ACLS HERO’S POV part -6 let me cherish

“Aakash key taaro mein khoya hain jaha saara,
Lagta hain pyaara ek-ek taara,
Un taaro mein sabsey pyaara hain ek sitaara,
Jo is waqt padh raha hain yeh shaayari hamaari!”

“Galib BANK Lutne gaye aur BANK me sher farmaya.
“Taqdir me jo hai wohi milega.
Taqdir me jo h vahi milega.
Hands up karlo saalon koi apni jagah se nhi hilega.”~
It was morning again and I met with those, smiling cheerful, expecting but irritating faces again,
They gazed at me continuously, which was making me nervous, conscious, and irritated,
I found it hard to eat, infront of those staring faces, and that dead silence on the breakfast table,
Well it was obvious, that their mind didn’t recover from the shock , that I gave them yesterday,
It was really a shock for them hearing me talk to someone, and a friend that too a girl…….
Yes ! it was a big matter , as a person who have isolated himself from the world , has a friend……
I hesitated and, the food chunk hit my epiglottis, and I coughed badly , with tears running through my eyes,
Everyone rushed , for a glass of water and there I was surrounded with those worried faces , and each of them with a glass of water in their hand……

That scene was too emotional, I could barely resist, crying……..
As I looked at them again I really broke down this time and took a sip from each of their glass, as I couldn’t break any of their heart,
I know that was just a small thing but……
But you gain happiness from these small deeds …..
‘ Happiness is something is something you get if you share’
Well those relieved faces gave me a relief and , everyone enquired my state ,
Hmph !!!
Those consoling and caring words were short lived , as that staring , questioning and teasing session started again……….
But that’s what a family is they care for you when you are in a need and they don’t even let go a moment on you,
Be it spying, teasing, taunts, quarrel, fury, punishment and what not……
Well this was something which happened in all families and mine family too….
But it was first time I noticed it all,
I cherished the moments of that love,
Yes it was the first time after that incident I really……..
** to be continued
BG song dedicated is…

Kuch toh hua hai, kuch milgya hai………
And as I say god bye today I hope you enjoyed the chapter , thak u dr friends for your support, and keep supporting as it gives me strength ……
LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL to infinity for you all
Happy Valentine’s Day @ all may you find true love…..
Also stay happy always
Happy belated basant panchmi or sraswati festival/pooja, I dunno what its called your place but may lordess saraswati shower her blessings on you

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Jaate jaate arZZZ kia hai un deewano ke liye….. jooo VD manate hai…aur unhe dilo-jaa se chahate hai…
Ahem ahem !!!!
Aahat see koi aaye toh lagta hain kee tum ho,
Saaya saa koi lehraaye toh lagta hain kee tum ho,
Ab tum hee bataao kya tum kisi bhoot sey kam ho?

ACLS HERO’S POV part -6 let me cherish


ACLS HERO’S POV part -6 let me cherish


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