laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart ( Episode 3 )

our lethal love story continues….

recap : priyom is shown. priyom says to lakhan that like him he can’t stick to a girl for 11 years. he leaves for to poonam’s house to feed himself.

priyom reaches poonam’s home and knocks on her window. poonam opens the window
poonam : what happened ?
priyom : first open the door then i’ll tell. poonam opens the door and priyom comes in her room which is a simple small room with many books.
poonam : now tell what happened ?
priyom : mithilesh bhaiya scolded me a lil
poonam : oh……but why are u here ?
priyom : you know that budiya (badi amma) will not give me food now so i came to you!
poonam : oh so you came here for food……..this is not a hotel
priyom : this is not a hotel but u r my friend……..go bring some food naa
poonam smiles……. and says ok. then she goes to the kitchen and brings some food and gives it to priyom.

priyom : wow! chachi cooks brilliant food
poonam : i cooked it !
priyom : oh that means u have finally came out of the books and started doing some work !
poonam : shut up !
priyom : now finally u hve came out of the books then wht about watching a movie………….a horror move…….!!!
poonam : horror no i’ve got so much work to do……poonam tries to get rid of this topic.
priyom : oh ya i forgot how big coward you are ! darpok !…….priyom starts laughing !!
poonam : no i m not darpok
priyom : ok then tonight at 9 pm in big cinemas me you guddi(his sister) and rajkumar (his brother)
poonam : ok

i end this epi here : )

laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart ( Episode 3 )


laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart ( Episode 3 )


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