Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 11)

Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 11)

Hi guys thank u for the awesome . dev I really appreciate that u took all the effort to read all the chapters. So I start todays chapter.
Suhana leaves early from office and goes to her home.
Suhana – mom I have got to go to dinner sir has invited me I’ll go.
Mom – yeah sure
Suhana – ok I’ll go and get ready
She is wearing a turquoise blue long dress . its knee length from the front and full length from the back . she is wearing black sandals . a black belt and her hair open its straight she has a small tiara on it. She has only put lip-gloss and eye-liner nothing else . she is looking like a fairy.
On the other hand varun is wearing a formal black suit and pants he is looking really handsome with his hair all puffy.
At 8 :00 a knock is heard at suhana’s door .
Her mom opens it.

Varun – Namaste auntie , I hav come here too
Mom – yea I know suhana come fast
Varun – is mesmerized seeing her WOW
SARAS calls from behind sir kumud didn’t come
Suhana – how will sir know where is kumud
Varun – she is my sis
Suhana – what I never knew dat . ok
Varun – she is studying so yeah any imp work
Saras – no sir just like that , its ok
Suhana – even u go and study now
Bye maa bye saras.
They both leave.
In the restaurant –
Good evening sir

Varun – good evening
Sir this is ur table
Varun holds the chair for suhana and then they both sit
Varun – do u know what is today
Suhana – yaa today manish mallhotra released his new dress .
Varun – anything else
Suhana – hmmm no
Varun – arre u don’t know today is Valentines day . happy valentines day
Suhana – oh yeah , same to u
Sir – this is for u he keeps vine on the table
Suhana – but I don’t drink
Varun – I know ppl like u don’t drink
Suhana – sir what do u mean ppl like u
Varun – ms.kashyap don’y take it wrong bit you wont beable to handle it
Suhana – as if u can
Varun – I know and understand that’s why I drink once in a while
Suhana – but I’ll show it to u
Varun – ms.kashyap its ok don’t try to prove something that can’t happen
Suhana – now toh I’ll surely show u
She takes the whole class and drinks it .

Chiiii varun giggles she gets more angry and keeps on drinking
Like that she has 9 glasses .
Suhana – burps
Varun – what the ms.kashyap what have u done
Suhana – nothing sir mein talli mein talli mein talli hon gaye
Varun – itni jaldi shit
Suhana – stands up hellooooooooooooooooo everyone happy valentines day to u all
Heyy dj aise kyu kar rahe hon zara gana toh bajao
She starts dancing on dj wale babu mera gana chalado
Varun tries to control but all in vain .
Finally he succeeds and takes her from there .
He says sorry to the manager and leaves’
Going towards the car varun is holding suhana
What the are u completely out do u even know what u are doing ms.kashyap
Suhana – shhhhhh how much do u talk and ye ms.kayap kya laga rakha hein haan ms . kashyap that , ms.kashyap this my name is suhana isn’t this simple
Varun – but ms.
Suhana – shut up suhana what is it s u h a n a so simple cmon say
Varun – ok suhana (hesitates)
Suhana – very good ur my gud boy pulls his cheeks
Varun – suhana ur drunk now lets go home
Suhana – I wont go home she sits on the road and singing
chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chal chahiya
varun – suhana plz listen to me
suhana – hmm no laughs

varun – what to do , god plz I;m sorry I have to do this he picks her up in his arms and starts walking
suhana – sir leave me
varun – shh not a word (loudly) I’ve heard a lot now chup chap u’ll listen to me and varun not sir ok
suhana still in his arms she closes her eyes on his chest goes to sleep

precap – suhana gets up with a severe headache doesn’t know where she is

plz tell me how was it , it was like valentine special . hope u guys liked leave ur comments below.

Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 11)


Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 11)

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