A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 8 V’Day special

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 8 V’Day special

Episode 8 (Valentine’s Day Special)
Scene 1
Twinj and Yuhi enter the plane. Mahi and yuvi go and sit together and give a smirking smile to twinj.
Twinj go and take their seats. Yuhi and Twinjs seats are in the same row but on the either sides.
After the flight had taken off.
Twinkle requests kunj to sit on the Windows side as she is afraid of heights.
Kunj:(laughs)Omg so the tigress of amritsar is scared of heights.
Twinkle: Yeah….so what…stop laughing or else.
Kunj: Or else what twinkle..?? (He leans closer to her face)
Twinkle: (Gets tensed and says with a low tone)Or else…or else i will….i will..
Kunj: (leans even more closer)Will u jump out of the plane. (He laughs loudly).
Passengers around them give him a strang look and he stops laughing.
Twinkle is annoyed and sits facing the other side.
Yuhi are having romantic talks…Mahi rests her head on yuvis shoulder and he touches his head to hers and both smile.
Twinkle:(Looking at yuhi)Awww look at them such a cute couple.

Kunj: I hope you r not expecting me to do that.
Twinkle: Never infact if u try to do that i will break ur head.
Kunj: Same here…I’m not at all interested in doing that.
Just then the flight starts shaking and there is an announcement.
Plzzz keep ur seat belts fastened as there is turbulence of weather.
Twinkle gets scared and holds kunjs arm tightly. Kunj keeps his hand on her hand and asks her not to worry he is there with her always (sajna ve plays)
Yuhi look at them and are happy for them.
After some time the plane gets stable and announcement is made that the weather is clear now and we are about to land. Everyone get glad.
Kunj: Twinkle ab to mera  haath chod de(he smiles)
Twinkle leaves his hand immediately and smiles in her mind but does not show she acts as if nothing has happened.
Scene 2.
Twinj And Yuhi reach their hotel in kashmir. The receptionist gives them keys of 2 rooms. Yuhi take the keys of their room and twinj take the key and look at each other.
Yuvi :come on lets go I’m really tired i want to rest.
Kinj: Bhai ull go we will see how is the hotel then go to our room.
Yuhi leave.

Twinkle quickly asks the receptionist if they cud get one more room please.
Receptionist: I’ll hav to see ma’am.
Kunj: Plz check fast.
Receptionist: Yes sir v hav one extra room available and gives him the key.
Just then mahi comes there to take her hand bag which she had left with twinkle and she sees kunj taking another room keys.
Mahi: Whay are ull taking one more room.
Twinj are shocked to see her.
Kunj: No no we r not taking one more room i don’t know why this mad lady is giving us 2 separate rooms.
Twinkle: Yea see na dii v told her v are couples but she just doesn’t understand.
Receptionist is confused and looks at them angrily.
Twinj sign her that they are sorry. Mahi asks them to come along and see the hotel later. Twinj droop their heads and go with her.
Twinj enter their room. They are shocked to see that there is only a bed and no couch/sofa or anything else where 1 of them wud hav slept.
Both run towards the bed to capture it first but they fall on each other. Twinkle is up and kunj is below her.
They look into each others eyes and have a romantic eyelock (sajna ve plays).
Some1 nocks the door.
Twinj compose themselves and twinkle goes to open the door.

Waiter comes to inform them that plz come down for dinner we will stop serving the dinner in half an hour.
Twinkle says ok and he leaves.
Kunj: I’ll freshen up and come.
Twinkle: Ohk im going to diiis room and ill send jiju here to freshen up.
Scene 3
Kunj comes out in just a towel.
Just then twinkle enters without knocking and says “Ye dii aur jiju bhi na pata nahi kyun hum dono ko ek hi room me rakhne ke peeche pade hain” she raise her head and sees kunj in just a towel she at first glances at his wet body lovingly and then turns back quickly and says ye tum kya ker rahe ho.
Kunj had not seen her and gets shock listening her voice.
Kunj: Tuuu….u had gone bhabhis room right when did u come back.
Twinkle: Dii sent me back saying that we r engaged and we can share the same room.
Kunj moves close to her and she gets tensed. Kunj comes really close to her she asks what r u doing he bends down takes his t-shirt from the bed and wears it.
Kunj: Taking my t-shirt what else.

Twinkle:Nothin and she runs to the bathroom to freshen up. Kunj tells her that he is going down for dinner and asks her to come fast.
Scene 4
All 4 hav dinner and get back to their rooms.
Twinjs room.
Twinkle: (calls the room service) Hello..cud we please get an extra mattress.
Room service: Sry mam we hav a special gazal program going on and all the extra mattress got used there.
Twinkle is worried and keeps the phone.
Kunj: what happened why r u worried..??
Twinkle: Room service person said that they dont hav any extra mattress that means we will hav to share the bed.

Kunj goes and sits besides her and takes her hand in his hand and says.
Kunj: Twinkle y do u forget…I’m ur best friend…don’t u trust me….i promised u i will never compell u to do what u don’t want to. I promise i won’t even touch u ever until and unless u want me too…plzz dont be worried i cant see u worried…i assure u i will never cross my limits.
Twinkle is glad and hugs him tight and thanks him. He hugs her back(sajna ve plays) And they go to sleep.
Scene 5
Kunj gets up as the rays of the sun fall on his face. He sees that twinkle is sleeping holding him. He smiles and moves her hand away and get up.
Twinkle to gets up due to the rays of the sun. Kunj wishes him good morning and goes to get ready.
He get ready down for breakfast.
Yuhi and kunj are waitinh for twinkle.
Twinkle come there wearing a crop top and a long skirt.
Kunj is mesmerized seeing her.
Twinkle comes and sits besides him and he compliments her.
She blushes a little and yuhi cough.
They hav their breakfast and are about to leave when the manager of the hotel announces that todat is Valentine’s day so there will be a rocking dance party in the evening so couples be ready and i would request ull to do sight seeing and other stuffs tomorrow.
Yuhi are really excited for the party and they decide that after lunch they will go to shopp for their party dresses.

Twinj are also excite and agree to go with them.

PRECAP: TWINJ dance in the party on the song Janam Janam (From dilwale)

Hope ull liked it.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all of u
Plzzz do share ur views via ur comments

A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 8 V’Day special


A journey from tashan e dosti to tashan e ishq episode 8 V’Day special

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