Reporters season 2 episode 54

The episode starts with richa and ananya getting the same lead and are told to meet at a particular inhabitant forest near the exit of delhi.Richa and ananya make their way to the abondoned forest where they are captured by some men with black masks.

Ananya and richa are taken to a room made out of sticks where they both a tied up to a stack of hay.Then comes RG and shreya,to the shock of ananya and richa.Ananya grunts that i will destroy you again RG if you dont leave.RG smirks and tells shreya to point a gun at her.

Shreya says that now you have married kabir,i cant do anything to you.So let me just kill you.When shreya is about to shoot richa and ananya at once,kabir and rony break in with khurrana and his team,after tracking ananya’s location and sensing danger.He himself is shocked to see RG and shreya.While khurrana is taking away shreya and RG,RG blurts out the hidden truth in him that Rony is his son.Ananya and kabir stops khurrana and confronts RG.Ananya asks that why didnt rony tell her.RG says that he told rony not to.He says that when he came last to KKN,he didnt come to take revenge for sudhir’s death but to actually punish ananya for breaking rony’s heart when he proposed to her.Ananya,kabir and richa are shocked.Shreya adds that RG had no intention to help her but just punish ananya.

Ananya asks why did he try killing rony that night.RG cries and says that was to hit you and not rony.He says,if u realised that i was the one who cried the most in rony’s funeral.

Ananya and kabir are dubstruck and just leave from there.In the car,ananya gets a shock stroke due to RG’s truth.Kabir pats her back causing her to go to a normal state.Kabir tells her to forget about it and kisses her on the forehead.

Ananya and kabir go to watch dilwale,where both of them have some romantic moments.Ananya is troubled by some goons,when kabir has gone to the washroom.When kabir comes back,he sees that ananya is being misbehaved with and runs to save her.Ananya is happy and hugs kabir.

Precap:ananya confronts rony over hiding the truth from her about being RG’s son.Rony is shocked to hear that.

Reporters season 2 episode 54


Reporters season 2 episode 54


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