You are Mine Ch. 18

You are Mine Ch. 18

I am writing this chapter is in third person’s pov

Zayn’s went to aman’s home.

“Zayn we were waiting for u son.”

“mum this is my friend Nivin. .he is childhood friend of Aisha” Zayn introduced Nivin to his family.

“mum, dad today I am going to propose Aisha. .I want u people to meet her family today itself” Zayn said to his parents

“sure son” Zayn’s dad mr.Rashid said.

“Nivi will take u to Aisha’s home..” saying this Zayn left to meet Aisha.
Zayn took Aisha to a special was like a little forest. .so many butterflies are flying. .bird’s chirping. .river’s sound everything made Aisha mad.she was looking cute in her madness and our Zayn was like he lose his self.Zayn took his camera out.his camera focused on aisha’s face.listening camera’s sound aisha turned to Zayn. he mesmerized in her beauty. .he take picture of her then said

“I LOVE YOU AISHA” finally he confessed his feeling.

Aisha widened her eyes and opened her mouth little. he again takes her photo

“what???” Aisha asked in disbelief

“I said I…LOVE…YOU” confidence filled in Zayn’s voice. Aisha still didn’t come to her sense.

Zayn pulled her towards him.he whispered in her ear..

“I really love u Aisha from the beginning and I want to be with u always. .I want to make u happy always”

Aisha looked at Zayn’s eyes which was full of love.Aisha smiled at him.a tear drop fell from her eyes. it hits on Zayn’s hand and splitted everywhere. again one more drop fell.this time it wasn’t from aisha’s was from sky’s..

sun rays and rain drops fell on their bodies at same time. they both lose in each other.

Nivi came aisha home with zayns family. Zayn’s parents asked Aisha’s hand in marriage. Aisha’s parents said that if Aisha say okey then they have no problem. .
“I don’t like ur crying Aisha” Zayn wiped her tears

“do u love me?” Zayn asked Aisha nodded with a smile

“I don’t think so” Zayn turned to other side.

“yes Zayn” Aisha made him looking at he didn’t

“no Aisha”


“idiot. ..I LOVE YOU” woah Aisha confessed or accented Zayn’s proposal

Zayn was like crazy..he started dancing in rain.he pulled Aisha towards him.he strokes her hair..

they slowly dance in the rain looking at each other..


how was it??? hope u enjoyed it..

my net pack is over buddies. .I don’t when will I back…wait for me lovelies. ..I LOVE u all..

I will be back with Emerald’s flashback series.. :)

You are Mine Ch. 18


You are Mine Ch. 18

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