The Devil met his Angel_“I’m Coming!!!” Chapter 37

The Devil met his Angel_“I’m Coming!!!” Chapter 37

Sanskar’s POV

“Did you check everything again?”, I asked the main security head again.

“Yes sir. Everything is ready”.I just nodded my head and dismissed him with a wave of my hand. Just as the man left Arnav entered. He is smiling.

“Hey man! So finally getting married huh?”.

“Yeah”, I answered as I turned to the mirror and adjusted my Broch. I am feeling tensed very much. Today is our wedding day and I want everything to happen just like I planned. I made sure everything is liked by Angel. Only if she likes, the arrangements will be made.

“Where is the man that said “I don’t try for girls, girls try for me?”

“Long gone. I don’t like any one of them now. Angel is my everything now”.

“Mmm. So the Devil finally met his Angel”, he smirked.

I smirked back.”Yeah”.

We kept talking about the arrangements and our respective Angels.
My thoughts drifted to her. Her beautiful face. Her beautiful eyes. Her beautiful curvious body.

“Sanskar!”, I hear a happy familiar voice and looked up to see Khushi. I smiled big.

“Hey my sister”, I hugged her.

“Hey big bro! I just went to Swara and came near you”, she said smiling and Arnav pulled her to him, by her waist. My mind and body went into a state of excitement as I heard her name.

“How is she looking?!”

“Oh! That you should see her as she will be walking down the stairs towards the mandap.” She said and I groaned. That’s right.How much time will it take her to get ready?

“But the dress you selected for her is so beautiful. Really!”, she chirped.I smiled. I selected her dress. I wanted her to wear it. I told the designer to make sure the back must be filled with pearls. The Ghunghat’s whole pattern of design made of pearls at the back. and there is a line of real pearls on it. The dress has full transparent sleeves that ended near her wrists. From the waist, it will flow down, falling her back.

“Uncle Sanskar! The priest is calling you to come!” Aarav said smiling as he came running into my room. He is Son of Arnav and Khushi.I stiffened and took a final look of myself in the mirror. I made sure that I am looking perfect. I took a deep breathe while closing my eyes. This is the day! This is finally it! I opened my eyes and was about to go out, but my phone pinged. Who is it now?! I angrily took out the phone from my coat and looked at the number. Instantly I smiled. It’s from Angel. I soon opened the text. ‘I love you so much Baby’.It is a simple text with just six words in it. But my heart flooded with happiness. A grin covered my face. Though we are just a few meters apart, we couldn’t talk to each other face to face, since we are bride and groom. Otherwise, by now, she would have been here. I typed back.

‘I love you much more Angel, that I don’t know myself. Come fast, I will be waiting for you at the mandap.’

Once the “vows and promises” are over no one can separate us.I put the cell down and walked out of the room with a serious face, that I always maintain. I went to the hall and everyone is talking busily. I invited many people. The marriage is an outdoor wedding. Greenery filled around us, like a carpet. But there are clouds in the sky and it looks like it may rain anytime. The path where Angel will walk is covered with red rose petals. This was also my idea.

Swara’s POV

I received his text,’I love you much more Angel, that I don’t know myself. Come fast, I will be waiting for you at the mandap.’

I was blushing hard at the thought. I looked at myself and thought, “what’s the use of looking beautiful when Sanskar is going to sit beside me! Look at me,I’m plain and I imagined his bewildering perfection that too with his smile!” But that amazing person is gonna be MINE!
I came out of the thoughts when my phone rang. It must be him. I ran towards the phone to pick it up and answered it without looking at the caller ID.


“Hello love”, the devilish voice rang through the phone. I know this voice. It’s him. It’s Rohan.

“Rohan?”, I said, but my hands are shaking, even my legs are shaking.

“Good, you recognised me. Otherwise I thought you were busy doing marriage with that jerk”, he said angrily. How dare he call Sanskar a jerk! If anyone is a jerk, it’s him, It’s you Rohan!

“What do you want Rohan?”, I asked angrily. No one insults the man I love.

“Oh, you know very well. It’s you and only you that I want”.

“You know you can’t have me. So stop day dreaming and if Sanskar knows you called me, he will kill you”.

“Oh, so you will not come even when your dearest sister is near me?”

“What?! Di?” Did he take di? How? We told her not to go out without security.

“I don’t believe you”, I said strongly.

“Oh, you don’t believe me? Then why don’t you say hi to your sister?”, he said and before I can ask him, Ragini di spoke.”Shona where are you Shona, plz come here Shona”, she said her voice breaking! I know what he can do. How much he can torture people. I won’t let that happen to her. I won’t let him hurt her more. She is the only person who gave light in my life, when my world fell into darkness.

“Di, Di, do you hear me. I will come for you Di, just hang on okay”, I said and instead of her replying, I heard him say.”You better come fast love. I will be waiting. Oh and don’t tell that boyfriend of yours. Your sister may be in a big problem”, he said while laughing evilly and hanged on. I looked at the called ID to see it’s di’s phone no. He sent me the address on message. I don’t know what to do. Should I go to Sanskar and tell him everything. No! NO! Rohan will hurt di. I should go. I don’t have another choice. I wrote the address on a diary, tore the page and took it with me. I took a black shawl and covered my face so that no one recognises me.
I got out and saw Sanskar walking towards the mandap. I hid myself behind a pillar, I can’t control my tears to see his eyes twinkling with hope.I’m sorry Sanskar , but I love you so much. I wish I could stay. Maybe I’m seeing you for the last tym Sanskar. Take care.
I flew a kiss at him from the distance and saw him touching his cheek lyk he felt something! How can I do this with him!!!
I escaped the security and got out of the house. There were full security. I slowly sneeked from them, without them knowing when ever they look other side and got a taxi. I sat in the taxi, but I want to run and go back. I can’t stop shaking. Finally I came to the place he said me to come. I put my phone on silent mode and hid it in my sleeve. It looked like a ware house and it’s out of the city. It took one hour to come here. I paid the taxi and he got away. I walked near the door and knocked on it. No one opened it. So I slowly opened it and went inside.
Di where are you? I shouted.
Shona where are you Shona. Shona come here Shona
I heard her voice and followed it lyk mad! It lead deep inside the warehouse. I reached a box and her voice was coming from it. I quickly opened it got a shock! It was a video of our family where I was hiding and di was searching for me. Mom made that video. It means he doesn’t have di! Di is safe! I’M NOT!!!
I slowly said,”Rohan?”, I called, but suddenly I felt something hit the back of my head and everything instantly went black, but before I close my eyes completely I saw Rohan.
I slowly opened my eyes to darkness.I can’t see anything it’s too dark. After five minutes or something . I am on a bed.
No, NO! This can’t happen! I know nothing happened because I’m in the same wedding dress with all the heavy jewellery on. I got out of the bed and went to the walls searching for the switch board. When I got it, I quickly switched all the lights.

Where am I? Where did Rohan bring me. I saw a door and went to open it, but it suddenly opened and Rohan came in. I am shocked and started walking back away from him.
he is smiling creepily. He started coming near me. I cowered back into the wall. He came near me and touched my cheek. His touch felt so disgusting!

“Rohan please leave me. Please?”

“Rohan, why are you doing this? What do you want?”

“I. I want you love. You know how much I love you right”.
What! He loves me?

Sanskar plz come fast and save me!!!

The Devil met his Angel_“I’m Coming!!!” Chapter 37


The Devil met his Angel_“I’m Coming!!!” Chapter 37


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