You are Mine Ch. 17 Valentine’s special

You are Mine Ch. 17 Valentine’s special

Aisha’s pov

Zayn asked me to get ready for a surprise. .I am waiting for him for 20 minutes! ! I dialled his number. he didn’t pick my call..I don’t what he want to show me.he and Nivin is trying their best to make me happy. I can say that they succeed half in their mission.

Zayn came after a five minutes.

“sorry Aisha. ..actually car was with aman that’s why I got late” he scratched back of his head

“why car? where is ur bike? ”

“it is with aman”

“why the hell aman wants ur both vehicle? ” I really got frustrated

“he is going on a date”

“okey .let’s go”

Zayn started the car just then Nivin came and sat on the back seat.

“u r coming with us?’ I asked to Nivin

“why r u asking like this aishu? u know that I always be with u no matter wherever u go” he said in a frustrated tune.

“coz I don’t had any1 whom I can trust blindly that’s why I always bring u with me”

“so u r saying that if Zayn is with u then u don’t need me..ryt mis.Aisha”

“I don’t meant that nivi” I too got frustrated

“stop it guys..aishu I invited him” zayn said

“Zayn I told u, u don’t have the right to call her aishu” Nivin warned Zayn

“oops I am sorry”

“what’s ur problem Nivin..why r u finding wrong in everything? ” I really wanted to punch him right now.

“coz I am sitting in back seat alone” my crazy best friend said..he want to sit in passenger seat that’s why he is arguing with me.

“sit there..I ain’t changing my seat”

“don’t talk like attitude girl aishu” he slapped on my head

“u r Iindirectly saying that I am an attitude girl!!!!”

“I am saying directly” he mocked at me.I hit him with my bag.Zayn held my wrist

“Aisha. ..can u pls sit quite. .I couldn’t concentrate on driving” I nodded at him.

I and Nivin stopped our fighting for zayn.suddenly I noticed that Zayn didn’t let my hand.he was still holding it.I looked at him.his concentration was on road.I turned to back to see Nivin. ..donkey he was sleeping. ..


I enjoyed aisha and Nivin’s fighting. their fighting reminds me mine and zayra’s.when Aisha started hiting at Nivin I was looking at her..literally I forgot that I was driving. .

I held Aisha’s hand and I stopped her from beating nivin.I told her to be quite.I can’t concentrate in driving. .I really meant that..but ahe didn’t understand. .thank god..

suddenly I remember I was holding Aisha’s hand for long time. she was looking at me continuously. I left her hand.

“I am sorry I forgot”

“its okey…it was my surprise. .ryt Zayn? ” she asked


“bt I think it is ‘our’ surprise”

“our?” I couldn’t get her

“yeah..mine and nivi”

what happened then????? our crazy Nivi jumped from his sleep and leaned to Aisha’s face then he made a weird face.

“I am not coming with u idiot. .I am coming with my friend it u dumbooo” he hited Aisha’s forehead with his..I want to punch him.he is hurting my aisha

“u dumb. .not me” Aisha hited him back

“aishu he already know the surprise. .so its for u” I said

“I told u not call her aishu” Nivin again went violent mode

“he will call me what he want..what u will do ?” Aisha pulled her sleeves up.

“really dumbo” ya Allah they again started. …

after few second we reach our destination. we three went inside the exhibition hall.

Aisha’s mouth got open.she looked at all photos on the wall..she was like she is in cloud nine.Nivin put his hand on her shoulder. .

“how is ur surprise? ” he asked..I was watching her expression. .her eyes has more glow…she was smiling wide..she looked at me.

“did u do this?” she asked. I nodded.she came near me.

“thank u so much Zayn it was my dream.

“I know”

“how u know”

“coz mine is same” she gave me a beautiful smile.

“aishu…next room is contained zayn’s photos” nivi dragged aisha to where my photos fitted.


he told it is a surprise. .but I never except this..there was exhibition of my photographs..I was in cloud nine…I can’t tell how much happy I am..I forgot all my past thinks. .I thankes zayn for making me happy. .his exhibition was also holding there.. so many seniors told that our photos are just perfect..

Zayn was smiling at me all the time.whenever I see his smile it is like a drug..I wanted to see it again and again..he is something special..that’s why he made me happy. ..I never thought that I could be happy after that incident. .bt now I am really happy coz of him..

You are Mine Ch. 17 Valentine’s special


You are Mine Ch. 17 Valentine’s special

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