Humsafar Valentine’s day special

shahid ans shabeer went uni and junish and Fahim left for their office. I am home alone. ..I should be busy otherwise I will start thinking. .so I decided to clean the appartment. .u know na what boys are…their room was all messed up…after doing all work I freshen up…I heared someone opening the door.I went to my room. ..I was afraid…
“Aayat” I heared someone calling my name. I peaked through my door..ohhh it was shabeer and shahid. I went to them.
“yeah…salam” I greeted them
“waalaikumusalam…u clean here?” they both asked
“yeah…I get I did” I know it is a they don’t know
“then y did u make some food” off course this question was from shahid
” I fogot” usually I fogot about food..coz I don’t like to eat food.
“how can someone forget about food” shahid sat on the sofa next to shabeer
“I can” I said and went to kitchen for getting some water for them.
when I turned the two boys was there.
“thanks for the breakfast” shabeer thanked me.I just smiled at him.
” Itha..” shahid called me itha!!!! it means elder sister in Malayalam. .what happened to this thadiyan???
“what did u just call me thadiya” I inquired
“Itha. ..can I call u itha?” why would he call me Itha. .he dislikes me.
“why u want to call me itha?” I questioned him
“u r elder than me for five umma told me that talk with respect to elders” he was being innocent
“but u didn’t respect me when I came here”
“actually..I thought u r bad”
“now hoq can u think that I am good”
” coz u made the food like my umma makes”
“so can I call u itha?”
“yeah…u can call…if u really concider me as ur sister. ..otherwise I don’t like u to call me itha”
“thank u thank u so much. ..from now we r siblings. .u know I am the one child for my parents. .I always wamt a elder bro or I got both of them” he ran to their room
“I too want to call u Itha” this time our genius spoke..I nodded at him.
“okey…now go and freshen up..I will make lunch for us”
“we will help u first” then shabeer called shahid too..we three made our lunch..we had our lunch in peace..shahid was like a kid…his childish behavior remember me my little sister. ..
she always act like a kid..even after she turned 18.we both always fights.
the two boys help me in washing vessels. .then they left for meeting shabeer’s parents. shabeer was staying with his family in dubai.he has a younger brother of 13 and twin sisters of 3.he shift to junish’s flat coz his sisters always disturbes him..he waz studious and rank holder.shahid’s love is only his parents sent him to shabeer so he could study.
I watched tv for sometime..I felt sleepy so i went to my bed.
Fahim’s pov

when I and Junish entered to our smelled good after long time.there is no food spilled in table or was neat and clean.we both r dumbstruck. we went to kitchen it was clean too.and our room all time mess..everything was in its place and the two boys were missing.
“Aayat did a good job” juni sat on the sofa
“how do u know it was Aayat” I asked in annoyed
“itsnt done by u coz u were with me..and shahid never did this so it is not him and shabeer don’t know anything about cleaning he only know how to ‘eat’ books..left is Aayat. .she is a girl..probably she did this” he was talking like genius
“ohhh…really. ..albert Einstein” I teased hjm bt it didn’t affect on him..
I went to Aayat’s room. I opened the room. .she was sleeping so i turned to go..suddenly she started blabbering in sleep.
“please leave me…please” she was pleading ti someone in her dream. I went to her side.
“ ….pls…leave me…pls” she was crying. I lay beside her and hugged her tight..
“shhhh…Aayat. ..calm down…I am with u..”
she buried her face in my chest. she tightened her grip on my shirt..I hugged her more tight..
“sleep…nothing will happen to u untill I am with u” I whispered in her ear.she was sobbing shirt wet coz of her tears bt I don’t care.
she is in this state coz of me..if I accepted her the day she proposed me she would be happy now.I was so stupid. .I hurt her..but she never complained. my tears dropped in her head. .I kissed on her head.I know it is wrong. .
she was sleeping in my arms.I texted juni who was in living room that I am with Aayat. she needs me now.he replied ‘okey bt don’t do anything wrong’ I texted again ‘why r u thinking that I will do something wrong with her’ instant reply of him ‘coz she was or is ur crush..’ I smiled at his reply..slowly I too slept. .
when I opened my eyes I was sleeping in someone’s arm.I looked was Fahim. his arms are around me and his chin rested on my head.I stared him for few seconds when I realized that I am doing wrong I pushed him.he opened his eyes. a drop of tear was in his eye..why would he cry???
“what are u doing here, Fahim? ”
“u were crying in sleep”
“oh…I am sorry” I saw the old Fahim after a year.the love for his best friend was there in his eyes.
“I am sorry” he stood up from bed
“I am sorry too” I stood head down
“are u oke?” he came close to me
no, I am not okey I wanted to say this but I can’t. I wanted to hug him tight and cry in his arms. .bt I can’t. .I just nodded my head
“I…I have to freshen up” he went to take shower..I went to kitchen to make tea for him and juni.
juni was in kitchen. he was having tea.he made tea for him goof habit. we smiled at each other.
“how r u” juni asked
“good…” I sat beside him.Fahim came after taking shower.I and juni were talking and laughing. .Fahim didn’t gave attention to us.he had his tea and washed his cup.his face was like he didn’t like our talking. .
“dude. .why r u staring me like this ” juni slapped on Fahim’s shoulder. Fahim didn’t respond.he went to living room.
“he is jealous” juni chuckled
“why would he be jealous? ” I asked. .really I wanted to know
“simply. ..come” saying this he went to living room. I followed juni..juni sat on the corner of the sofa. Fahim was in single sofa.when I was sitting beside juni, Fahim sat beside juni..what happened to him??? I sat beside Fahim and Fahim turned the channel to star movies.they were playing INSIDIOUS chapter 2 of my favorite horror movie.I and Fahim always discuss about movies that we watched music that we listened.
“don’t put the movie fahi..she will get scared” juni said to fahim
“she won’t. .it is her favorite” Fahim said. he still remembers my favorite! !! a small curve appeared on my lips..
“oh…u know her favourites” Junish teased him
“u r taking me wrong juni, she is my friend” Fahim said without looking us
“I didn’t said anything. .I knew u both r friends for three years” Junish focused on tv..I felt happy after so many days.
we five made dinner together. after having dinner everyone was playing in their phones. tomorrow is Friday, holiday. I have to go for shopping. .I am not a shopping person. .but I dont have clothes and my necessary I should go.
“fahi” as I called Fahim looked at me
“can u take me tomorrow for shopping?”
“what is the need aayat”
“I don’t have clothes”
“if someone recognize u?”
“I have burqa”
I went to sleep.shahid was slept early. shabeer was with his books in their room. juni ans Fahim were doing some works.I said good night to them and went to sleep. .I was afraid coz of the afternoon was like someone trying to molest me. I really want Fahim near me right now..
someone was coming towards me with a devilish smile..he stand close to me and hold my cloth..he torn my clothes. .I was full naked..some other men comes there..everyone started laughing at me..
I felt something is bothering her..she was gloomy. .I couldn’t sleep. what if she needs me?? I went to her room. she was sleeping while hugging the pillow. .she never liked hugging the pillow. in fact she liked to sleep without hiting anything. .so always sleeps alone..I sure she is scared. I sat the corner of the bed.I opened my eyes when she screamed in sleep.she waa breathing heavily.she sat on the bed.I called her.she hugged me tight ans said”pls be with me”I hugged her back and said”don’t wry ayat i m wid u..try to 1 will harm u” she slept in my arms.

Humsafar Valentine’s day special


Humsafar Valentine’s day special


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