Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 18 Part A

Happy Valentine Day or I say belated well this 18th part countain two part
so here u go


“Sanskar open the door…..we r getting late…Sanskar” Ap said whlie she knock the door she found it open

All the thing were on its place no one is there in the room….She thought he mightbe in washroom so she knocked on bathroom
but she finds it also empty

“Sanskar….” Ap whisper She sees a paper on the table half covered in the book….She slowly takes it out nd read it
For a moment she breaks dowm nd takes the support of couch…Tear filled in her eyes

“Sanskar….what have u done….do u know its outcome ” She said with tears

Dp enters the room to find the quiry of being late He sees his wife shedding tears holding a paper
She sees him nd slowly gives it to him….In the paper

Dear Mom n Dad

I know after reading this……u will hate me nd u should but I m soorry dad I cant break my promise which I did to Ragini
I promised her that I ll make his sister suffer like he made her suffering…..I know what I m doing is not right in ur eyes
but u didnt saw Ragini at that time her pain…her tears when I remembers it I wanted to kill him LAKSH

Dad I m leaving for London today….I know Its hard to answer every question but dont worry I promise no one blame u nor ur friend

Ur Son Sanskar

After reading the paper Dp was shocked like his son…….his obedient son can do this

“What wil we say to Shekhar” Ap asked with tears

Dp hugs her nd say

“I ll talk to him but for Sanskar….every gates of this house is closed for him he is no more our son
Our son cant think of doing this if he done this then his punishment is permanent exile”

With that he tightly hugged her wife


“Shona u have to go temple….r u ready” Shomi asked

Swara came out of room in red with tea pink color saaree assmebling it Every one in the hall was looking this beauitful angel
Shekar hugged her daughter nd say

“How come my shona becomes so big……I have to see her leaving now….Ah!!!” tears filled his eyes

She wipes his tears nd tires to make him normal by teasing him

“Dad…..! dont take mom’s job now…what will she do if u start crying like her”

“Shona….what did u say” Shomi said wiping her tears nd they laugh

“Oh my god….this family is so full of senti thank god this drama queen is leaving” Laksh enters nd teased her

“Look who is talking …….who was crying in bathroom lastnight huh…..” Swara asked holding his ear

“Aooooh…..! Leave it shona” Laksh exclaimed…She leaves his ears

“nd by the way dont give to importance to ur self Miss Swara Gadodia” Laksh said firmly

“Why shouldnt I……Dad loves me more than u” Saying that she hugged Shekhar

“Well now u will go nd I ll be enjoying both of thier attention……u will be serving ur husband nd in laws”
with that he smirks

“Dad…look him what he is saying” Swara said with fake anger

“Stop u too….now Swara go hurry up I have called the priest he ll giude u all okay now go” Shomi said in hurry tone

“Mom she is going all alone?” Laksh asked

“Its ritual Lucky….now Swara go hurry up “Shomi said

“Okay I m going” With that Swara leaves

Shekhar feels pain in his chest

“Aaaah” He put his hant to his chest

“Dad…” Laksh shouts ” Mom water…hurry up ” He shouts again

Shomi brings water nd asked him “U took ur medicine rite”

He simply nodded…..actually he was lieing He was heart patient due to improper sleep nd rest He was feeling
good…After he drank water every one looked him in tensed He said calmly

“Relax……I m fine….nothing is happened to me now get to work everyone….Its my daughters wedding
I dont want any mistake”

Every one nodded in yes he rest on couch for minutes He gets a call


“Beta this one flower flow it in the lake go then pray for ur happy wedding life” Priest said giving her flower
She nodded nd does what she was instructed

She prays good life nd happiness for her love nd family…After she prayed she turns nd find Sanskar standing infront of her
She thought it must be a dream how he could be hear. She ignores nd walk away tapping her head. Suddenly he holds her hand

“Swara….” He whisper

She realizes that yes he is really standing in front of him……she happily said

“Sanskar what is this……We r not allowed to meet before few hours of marriage go back tohome nd come with a bang ”

“I m leaving for london today in few hours” Sanksar said while looking away

“London…..today….wait what r u saying…..its our marraige in few hours….u r joking rite” She asked in feared with confused tone

“I m leaving Swara” Sanskar said without conveying any emotion in it

“y r u posponing marraige what happen is something serious” Swara asked

He looked in her eyes in a way that she really didnt understand or wants him to say that he is leaving her…..It was a difficult task for him
but he has to do this…He holds her shoulder

“Swara I m not posponing marraige I …..I m going far away from u ” Sanskar said looking in to his eyes

“No…..no u r joking….plz dont do this tell me u r joking rite” she asked hoping the answer she get positive but destiny wants something else

“Swara cant u understand I m leaving u……..I wont marry u “He said shaking her

He saw the tears in her eyes nd looks down as he dont wanna see it

“No u r lieing….u…u…. love me no u cant do this say this is a lie” She pleaded

“Swara this is the truth…….all in past was fake….everything” Sanskar said looking away half turned

She turned him towards her nd say

“What do u mean all was fake……if u dont love me then y did u say yes to marraige….answer me” She asked angrily

“Becoz it was my revenge Swara……ur brother made my sister suffer u wanna know what happen to her…….ur brother made her fall
for him for a bet nd then he broke her heart she is in coma since one year she has not recovered a bit…….u know how it feels
when someone u love suffering from pain…..” He said with same anger

“no u r mistaken lucky he…he cant do this I know my brother very much ” Swara said putting her hand on his shoulder

He jerks her hand nd say

“U r taking his side after what I told u…….okay then Good bye for forever” Sanskar turned to go

But Swara comes in front of him nd stops him

“Not so fast Sanskar……before u tell me why u used me in this…..what was my mistake in this whole situation u cant go” She said

“U wanna know na…..ur mistake is that u r sister of that cheater” He said

“Dont u dare….say something to my brother I know him better then u……nd who r u to call him that u r doing the same thing wont u?” She said with

“U know what Swara……at first I was feeling some guilt but now u r supporting ur cheater brother it will make me leave more easily…..Goodbye Swara”
He said in anger He turned to leave……She was shocked nd heart broken she fall on groung shouting only his name

“SANSKAR…..plz dont go…..”

but he didnt turn he knew if he turned…..he would not be able to leave her….haering her shouts him pain too
His heart was cursing him nd saying to stop but his mind cheerish his victory nd preventing him to turn
He leaft in his car leaving Swara heart broken

She get a call

“Shona……” Laksh said in fear nd crying

“Laksh…..” she cried bitterly

“SHona….Dad…come to hospital” his voice shivered

“What happened to dad” She asked wiping her tears

“Come fast please ……..heart attack “All he could say nd call disconnects



I know u must be eager to see drunkard Swara forthis past story should be completed but dont worry the next part is on it way for sure
till then tell me how u like it till now

Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 18 Part A


Swasan I Hate to Love U ep 18 Part A


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