Love is for life time (episode 1)

Love is for life time (episode 1)

Episode 1

The episode starts with showing function hall where everyone r busy in arrangements. Everywhere everyone are so happy. It seems as there is someone’s wedding. Wedding- the new beginning of a life, where 2 ppl are bonded with one another n makes promise to love, support one another n stay together forever inspite of cute fights, few flaws, diff customs, little misunderstandings n so on. There may b or may not b marriage in love but surely there will b love in marriage. Because its the power of marriage that keeps 2 different persons from 2 different families stay together forever with love.

A banner is shown near the entrance of the hall as” Swecha weds Vivek”. (pls note I changed lead names as Swecha n Vivek from Vihani and Mahi).

Scene shifts to Bride’s room:

A girl is shown in the dressing mirror in dark pink lahenga with heavy embroidery getting ready for marriage with many hopes.

Someone: Hey Swecha, U look so beautiful in this bridal dress dear

Swecha: Thank u Mona darling

Mona (best frnd of Swecha): I am really so happy that finally ur parents agreed to get u married with ur beloved Vivek. So finally 5 yrs love is going to b turned into forever bonding in the name of marriage.

Swecha blushed remembering Vivek n their love.

Bridegroom’s room:

A boy is shown in a cream colour salwar kameez who is really handsome but something is missing on his face i.e. his smile. He is so serious thinking abt something but suddenly came into this world as someone knocked the door.

Someone: Hey Vivek, r u ready?

Vivek: Haan,coming Krish

He opened the door n found 3 members standing there. They came inside.

Vivek: Hey Ram n Arjun, where r u till now guys?

Arjun: We are mutual frnds for both of u. So till now we helped uncle in receiving guests n all from bride’s side.

Ram: Anyways we r so happy that finally u r getting married to ur beloved. Really we must appreciate ur patience n love.

Krish: Ya. He waited 5 yrs to marry her. Great love.

Scene shifted to mandap:

Both Swecha n Vivek are brought to the mandap. Swecha smiled looking Vivek. Vivek smiled too seeing her. He tied mangalsutr to Swecha with the blessings of her parents, their frnds n well wishers.

At night:

Vivek is waiting for Swecha. Swecha came inside. Vivek hugged her from behind n turned her towards him n holded her face in his hands n starred at her. Swecha blushed. He kissed her lips slowly. Then suddenly he broke the hug n turned other side.

Vivek: R u happy today?

Swecha: This is the most happiest day in my life.

Vivek: Why

Swecha: Because finally I married u with my parents acceptance. Our love turned into perfect n happy end through marriage. Are u happy?

Vivek: Yes.

Swecha (smiled): Why

Vivek: Because finally my plan succeeded n I got a chance to take revenge on u.

Swecha: Acha.. Wat kind of revenge my dear n for wat?

Vivek: For insulting me in the seminar in our clg days.

Saying this he threw everything on the table. Swecha shocked seeing his anger. Swecha came forward n kept hand on his shoulder

Swecha: R u serious (in low voice)

Vivek turned towards her n caught her jaws tightly n pinned her to wall.

Vivek: Yes I am serious. I married u just for revenge

Swecha: Don’t u love me

Vivek: Never ever

Swecha: Waiting for me n convincing my parents for our marriage, ur love on me?

Vivek: Yes I did everything to make u fall for me n marry me.

Swecha: You apologised me for that seminar incident n accepted ur fault

Vivek: I just did it to come close to u.

Swecha: Vivek, wat r u saying? I love u so much

Vivek: I hate u so much. From today u will see the torture. U can’t leave bcoz its ur choice to marry me n if u say this to ur parents, their trust on u will brk n may lead to their heart brk too. But I won’t allow u to stay with me unless u obey every word of mine. Decide urselves.

Swecha didn’t understand anything for few minutes. The one who loved her immensely n whom she loved from 5 yrs is the one who married her for just revenge that too coz of ego. Tears rolled from her eyes making her not to speak even a single word. Seeing her tears, Vivek left the hold n moved from there n sat on bed to avoid seeing her face. Something is disturbing him though he can’t accept.

Swecha: I will do watever u say

Vivek: Dats good decision darling. So from now u r going to follow every order of mine. U r nvr allowed to go outside unless I take u out with me. U shouldn’t talk/meet ur parents or frnds. U must do all household works that too on time. U must quit ur profession too. U must take my permission to do anything. Failing any of these, leads to severe punishment. Understand?

Swecha: I will follow all except quitting my profession.

Vivek: I didn’t ask u to choose. I ordered u to follow

Swecha: Vivek pls try to understand. I am already dealing with few cases n leaving them in the middle leads to unnecessary problems of my clients.

Vivek: U r not allowed to continue ur profession. dats it. I hate arguments. Don’t argue with me otherwise u will b punished today itself. Now I am sleeping. Wake me up in the morning with coffee.

Vivek slept. Swecha slept on other side of the bed but is in thinking n finally a smile came on her face as if she decided how to deal with him. She too slept

Precap: Swecha’s irritating behaviour shocking Vivek. Vivek requesting her to continue her law profession whereas Swecha refuses.

Love is for life time (episode 1)


Love is for life time (episode 1)

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