Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 13

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The episode begins with Mahira thinking of the moments she spend with Azad. Its night, she suddenly gets a call and wonders who it is.
Mahira: hello
Saira&Bano: hello! Mahira! Its us. Don’t look for us. We went to our village to meet dad.
Mahira: why didn’t you tell me? I would of had also went.
Saira&bano: we called you so you could inform to khan begum and others. We don’t have time to listen to your nonsense. Bye.
Mahira gets sad and lays down on her bed and gets a call again which she picks up without looking.
Mahira: I thought you guys didn’t have time to listen to my nonsense. Why did you call?
Azad: what!
Mahira: ohh! It’s you! I thought it was someone else…
Azad: who did you thought it was?
Mahira: forget it. How come you called me at night?
Azad: come to terrace.
Mahira: Mr. Khadus! You want me to come to the terrace at this time!!! What if anyone saw? You are crazy.
Azad: yes, I’m crazy in your love. One more thing, I have a name and it’s Azad not Mr. Khadus!!
Mahira: for me, you are always my sweet, cute, handsome Mr. Khadus (blushes)
Azad smiles: ohh really? If I’m sweet, cute and handsome, then how did I become “khadus” huh?
Mahira: app bhi na (blushes again)
Azad: you know how to blush and get shy too?? Wow. That’s so surprising.
Mahira: if you keep teasing me then I will end the call!
Azad: are you threatening me? Ohh wow. I got scared! (Funny tune plays…)
Mahira: ap ek number ke khadus hai!!!
Azad: I want to see you, come to the terrace.
Mahira: I can’t
Azad: you can’t even do that for me?
Mahira: fine.

Mahira comes to the terrace and see’s that the lights are turned off.
Mahira: azad! Where are you? I’m scared! What if ghost eat me?
She gets a chit which says: there is a dress in your cupboard, wear that and come.
Mahira: how much do I have to go back and forth? Ugh!!
She goes and comes back after some time. The lights get turned on and Azad comes wearing white. Mahira was wearing simple, white, saree with her hair open. Her hair was blowing by the wind and her saree’s dupatta comes to Azad’s face. Azad was mesmerized seeing her beauty and simplicity.
Azad: look up!
Mahira: why?
Azad holds her hand and points toward the sky. There was firework in the sky saying “you are my one and only one! Be mine forever! Happy valentines day!!!” Red flowers falls over her, and as she looks down, there was a decoration saying “I love you Mahira” with candles and roses. Mahira starts crying and hugs Azad!
Azad: why are you crying? You didn’t like it?
Mahira: why do you love me so much Azad? I’m so lucky to have you and I didn’t like it, I loved it.
Azad: I know. You are lucky that you got me.
Mahira laughs.
Azad forwards his hand and says: dance?
Mahira gives her hand on his hand and smiles. Azad pulls her toward him and puts his hand around her hip while she puts her hand on his shoulder. They start dancing romantically on the song bol na halke halke… while dancing, Azad whispers: you are looking damn hot. Mahira blushes and says: not more than you. (O mere o mere oyara plays..) They get lost into each others thought so much that Azad doesn’t notice the time.
Mahira: I should go now. I have to wake up 6 in the morning.
Azad: baby, stay here for some more time.
Mahira: have you seen the time? It’s 11:58.
Azad gets shocked: what? Its 11:58???
Mahira: yes. Why are you so shocked?
Azad rushes out from the room while Mahira follows him. He goes down the stairs and goes to his room.
Azad: thank god I made it before 12am
Mahira: why! What’s wrong with 12am?
Azad almost gets heart attack: mahira: what are you doing here? Go from here. Right now.
Mahira: nahi. First tell me. What’s wrong?
Mahira goes and puts her hand behind his back. He pushes her which makes her fall on the floor. As she looks at Azad with teary eyes, she gets horrified to see that Azad’s eyes are turning red.

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Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 13


Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 13


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