raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 50

hey guys am back with my ff. I know u r getting bored my ff that’s why am getting less cmmnts.so sry.i will try my best to make it up to d level

recap: both maheswaries nd gagodia decided to go back

its nearly one week they came back.laksh dp adi and sanky were busy with their meeting with US clients

raglak room its around 12: 40 am

laksh is busy with his files nd laptop.
rags cm to him nd place a cup of milk near him

rag: lakah I brought milk for u .plz have it
laksh (with out looking @ her): I will have it
rag:kk am going to get fresh.ppz cmplt ur work soon nd sleep.
look at u laksh.u r so tired.

rags goes to bathroom.aftr smtym she cm back.she notices that he is still working on his laptop nd he didn’t take atleast one zip of milk.

rags: what’s this laksh.u didn’t drink d milk

lakah didn’t reply to her.she cm to him nd takes d file frm his hand

rags: have ur milk first nd go to sleep.u do remaining in d mng
lakah: no rags its so important
rags: ur work is not important than ur health. drink it and sleep
laksh: rags give d file back.i will sleep aftr my work.rag :now way .u r going to sleep.

laksh (in anger):rags .give my file.
he snatch it frm her hand
I will sleep when I want.u go and sleep if u want. why r u troubling me.its an important deal for company.so am working hard . don’t u get it.i know hw to take care of myself . don’t behave like my mother.

tears r rolling down frm her eyes.he takes his lap nd files goes ro his study rags stand still. this is d first tym her laksh shouted at her


lakah is unable to concentrate on his work.
laksh (in mind): oh my god.i told her too much . She is worried for me.i shouted on her for d first tym. mein office ki tiredness us par nikali dia.

he cmplts his work as soon as possible nd keeps d file in dp’s study nd then goes for sleep

@raglak room
its around 2:45 am

rags is still weeping. she heard d opening sound of d door.she wipes her tears nd pretens to sleep.

laksh cm near her.her eyes and face showing that she cried very badly.he kissess on her forehed .he lies down near and hugs her tightly. rags hides her face in his chest

in d mng
@ raglak room

rags wakes lakah before going to kitchen.
he smiles at her. she gives him a fake smile nd goes frm there

@ swasan room

sanky is getting ready swara hugs him frm back.
swara: all d best my hubby
sanky: thank u dr.i hope we will crack d deal
swara: any doubt. no obe can beat our cmpny
sanky: no
by d way where is my mng kiss
swara: today no mng kiss.get ready fast.
she turns to leave.but he drags her to him nd pin her against d wall

sanky (looking at her pink lips): if u don’t want to give it.then I will take it myself.

he kisses her hard.she hugs him tight.its last for few min. they broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen

swara: cheater cock
sanky: don’t dare to mess up with me dr.
swara: what will u do
sanky: mmm.let me show u

he cms more closer to her.nd holds her by her waist.he kissess on her shoulder then neck.he is abt to kiss her lips
utts knocks d door

utt: sanky bhayya.adi bhayya is calling u
sanky: what a perfect tym
yaa coming
swara giggles sanky gives her a angry look

he goes nd turns back to swara

sanky:Mrs.sanskar maheswari I will show u in d nyt.what I can do
be ready for it
swara: we will see

sanky smiles nd goes frm there.swara touches her lips nd smiles.she goes to kitchen.

@ raglak room.

laksh is getting ready nd rags is keeping dress on cupbord.laksh watches her through mirror.
she turns to go to kitcgen.but he drags her.nd make her stand in front of mirror nd hugs her

laksh: sry my dr.i shouted on u.i splash out my frustration on u sry .plz smile

rags gives a fake smile
rag: its kk.i ahould understand that it is important for ur cmpny

laksh: plz don’t fake ur smile

rags abt to go.he agin drags her nd kisses on on her forehead .then her lips.she didn’t resrict but she didn’t participate at all.

laksh: rags I know I hurt u .I will get ur forgiveness till d evng
rag: all d best laksh for ur presentation. I know u r gonna crack d deal.by saying this she kissed his forehead nd goes frm there
laksh:If u want to keep mum then keep it.but hw long u can stay with out talking to me.i promise my jaan till d nyt u will forgive me.i know u can’t stay without talking to me
he smiles nd takes his lap nd files nd goes to have breakfast

@ dinning table

everyone having breakfast .

dp:lakah I saw ur presentation.am quite impresses with it.adi nd sanky I read d contract also .u also did well

sanky, as, laksh: thanks papa
utt: aftr all they r my bros .Every one smile

pari notices rags
pari:rags what happened
why r u looking gloomy my dr
rags: nthng bhabhi

ap: I got call frm ahekhar bhai sab.sumi is not feeling well

swaragini: what happened to ma
ap:don’t wry my dolls.she is having fever
shekhar ji want to swaragini to stay with sumi for two days as he is having meeting with educational minister

dp: surely.swara rags beta .go nd pack ur bags.laksh sanky first u people drop them.then cm to office

salak:ji pa
utt: papa can I go along with bhabhies
dp: sure beta
utt: thank u papa

dp nd adi goes to office.salak drps swaragini utts to their mayyakka.and meets sumi.

@gate of GM

swara hugs sanksar
swara: all d best my dr hubby
sanky: thank u.i will have peace for atleast 2 days
swara hitts him.raglak smiles seeing them

laksh: alteat u smiled .nice
rags gives a cold look to him
rags:all d best u too
laksh: thanks. I will get forgiveness frm u till d nyt
rags: not possible
laksh: nthng is impossible my wifey.
let wait nd watch

rags: yaaa (she shows fake attittude.in her heart she is sad that she have tolive 2 days with out him.she have sleep with out his tight hug. she wants lakah make her smile with his cute expressions)

laksh drags her to him nd kissess her cheek nd hugs

laksh: bye wifey
c u in evng. I know ur not angry with me.u r pretending .don’t wry I will make u smile again dr
rags too hug him back (in her mind, laksh I can’t stay angry with u.plz make any plan.and make me patch up with u.am waiting for that only my dr)

screen freezes on faces of raglak

precap: any gusess

I know its too long sry for it.i thought to make it long after all am writing aftr so many days

raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 50


raglak ek pyaar ki kahanii chapter 50


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