Happy valentines day guyz….
Lets start with a small quote:

Wow my 50th epi…. i have never thought that i will write upto 50…as i had only 20 epi in my mind… its ur marvellous comments which made me to write more…
Here is my 50th epi

Recap: diller rocks in same room… they came to know that ishu has called dadi especially to truble raman.. raman follows ishu
Lets starts with ishra…
Raman holds ishu
Raman: so u don’t have any work… u always angage yourself in thinking as how to trouble raman right? Why don’t u write a book.?

Ishu: idea is not bad.. but for that i have to think abt u all day… which i cant bear..
Raman: very funny
Ishu: ok go there and laugh… i have work bye
He grabs her again and pins her to the wall
Rman: cut ur useless and ugly jokes…till now i was silent… as i don’t want to do any drama in mihir’s mrg…. if u cont this… trust me .. i will make u regret t for sure…
Ishu: ok… i trust u raman…
By saying this she laughs… he becomes angry…
Raman: stop it ishitha….
She ddnt stop…ramn: i m warning u ishitha…. don’t irritate me…
She goes on laughing…. he suddenly pulls her towards him and holds her and came near her… ishu got silent…
He poses as if he gonna kiss her

Ishu closed her eyes…. and with low voice: raman
Raman: this was just warning… i wont think next time….i can do anything got it…
He leaves her…. her chain got stuck in his button.. she tries removing but goes vain… he tries…. they look at each other….
Suddenly someone switches on the light….
Ishu tries to move but she could’d go as her chain got stuck… rman frees that and moves back.. but before they could move…. dadi saw them .. that too close to each other…

Dadi: rajjjjjjj
Raj: yeah maa.. what hap?
Dadi: u will ruin my respect t one day…. i m asking u to get them both married.. see what are they doing… i wont allow this …
Raman: dadi… pls…
Dadi: shut up u nalayak… i m talking with my son…
Ishu: dadi… my chain
Raj:” relax maa…. there nust be misunderstanding….
Dadi: ok u wont agree… let it be…. i wont force u all… and raj remember … before u lose ur pride let them married….
Dadi leaves … dadi thinks to herself: but raj.. i m ur mom.. i can read ur eyes.. there is something very big… but i wont leave to village till they got married..

Ishra leaves to the room
They found everyone sleeping… so they also head to sleep…
Kushi to herself: will he really wait for me till i go… ?.. no no.. he wont… but what if he did….
Payal: what r u murmuring sisy darling…
Kushi:” nothing jiji.. how was ur ride with jiju
Payal: awesome… we had grt time.. also i said everything about our life to him… he assures that he will never leave me
Kushi: thats grt jiji…. atlast ur prince charming came…
Payal: yeah kushi.. what will have happened if i didn’t realise my love for him… i will have lost almost everything…
Kushi: oh ho… how u realised
Payal: i had a special feeling for him… as… i was feelng happy with his presence… and eyes searches for him if he was not there…. i used to remember even his scold and smiles …. and many such feelings.. and at last.. when i heard hw is gng to marry… i got jealous… then only realised i love mihir…kushi kushi.. r u listening…
Kushi was lost in arnav’s thought….payal shakes kushi and asked abt bua
Kushi: yeah… bua … dr said.. she has to take full bed rest… till her pain in spinal cord gets less…
Payal: oh no.. so bua cant enjoy my rg functions…
Kushi: think bua will come.. but we should not allow her.. as it may risk her life…i will capture every moment and will show to bua.. so that she wont miss any

They bth slept..

Next day 14-02-2016

Kushi wakes up
Payal: happy valentines day kushi siisy
Kushi: same to u jiji.. u got ready this mrng?
Pyal: yeah mihir have called me.. he asked me to come somewhere… bye…..
Kushi to herselg: omg.. he will be waiting…
After a while
Kushi got ready in red colour long frock with full hand transparent sleeve… she wears pendant which arnav gifts her… she smiles wearing it…
Kushi: really kushi u r getting ready to meet that lord governor…. no… how can u…. and that too in this dress,.. what will he think..no i will change dress….
She notices a msg from asr
Asr: i m waiting
So she rushes to the place…

Raizada mansion
Dadi: gudiya where u gng
Ishu: having some work dadi
Dadi: don’t u know… i wont allow u go alone… raman will go with her as asr is not here.. he has some work so he left mrng …
Ishra leaves in car

In car:
Raman: where to go?
Ishu: i will go by myself.. don’t pretend.. u can leave.. i shall go by rickshaw…
Raman: ishitha… don’t do any drama… i m very irritated…. don’t eat my mind,,, where to go?
Ishu: actually its valentines day.. so rahul… remember.. that party boy.. invited me for a date..
By telling this she feels shy …
Raman fumes in anger
Ishu: so if he sses me with u… our date will be spoiled..
Raman: i wont leave u alone as dadi wont spare me….
Ishu: ok take me to strawberry cafe
Raman drives with anger

Kushi reaches… she saw asr standing near… where a car drives towards him….
Kushi runs and grabs asr…. asr looks at kushi and lost in her beauty
Kushi: that might have hit u… cant u pay attention..
Asr: relax.. nothing happened nah…
Kushi looks tensed…asr cups her fave : relax kushi… thnx for coming…
And u r looking so pretty…. kushi feels shy…
Kushi: why have u called me …. tell me i have to go
Asr: if u wants to go .. u would never have came here…
Kushi stares at him

In car
Ishu: raman that was arnav right… but a girl with arnav?
Ishu sees arnav .. but she couldn’t see kushi
Ishu: i cant believe
Raman: i too cant believe.. who is that fool… let it be.. lets leave…
Ishu: u go i will follow them…
Raman: i wont leave u alone.. dadi will eat me…and that rahul must be waiting…
Ishu: rahul.. who rahul?
Ot once she bites her lips… raman : what? Means.. its also lie?
Ishu: actually i had doubt on bitu… he s acting weird… tdy mrng… my frnd infrmed me that bitu is waiting for someone for 1 hr.. in same place.. near strawberry cafe… her house is just opposite to cafe …. can u imagine raman.. arnav waiting for someone for 1 hr… so i thought of following him
Raman got relieved that ishu lied abt rahul…
Raman: yeah i cant too believe arnav cant even wait for 5 mins,.. that too even for me….
Ishu: pls.. lets follow him nah…
He agreed….

Payal reaches a place…. with her eyes folded….
Payal: where are we?
Mihir: wait a min… mis.universe…
He unfold her eyes…payal shcocker and surprised to see… a drop of tears escaped from her eyes…
Mihir wipes that: no dear… that tears don’t deserve this… no… i wont let that to come out of u ever..
Payal hugs mihir
Payal: this was our home…. i remember… i have played a lot.. our big home…
Mihir: yeah… its really big.. and its now ours…
Payal: what?
Mihir: yeah… i have bought this home for u… we may spend every weekends here… payal hugs mihir and feels happy…
Mihir: don’t hug me again and again…. there are many surprises for you

Arnav takes kushi and both reaches airport…
Kushi: where r we going?
Asr: cant ur question ever stop?
Kushi: no.. tell me where are we gng?
Asr: ok… Singapore… happy.. lets leave
Kushi: o don’t have passport…
Asr smiles : i had urs… i have applied for ur passport too… i told ur mom that we will be gng out for rehersals… your family is stupid.. they trusted
Kushi: don’t call them stupid… they are innocent
Asr: good version of stupid is innocence.. whats a big difference…

Raman: they r gng to Singapore…. i think…. let me check… hey my frnd also there
Ishu; wow.. ask him

Raman’s frnd was gng with arnav only so raman ask him to follow them.. and he booked tickets for them using his influence for next flight (guyz i know this is impossible… but in serials … anything may happen anytime)

Arshi reach Singapore… they checked in one hotel.. arnav took kushi outside…. ishra came and waited for them in hotel….
Ishu felt hungry… without informing raman she goes down to eat something…. mistakenly she drank alcohol…. raman came and scolds ishu and took her to the room

Arnav kushi go for a helicopter ride.. kushi feels scared and holds arnav’s hand tightly…
Asr: u r the one who stands against asr… and u are now scared of helicopter,,, i cant believe this
Kkg: oh pls… now i m not in mood to give any reply
She closes her eyes tightly
Asr looks at her innocent face and smiles
Rabba ve plays

In room
Ishu: rrrrrraaaavvvvan u r rravan.. how dare u to bring me here?
Raman: who the hell offers u the drink
Ishu: i asked only orange juice…. but that idiot gave me something else… ouch my head are rotating… ooh… raman u r three … here here here
She says in kiddish voice…
Raman: omg.. i cant handle when u r in ur senses.. now how can i handle u in this state… i m totally trapped…. while he says this seeing upwards… ishu runs outside
Raman runs behind her
Ishu in road: zara sa goomlun mein
Zara sa jumlun mein….

Bothai eeri pochu…. buthi maari pochu….. sutrum boomi enaku sontham aagi pochu

She starts singing and dancing in the middle of the road… the persons whoever passes by drops coins near ishu..
Raman laughs and clicks pics of ishu
Raman to himself: now u see ishu… how i gonna blackmail u…
Ishu: ramaaaannnnn i m hungry
Ramn takes her to a hotel…
She eats something
Ishu: yuck… hey manager… duffer kainka…. what is this?
Manager: its snake soup mam
Ishu gulps ..and vomits the soup inside the hotel
Manager: gosh… what have u done
Ishu: u idiot stupid… u have offered me snake soup… u will go to hell.. ur mom will go to hell
She stands and breaks the vase nearby…
Ishu: this is the compensation… bye handsome.. will meet later
Manager: wht the hell
Raman: i m sorry extremely sorry and raman gave some money to the manager….
Ishu runs again.. raman misses her.. raman was worried… he starts shouting for ishitha


Payal: wow.. this is awesome place…
Mihir: yeah… i have a surprise…
Payal: what?
Mihir: i have two tickets for saman;s movie also.. i have ordered your fav dishes in theatre… we will be all alone in theatre.. i have booked it for u
Payal (excited): wow… i think i m dreaming…. mihir… u r awesome
Mihir: but…. before that… u have see one murder scene with me… in film… u should not get scared…(mihir asked dr to make payal fine… dr suggest himthe way..)
Payal (got tensed): y mihir… u know nah..
Mihir: i know… but if u accompany me for this.. we will go for movie.. or else we wont
Payal: ok we wont go….
Mihir: payal… i had spent a lot… that was one of the rich theatre… i had booked it for u .. u cant do this for me ah?
Payal leaves.. mihir runs behind payal


Asr: kushi open ur eyes… see how beautiful is this
Kushi: no… i wont open
Asr: kushi.. i m with u… open ur eyes… kushi opens and sees.. she got surprised…
Kuhsi: it seems.. i am seeing the entire world…
Asr: yeah.. have u remember u got drunk one day.. that day u told me abt ur wishes… 1st wish.. u wished to see the entire world… so i got u here
Kushi stares at asr… they share an eyelock…
Ishq bhulawa jaane kab aahire….. plays…
Viliyil un viliyil vanthu vilunthen antha nodiyil.. en ethir kaalam.. nee than endru nenjam sonnathey… plays…

Kushi: this is for me? Why? Who u to me?
Asr smiles and signs her that they reached down
Asr: come… i will show u my fav place…
Kushi: what?
Asr: one clg.. where we all came one time … we launch our first album.. it got superhit…. and there i think u may get ur answer..
Kushi blinks…

Raman : sihu…. ishuuuu … pls… oh no.. how will i find her now… ishhuuuuuuuuuu
He cries….
Ishu pats him from behind…
Ishu: wow.. ravan kumar feds tears for ishitha bhalla…
Raman: stop it. How can u do like this… he cries and hugs her
Ishu: raman.. call me ishu once again….
In her kiddish voice..
Raman: stop it ishitha… lets go to our room
Ishu starts crying like a kid with loud voice…. asking him to call her ishu
Raman: ok ok…calm down ishu …
Ishu: longed for this…. she hugs him… raman got puzzled….
Raman took her to the room

Payal leaves.. mihir runs behind…
After a distance
Payal: ok mihir.. i will try … just for u
Mihir : ok payal..
They sit together and watches the scene… payal controls her fear.. but she couldn’t ….she starts sweating… she got tensed and scared.. but didn’t shout.. she holds mihir
Payal: pls mihir.. i cant see
Mihir switches it off…
Payal: sorry mihir… i couldn’t do that
Mihir keeps his hand over her mouth..
Mihir: thats great thing that u tried… thats enough for me payal… trust me.. u will get well soon
Payal hugs him
They went for a movie… bajrangee bhaijaan… and had lots of fun

Arshi reaches the clg,,,
He had arranged a small party like scenario there.. kushi got impressed …. all welcome them… they took asr’s autograph…

Asr took his guitar… and goes t the stage leaving kushi in a corner… she feels uncomfortable… asr signs her to be confident as he is with him.. she smiles…
Asr : hey guyz…. asr is back… i just thought of presenting a song…. in this awesome valentines time… i don’t have any lyrics… but trust me.. this song will be from my heart… it s dedicated the most wonderful girl in my life…
All cheers asr..
One guy: who is she?
Asr: she… is … she is just pagal… she dances in mid of the road… eats lunch with hand in five star hotel.. she will spoil the whole home by spreading the things here and there just to say thankx,,….. she always got locked up in any room… she always finds any opportunity to eat… she she.. is totally different .. just opposite to me….
While telling he forget that he is in stage… for him.. there is only he and kushi present.. he tells everything by starring at kushi..kushi also looks at him with surprise…. at once everyone claps … asr comes to his senses…. and feels embarrassed all ask him to sing…

While gng to room.. ishu sits in mid of the hotel…
Raman: ishu.. whats this yaar.. pls get up
Ishu: no raman… i m tired ,.. i want to sleep….
Raman: no..(in a loud voice)
Ishu: i will decide.. who r u to order me…
She lays down and sleeps…
Raman kept his hand over his head… he took her photo with a smile….
Them raman lifts ishu to the room…

In room… he makes ishu sleep in the bed….
Ishu: hey hey hey.. i won i won iwon
Raman: what?
Ishu: if i have saked u to lift me.. u wouldn’t have done… see i won.. i made u
Raman: ok.. now sleep.. lets talk after wards,…

Its afternoon…. raman calls shagun and tells that they are outside and will return late…

Ishu: raman… y u left me?
Raman: just went to call shagun
Ishu: i broke into pieces that day
Then raman realises ishu was talking abt that day
Raman: ishu take rest….
Ishu: no raman… no… no no no…. u should answer me… u know what… i …. *hiccups*
Raman: waht?
Ishu: i *hicuups*
Raman give water to ishu.. she drinks full water

Arnav : i m sorry guyz,,, if my song turns out wierd… i didn’t have lyrics… i will sing lively…
Asr starts singing… looking at kuhsi

Jo pehle hua naa..
Ab hone laga hai..
Dil humko jaga kar
Kyun sone laga hai..

Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai
Ye ishq hai yaa kuch aur hai
Ya bas khaali khaali shor hai
Ho isko main kya kahun
Tu hi bata.. Tu hi bata..


Yaaro Ival Yaaro Ival
En Pookalin Vaero Ival
En anmaiyayai Vendraan Ival.. Anbaanaval
Yaaro Ival Yaaro Ival
En Pookalin Vaero Ival
En anmaiyayai Vendraan Ival.. Anbaanaval

(i know this is girls version i changed it for boys.. hope u like it)

Kushi widen her eyes.. and she couldn’t believe her eyes and ears… she looks at him while he was singing… asr smiles at her expression.. while the crowd gave a big encouragement for asr….

Raman: what? Now tell me
Ishu comes near raman too close to him.. with eye to eye contact..
Ishu: u know raman… I LOVE YOU.. more than anything else in the world… without u.. i m noting.. ur ishu is nothing without my raman… u know what?.. i stopped eating rasagullas bcz u r not there to feed me.. i stopped each and every habit which reminds u… i miss u raman.. my life is incomplete without you.. i have that 5rs locket which u have gifted me in childhood… ur first gift for me.. i kept it inside my purse…

Raman got surprised to hear that… he got teary eyed…
Raman: ishu..
By saying this she sleeps by keeping her head over raman’s shoulder…

Arnav: hey.. hows it?
Kushi: awesome.. now i can believ that… u can sing opposite to me… till now i thought u r not compared to me
Asr: really… thnk u soo much kushi kumara gupta… for this wonderful comment
Kushi: why have u spent soo much for me? U didn’t give any reply?
Asr: in stage i gave nah.. don’t u hear
Kushi blinks: no i didn’t understand… what to u mean?
Asr: i
Kushi: u
Asr: i just
Kkg: yeah
Asr: i just want to see smile in ur face…
Kushi: what?
Asr: yeah….what u thought?
Kkg: what wil i think.. nothing…. but y u wnat to see my smile?
Asr: its my way of apologizing…. i were very rude to u.. so before miryal’s mrg.. i wanted to clear all enemity.. thats it
Kushi : oh… (sad tone)
Asr: i think u wished to hear something else?
Kkg: no nothing.. now lets leave for home…
Asr: no.. we have remaining wish list nah?
Kkg: no arnav… if u want my smile.. see i m smiling.. don’t spend further for me.. it will hurt me…
Kkg looks upset… asr smiles seeing her… kushi notices his smile….
Kushi to herself: oh… so u wont tell…. hum bhi kushi kumara gupta hai… i will make u to tell….its a promise….
Asr brings kushi to a area.. where the garden is fully decorated with kushi’s fav white roses….having red roses in letter k…. kushi was totally impressed…
Asr: my fav garden… always they will be white roses…. i have coloured some of the white roses to red…
Kushi: why?
Kkg: yeah… u want me to smile right?… i m smiling….
Asr : good….
Kkg: now i m tired… i want to go home
Asr: ofcourse.. i m not gng to spend further.. as u said….
Kuhsi stares ….
They leave….





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