Sam hugged Neil and said; ‘’thanks for loving me Neil…love me for life…be mine for all the births I take.’’ Neil replied; ‘’Wish granted’’

Arjun had covered up for Vicky…but he was worried about him because a man like Vicky would never lose his calm…there was something bothering him. Arjun decided to tell Radhika the truth he took her aside and told her everything. Radhika after reaching home and taking leave from her parents for the night went straight to Vicky’s room…she opened the room and found it in dark..she switched on the lights and found him sitting on the floor staring at the picture. Radhika touched his shoulder and said; ‘’Are you ok…?’’ he just nodded in negative…Radhika gently took the picture from his hand she took his hand and made him lie down Radhika covered Vicky with a blanket and left the room. She came to her room and looked at the picture…and then she understood everything. Radhika dialled Arjun…he answered immediately Radhika said; ‘’Ajun the wedding planner Soniya is Vicky’s ex…do you know where she lives I need to meet her…Vicky is not good at all…need to close this chapter.’’ Arjun after a pause said; ‘’Calm down…let me handle this ‘’

Next morning Arjun drove off to Soniya’s place and when he met her she told she will not be able to work further on Neil’s marriage arrangement..Arjun kept quiet for a minute and then asked; ‘’How do you know Vikram Agnihotri…what relationship you had with him?’’ Soniya kept mum….Arjun again said calmly; ‘’Soniya you should be relieved that I am sitting infornt of you and not Vicky…if you answer me I can help…because it will only take few hours for Vicky to find you.’’ Soniya was restless…she got up went near the window and said; ‘’We are each others’ past…nothing more.’’ Arjun; ‘’then it shouldn’t have bothered both of you so much…speak up please.’’ Soniya took a deep breath and asked ‘’who are you to Vikram?’’ Arjun; ‘’I married his sister…and a friend to him. Now stop beating around the bush …and tell me what’s wrong?’’ Soniya knew if Vicky decided something it will be difficult to change his decision…so it was better to open up now…she cannot hide anymore. Soniya looked at Arjun and said; ‘’We met each other during our professional studies through common friends …and started dating…I come from a educated but a very traditional family …I knew they would never agree for the alliance …they would rather murder me and Vicky. I had told this to Vicky during our courtship…he spoke to his father and we decided to get married without my family’s consent. The day I was suppose to marry him…my family got to know about it…they thrashed me mercilessly and locked me up…I was unconscious for a day or two and when I woke up… I was a married woman…to a man I had never known. I accepted it as a fate…I needed time to let my husband know about my pregnancy and Vicky…he was a good man…I felt he would understand…but within a week of my marriage my husband died in an accident and my in laws pushed me out of the house labelling me as an ill omen…I decided not to go back to my parents…as they had already lost their respect in my eyes. I came to Mumbai …thankfully I was educated…and could put the pieces together to give Vidhi a good life .’’

Arjun looked at the lean figure standing at the window and thought …life can be so difficult at times…he got up and said; ‘’I understand your pain…but why did you keep Vidhi away from her father.’’ Soniya froze…her face was pale…she looked very frightened. Arjun handed her water and replied; ‘’don’t be so shocked anyone who had known Vicky even for week…will look at your daughter and tell that Vicky is the father…she has a striking resemblance to him.’’ Soniya’s feet gave up she crashed on the sofa and said; ‘’I was pregnant the time I was forcefully married…I had thought of telling Vicky …but never got a chance…but if he gets to know this now…he will snatch Vidhi from me…please don’t tell him anything.’’ Arjun asked; ‘’He loved you and he is still standing at the place where you left him…I am sorry to say but you failed to understand him…one more thing don’t try to run with Vidhi…I won’t be able to help if you do that…and Vicky is resourceful man…so don’t push him in a wrong way…give me two days…and yes I will keep an eye on you too’’ Radhika on the other hand had known this for long…that the girl Vicky was supposed to marry a girl but she ditched him on the day of marriage…but he never blamed her…he felt something might have happened and this is why she never turned up…he could never move on he was still standing there at the place where he was supposed to be married. Radhika brought him breakfast he looked at her and smiled; ‘’how are you darling?’’ Radhika gave him a weak smile and returned the words he once gave her; ‘’you don’t have to act…take one day at a time.’’ Vicky closed his eyes and slowly turned to his loving sister he hugged her and said ‘’thank you so much Radhika.’’

Vicky dropped Radhika to office…Radhika was sitting at her place all sad…Sam came to her and asked the reason…Radhika shared her heart. Sam knew Vicky meant world to Radhika because she had once shared the same bond with her deceased brother Jai…Sam asked Radhika to calm down and speak to Arjun…before doing something drastic. But Radhika was angry on the girl who broke her brother’s heart…she decided to speak to Arjun during lunch…Arjun knew Radhika was restless…so he decided to take her out on lunch. Radhika after taking the seat at the restaurant asked;’’ I think you are earning too much…what was the need to come out again…you should check your expenses.’’ Arjun decided not to counter her… he just broke the most shocking news of his life; ‘’Vicky and Soniya have a daughter …around 3 her name is Vidhi…she is the replica of your brother.’’ Radhika’s anger was on peak now; ‘’Damm her how can she deprive Vicky of his own daughter…I am not going to leave her.’’ Arjun caught hold of her hand and tried to calm her down; ‘’My dear fire ball…calm down…she had her reasons…Soniya also had to go through a lot…I asked you to leave it to me so now just trust me.’’ Radhika made a grumpy face and sat to finish her lunch…but little did they both knew that Vicky had already reached the truth about Vidhi.

Vicky had already made the arrangement to get the details about Soniya on night of Neil and Sam’s engagement. His resources gave him the updates on Soniya’s marriage her husband’s death with dates …they also update him about the details on Vidhi along with a picture…the name Vidhi…the picture and Vidhi’s dob told him the truth she was his blood…his anger knew no bounds. He decided he will punish Soniya for stealing 3 precious years of his daughter from him. Soniya after work went to the day care to pick Vidhi up but she was informed that Vidhi’s father had already taken Vidhi. Soniya crashed on to the floor…she quickly took her mobile and dialled Arjun. Arjun was shocked to the core…he knew things were out of his hands now …but he wanted to do something only for that 3yr old girl who had already lost 3 yrs of her father’s love and looking at the current situation she might have to spend rest of her life without her mother. Arjun knew what it felt to be an orphan…he didn’t wanted that little girl to suffer same fate. He knew for Radhika Vicky is important so he decided to involve Neil in his plan…only he can understand Arjun right now because he grew up without his father.

Precap: Vicky-Soniya reconcile; Unknown fear looms around 

Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 15


Manmarziyan…A journey of love and friendship Chapter 15

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