the unknown truth…

the unknown truth…

hi peoples.. hello… I really wanna get some words from you guys to write ma story. I just wanna give it if you people like it. I’ll give an intro and the decision is all yours

Mahalakshmi: shortly maha. fun living young girl doing biochemical research. loves to imagine stupid things and a great philosopher.

Mahendran: shortly mahi. strict guy with rules. he’s an architect. he believes that every facts has an origin. he loves reading.


mahalakshmi and mahendran are married and they are a good couple. they are different from each other but they have a common thinking that ghosts and spirits do exist. they wanna do a research on it. they joined a secret club ” THE NEGATIVES”. they are assigned with their first project and it turns out to be a worst thing in their life.

NOTE: this story will be in maha’s point of view.

hope it is unique from others. and waiting for your responds. and I m 17 years old doing my 12th. I m from Coimbatore, tamil nadu.

the unknown truth…


the unknown truth…

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