The journey together (epi-11)

Hiii……everyone I’m here again your Sharon shrivatsav….. I was really overwhelmed with your comments… And hope you all like my ff and plzz… comment and tell me whether it is good or bad anything…..and as I had told before I am posting the 11th episode also a longer one as a VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL… So be tuned and plzz… comment….plzz…..and also tell about the ff picture which I have changed…

Recap: Lakshya teasing Ragini and announcement of the fresher’s party and Laksh’s popularity in the party and he walks towards the entrance feeling strange….
And just then a car stops at the entrance the college gate where the red carpet is been put up and a girl gets down from that car she is wearing an black colour black less gown and has curled her hair at the ends and has put all her hairs on one side and has left a small part in the front she is looking stunning….. And is wearing a Mask on her face only her eyes are seen which are glittering due to the lights in the party….

Meanwhile Swara and Sanskar had come to meet each other to discuss on the project they were going to submit for this whole week they had discussed everything on phone itself and for the first time they had come to meet each other. Swara had come to Sanskar’s office to meet him…
Swara got down from her car and she carried all her things in her hand due to which her face was covered and she could a bit see the way hence started walking inside the office and suddenly she lost her balance and made everything fall…and she was about to fall and closed her eyes in fear….but then realised that some strong hands had held her preventing her from falling…Swara opened her eyes saw that person…. The person was lost in her in her eyes when suddenly Swara’s phone started to ring…

Swara: hahhhh….pops…
Shekar: beta…. MD’s name is Sanskar and all the best do well….bye…
Swara: thanks paa…bye…
Swara turned towards that person before she could speak…
Person: cannot you be careful….you work here….be careful about your movement also….it is more important than work…
Swara: sorry….and thanks for saving me….
Person: wait……you do not work here…..who are you?????
Swara: I am here to meet Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari…can you plzz.. tell me the way…
Person: Go left and turn right the one and only cabin is his…
Swara picked her things and turned to thank him again and to know his name…..but he was not there….so she left to Sanskar’s cabin…
@ Party….

Then suddenly an announcement is made by the host….
Host: today I welcome you all to the fresher’s party and would like to welcome you all by asking this singer to sing in front of us and points towards the girl in the black gown as she from one of the best singing school and have joined our college recently and she does not want to reveal her identity hence even we do not know her name or have not seen her face……
She enters the stage…
Girl: I’m really honoured to sing in front of all of you…. (She starts her song)
Janam janam janam Saath chalna huhi…
Kasam tume kasam Aake milna yahi….
Ek jaan hai bhale do badan ho juda
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehana kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri subha ho tumi aur tumi sham ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
Meri duaon se aati hai bas yeh sada
Meri ho ke hamesha hi rehana
Kabhi na kehana alvida
She misses her voice and after few seconds suddenly a boy starts singing but he is nowhere seen everyone starts searching for him….

Ha ha ha haaaaa…
Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa….
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
Teri bahon mein hai mere dono jahan
Tu rahein jidar meri jannat wahi
Jal rahi aagan hain jo eh do tarfaa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi
Now the girl also starts singing….. (Both together)
Tu meri arzoo main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari main teri mausique
Talab talab talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nashon mein tu nasha bann ke ghulna yoonhi
Meri mohabbat ka karna tu hal ye adda
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehana kabhi na kehna alvida
Meri subha ho tumi aur tumi sham ho
Tum dard ho tum hi aaram ho
Meri duaon se aati hai bas yeh sada
Meri ho ke hamesha hi rehana
Kabhi na kehana alvidaaaaaa…..

Ohohhhhhhhh…..ohohoooooooooooo… Ooooooooo…..
And the boy comes out from behind the pillar he has a mask on his face and every one clap for them while they are lost intensely in each other’s eyes they come back to reality due to the sound and move towards each other….
Suddenly the host…

Host: huuhh!!!! Thank you so much for the song both of you now may I request all of you to find a partner and come on the Dance floor to dance to the beat….
Boy comes to the girl and leans forward and whispers in her ears…
Boy: let us be friends and moves his hand forward…
Girl: maybe some other time….
Boy: may I dance with you…..
Girl: maybe some other time….
Boy: may I get your number….
Girl: maybe some other time…
Boy: ohhh!!!! Ok….
Girl: bye…

Boy hearing this pulls her towards him and goes to the dance floor starting her refusal was made later which was taken over by agreement…..
The applause of the audience died down as boy and the girl entered the dance floor and boy tried to ignore the stares they received at last, both of them took their positions and the soft flow of music began….once the music started they circled each other and their gaze remained locked. Boy placed his hand on her back and girls hand on his shoulder and their free hands finally met and caught hold of each other and they did not dance to the beat of music but of the heart….boy guided the girl across the dance floor as if they were in dream. He kept his eyes fixed on her yet still; he knew exactly where to take her. Every moment and every angel seemed to be planned in advance and nothing felt forced…

‘Mr……’ girl whispered ‘everyone’s staring glare is at us…’ with that he squeezed girl hand slightly and smiled ‘really…..’ he chuckled softly ‘I have not noticed…..’ and with that the girl did not say more…
Nothing else seemed to be mattered anymore for both of them they became one with the song…..the warmth between both grew more powerful by each second and the heart beat was racing with it. The boy was perfect so was the girl…..both had a thought in their mind that they were the luckiest person to get a partner like each other…..and while the dance ends boy lifts her up and turns her around and slowly brings her down….meanwhile there is no gap between them such that it is air tight…everyone clap for them and they came back to senses and the Girl was about to move back when the Boy pulled her towards him due to which they both fell on the couch nearby…..girl was upon boy and both had an intense eye lock which was again disturbed by audience ‘ohhh!!!!!!!!’ sound and the girl got up and composed herself……Suddenly boy removes his mask and says let us be friends at least now……

Girl gets shocked seeing him…it is non-other than our flirty boy Lakshya….she does not remove her mask and tells him ten numbers ‘5376321809’ and turns and starts moving towards the crowd…..
Lakshya: what????????
Girl (turning towards him): my number which you asked for?????? And turns back….
Lakshya: 53763218 what??????????
Girl: 09 and turns meanwhile the Lakshya takes her picture in the mask itself…
Lakshya: so should I consider it as friendship…….?
Girl: maybe or may not be….

Lakshya: at least show your face once….
But the girl had left from there within that time….Lakshya calls her…..
Girl: hello…
Lakshya: this is Laksh….the masked man…
Girl: ohhh!!!!…so why did you call me????????
Lakshya: to tell you to save my number with some special name….because you will be getting frequent messages and calls from this number here after….
Girl: let me see…
Lakshya: by the way you did not show your face to me…

Girl: find me if you can…
Lakshya: are you challenging me??????
Girl: maybe or may not be….
Lakshya: ok… I accept it…
Girl: I am leaving this party bye…. and cut the call….
@ Office…..
Swara went to the cabin and knocked on the door…
Swara: may I come in….
The answer came as yes…..
Swara entered and saw the person turning towards the wall and says…
Swara: I am the MD of gadodia’s….and the she is shocked to see….Sanaskar…
Swara: you…

Sanskar: yess…any problem..
Swara: no…and both start to laugh….
Sanskar: so ready for the project…
Swara: as if you do not know anything….
Sanskar: so let us start…
They both start working while Swara would explain something he would be lost in her beauty…..and while Sanskar explained something Swara would stare at him….at last they finished their work…
Swara: ok….now we have finished everything let us leave…..
Sanskar: let me hold first….
Swara: what?????
Sanskar: nothing!!!! Ok..bye.Gn…SD…
Swara: bye….Gn…SD…..
They both left to their homes in their cars….thinking about each other…
@ Party…..
Lakshya thinks how to find her and turns towards the exit and sees Ragini going there…..
Lakshya: ladoo….
Ragini turns around and sees Lakshya her face was emotion less….but suddenly gets angry….
Ragini: how you dare call me like that??????
Lakshya: what when did I call you????????

Ragini: just leave it and starts moving away….
Lakshya: not so soon ladoo…
Ragini: what??????
Lakshya: yes….you saw that girl who sang that song right?????
Ragini: yess… what?????
Lakshya: She was so beautiful not like you……
Ragini: she was wearing mask and nobody could see her and this mahaan saw her…. (Pointing towards Lakshya)
Lakshya: I saw her hearts beauty not face…..
Ragini: you!!!! Praising someone….
Lakshya: yeah!!!! Any problem
Ragini: what hangoveraa??????
Lakshya: maybe or may not be….
Ragini: ok….

Lakshya moves from there… Ragini also leaves towards her car confused by his gesture…
Ragini remembers her mum had told her to come home before 9:30pm and thinks if I leave now it would be proper and moves towards her car she saw someone standing their
Ragini: hey….what are you doing near my car???
Person: no….nothing I was just standing here…
Ragini: ok…move I have to take my car…..she starts her car and moved….
The person smiles evilly….
Here Lakshya got that girls call….
Lakshya: so you started missing me….
Girl: nooo…
Lakshya: then why did you call me….? (Teasingly…)
Girl: I thought it will be difficult for you to find me just with a phone number……
Lakshya: no babeeee… forgot I have brains and I use it…..
Girl: do not even think of tracking it because it is a protected one and nobody can trace it…..
Lakshya: oh noo…..
Girl: so I thought of helping you…..

Lakshya: plzz……but how?????? Are you going to come in front of me…..
Girl: nooo….by giving you some clues….
Lakshya: for what???????
Girl: to find me…..
Lakshya: so my first clue is…..
Girl: do you really want to find me……
Lakshya: off course…..
Girl: so you want it to be easy or difficult…
Lakshya: however you want it to be but I want to reach you as soon as possible…
Girl: impressive so listen….
Lakshya: ok….

Girl: tomorrow come to a place I college itself which has millions of stories but cannot tell one…..there I will be finding a place to take my seat and rest my heart which beats very fast…..right in front of the face that does not smile or frown and has no eyes and it has no mouth but makes a familiar sound and has hands but no fingers on it……
Lakshya: what?????
Girl: yess….. if you come there tomorrow by 11:00am you will be able to find something in front of you and it will be there only for 5 mins and if your late……
Lakshya: if I am late…..
Girl: you will know the consequences…..
Lakshya: nooo….

Girl: ok….. byeee….. and cut the call while Lakshya gets thinking how to find her with this riddle…..
Ragini was driving her car and saw the time it was still 8:45pm hence thought of going on a long drive and instead of turning left she turned right which was a long way to her home……
Here Lakshya was restless thinking who might be the girl and left in his car to his home……
Ragini was enjoying the cold weather and pressed button due to which the top of the car opened up and she felt the cool breeze went through her body and made Goosebumps on it……Suddenly she felt something was not working…..
Here Lakshya felt strange and called his mom

Lakshya: Is everyone safe???????
AP: yeah beta what happened everyone is in home only and we are waiting for you….
Lakshya: nothing maaa….. I felt something strange and called that’s it and I am coming home….bye….and he cut the call…but was still restless…..
Lakshya receives a call from Sahil…..
Sahil: where are you man?????
Lakshya: maybe or may not be…… (Thinking about the girl….)
Sahil: what??????
Lakshya (Coming back to senses): Why did you call me????
Sahil: to ask where are you and why did you say maybe or may not be…..
Lakshya: nothing I was thinking something…
Sahil: ok..reach safely…..
While talking to Lakshya, Sahil collides with Manu and holds her by her waist to prevent her from falling…..these both also have an intense eye lock…..
Lakshya: Sahil….Sahil??
Sanu (Sahil and Manu) come back to senses……

Manu: thank you…..
Sahil: no…no….it was my fault actually and sorry….
Manu: it’s ok…
Sahil: can we dance……
Manu: yeah….. (By this time everybody had removed their masks and hence they could see each other’s faces……)
Sanu went on dance floor and danced passionately and at last they also end the dance and bid bye to each other and return to each others home thinking about each other……

Precap: what happened??????….nooooo…….

Guys….plzz….plzz…..comment and stay tuned to know more…..
And also tell about the ff picture which I have changed….
And one more last thing guys guess the riddle if you can and tell me the answer through your comments….

The journey together (epi-11)


The journey together (epi-11)


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