Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 19) Raglak V day

Raglak V day !!

Ragini is in the park waiting for Laksh. She finds him coming. Now she practices how to propose him. Its her first time ever. Laksh comes there.

Laksh : What’s up Ragini?

Ragini : Before going to Bangalore I want to tell you something..

Laksh : What ?

Ragini : I love you Laksh. At first I thought its just infatuation but now realise its love it’s passion.

Laksh couldn’t utter a word.
Ragini : What happened ?

Laksh : How you always amaze me Ragini ?

Ragini : What do you mean ?

Laksh : I love you too. Actually I was going to propose you today but you did this all by yourself. Okay. But promise me one thing…

Ragini : What ?

Laksh : Next time for Marriage proposal you gotta wait because i will do that. It will be my turn !

Ragini hugs him tightly. “I love you so very much ! Cant express in words…” said Ragini.

Laksh : Okay okay now lets have a date.

And then our couple go for a romantic date.

This was for Raglak fans. Actually I love them too but when I write about swasan I only visualise them…

Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 19) Raglak V day


Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 19) Raglak V day


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