A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 27)

Rish and Maya (Nandhu and Ms.Yadav) shared everything about each other. Day by day, they started liking each other. They started to tell about all their likes and dislikes. They both missed each other if the letter delivered lately. But as soon as they received, they were on cloud nine and used to read the letter many times.

One day, Rish wrote a letter

“Hai aunty… How are you? I am good here… and our mom is also super good.. she asked me to greet you.. so her warm welcomes.. and I wanna share something with you.. sharing with you gives peace to me.. usually i don’t share anything with anyone.. but to be frank, you are something special to me.. i want you to meet my girlfriend.. i want her to introduce herself to you.. you know how she is.. she is amazingly beautiful at her heart.. she gets hyper at times but she will get cool down spontaneously.. her biggest ambition is to help people in needs.. she loves making friends.. but so far she doesn’t have any good friends other than me.. and i want her my more than a friend.. and if you want to meet her, I will give you her address.. waiting for your reply… with love Nandhu..”

Maya received the letter and she was confused how to react to that letter.. She crushed the letter and threw away.. she went and knelt down in front of Jesus and cried bitterly. Father came and prayed God to fulfill her wish. Father said, “you cry when you miss something.. you cry when you feel something is going away from you..” Maya understood his words and went back to room. She picked the letter and started to read again. She understood that he is speaking about her and he indirectly proposed her. She smiled like an idiot and she again ran to Jesus. She knelt down and prayed, “Jesus.. you know nah? I am angry with you since my childhood.. but even though you took great care of me.. now there is an another person who is caring for me.. he knows everything about me.. now you should tell me what is written for me.. what shall I reply him? If you do wrong this time, I will never forgive you.. don’t know why you snatched my parents from me.. but now if you fulfill my wish, I will forgive you for everything.. deal or no deal?”

Just then a small child came and said, “don’t worry sisso.. do what your heart tells.. it will be fulfilled by god..” and ran away. Maya took it as granted and went to her room.

She started to write the letter to him, “Hai Nandhu grandpops.. happy that you found your life partner.. in fact i met her.. she is very beautiful.. and she told me that she also wishes to be your wife.. she trusts you that you will take care of her whole life and she also promises that she will give you happiness.. you might have a doubt where would i have met her.. i met her in my room.. i looked at the mirror and i saw her.. yes grandpops.. i could understand what you are saying.. same here.. waiting for your reply..”

Rish received the letter and he was flying in heaven. He was very happy that she understood very easily what he was trying to say. He got high hopes that she will understand him for the whole life. He decided to propose in his letter. He started to write. He wrote,

“Dear, i want you to get THE BEST in your life;;;
I want
To hug you and cry hard whenever I am in pain
To console you, protect you and fight with you whenever you are in problem
To see your face when you were borned
To be all around you
To marry you in all religious customs
To surprise you each and every day
To make love every night
To give you a shower of kisses whenever possible
To pinch your hip unknown to anyone in crowd
To have a beautiful girl baby just like you
To make you walk in rose petals when you get pregnant
To give your own space to hang out with your guy friends
To make you feel possessive about me
To make you forget about all your worries when i am around you
To cook with you in our kitchen
To feed you with my own hands
To take care of you each and every second
To fight with you over silly issues
To make a loud laugh in a silent street
To take you for a long drive unexpectedly
To teach you bike driving
To take you for all countries tour
To make a honeymoon plan for one year
To give your values to our children
To adopt a child as you wished
To give education to 5 children as you wished
To cuddle you all over my life
To make you astonished with my unpredictable surprises
To respect your parents and give them love
To kiss our baby when it is in your womb
To hold our baby’s hand when it is borned
To give you all the happiness which you deserve
To share our house hold work
To have a coffee with you when i return from our office
To forget all my office stress by having a warm hug with you
To support you in your bad times
To have a pillow fight with you
To have a walk in moonlight
To have a rain dance with you in a street
To hold your hands, locking my eyes with yours and forget this world
To see our children growing
To see them getting married
To see our grandchildren
To live peacefully in a place after our 60’s together and alone
To die in your arms
My life would be a complete and the happiest;;

Talking with you through letters, game on dedicating songs, those silly nicknames you used to call me, those silly nicknames which i used to call you, our colour codes, codewords, silly fights, your cute anger, your words, your care, your possessiveness, your attitude, your fake anger when i try to flirt you, your real anger when i try to flirt other girls to get your attention, your jealousy when i speak about girls who loved me, your mysterious likes and dislikes, your tears for me, your worst goodness towards others, your craziness towards cheppals and dresses and bags, your worry for small little things, your guilt even after knowing that fault is not on your side, your respect to the elders, your carelessness, your imperfections, your non stop stupid talks, your nature of trying not to hurt others, your kindness towards others, your nature of hiding your sorrows from others, your expression of your tears and sorrows to your secret best friend pillow, your endless love to your friends…

My dear princess, i want all these in you as it is and i miss you…
There are many more which i have missed to tell in the list
But i miss each and every good and bad in you
This year is the bestest year where i have felt your love and where I found a new ME..
I love you my dear aunty, my princess, my polar bear, my chatter box, my radio dabba, my breath, my life and my everything… i love you and will always love you… ONLY YOU..”

Maya received the letter and cried happily for the first time. She realized that the best moment is when tears roll down the cheeks in happiness. She decided to do something special for him. After a lot of thinking, she came to a conclusion of singing a song for him. She has sung only sad and painful songs. For the first time, she prepared a love song for him. She sung where she said,

“Thank you so much for the shower of love.. i have never felt special so far.. i could not understand what to reply you back.. i had never believed in love.. you have understood me clearly like a diamond.. you are my princy grandpops.. I am gonna wait for you in Nariman Point this Sunday.. I want you to meet me there.. in a simple words, I am waiting for to be called, Mrs.Nandhu.. I will tell my love when we meet.. that day will be the bestest day in my life..”

Maya sang song with this meaning and released it on internet. Rish didn’t receive letter and he felt very bad as he thought she rejected his proposal. Just then his friend called and asked him to listen to the song. He hurriedly listened and he felt like flying in heaven again and same like Maya, he too had tears in his eyes. He got ready to go to Mumbai. He lied to his mom that he is going for a tour with his friends. Here Maya got ready and they both reached the destination.

But fate had decided something else.

Hai dearz… I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.. I know this is a very big update.. This is my valentines day special episode.. and i didn’t want payal to introduce today.. i will introduce her in the next part.. hope you don’t get bored after reading this long episode of my story so far.. thank you everyone love you all……

A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 27)


A perfect and an imperfect (Episode 27)


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