Kaala Teeka 13th February 2016 –

Kaala Teeka 13th February 2016 –

Kaala Teeka 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenepisodes.com

Scene 1
Kali is filling water in the pots from lake and places them in temple. Yug comes and scares her. He says hello, I didn’t know people still use these pots. He stops her. He says should I help you? She says no. He says did you give her phone back? Her phone is off. Kali says I have some work. He says let me help. She says I have to do this alone. This is promise. Kali is about to slip, Yug holds her.

Vishwa laughs and says I found him. He says I have found the guy for my daughter. This is the one. He is the life partner of my daughter. Its Yug’s picture.
Kali goes downstairs. He says I was just helping you. I need your little help. Ther eis a girl in your college Gauri, I am looking for her. Kali is shocked. She sprains her ankle. He holds her feet. He says will you help me finding her? Kali says I have a lot of work today. Let me go. Yug says I can’t find her. I love her voice. Kali says I have wash stairs of temple from 100 pots. Please let me do that first. He says are you mad?
Vishwa says I will talk to gauri about this.Kalyani says she will take some time. You have to be a bit slow. I will talk to her you don’t have to worry. Mad says I hope she goes in a good family. Kalyani says that kali is doing that in temple.
Yug says you believe in all this? She says i can do anything for bady papa. He says this is so stypid. She says you can’t make fun of my bady papa. He is doing this for his daughter’s happiness. He says and he makes you do this? He takes the pot and throws it away.
Kali recalls vishwa saying if you break a pot you have to do this again. Kali says waht you did, I was doing this with my heart. This is my bady papa’s trust. He wanted this. HE thinks this will improve his relation with his daughter. I want do this.

Kalyani saus to Prohit you gave this relation with vishwa? Prohit says I know what to do. I don’t want vishwa to be happy either. Kalyani says this has made him happy. She says I will stop this wedding. I won’t let this happen.
Yug takes a rod and breaks all the pots.
He says go buy more pots. You helped my dadi now I helped you. This all is useless. I thought you are an educated girl and I don’t want to see your face again. He goes and sits in his car.
Kali says I have always been wrong. I will do thsi for my bady papa. Only manji maa was mine. She hears Manji’s voice. Kali says this is manji maa’s voice, she turns back and runs upstairs. The woman sits in the car and leaves.
yug says to her thank you vishi maa for picking up.
Its Manjiri. Manji says its about time you should have someone on your front seat. Why you look upset? He says how you know always? She says I have brought you up. Is this about some girl? He says no, she trusts stupid things. she was washing staris for her bady papa. I told her this is useless. Manji says don’t decide that soon. We have to trust this because of what life throws at us. She sits in the car and leaves.Kali is looking for her.
She find a locket on the road. She says Manji maa used to have this. That was my manji maa but is it possible? Maybe they have similar voices. I wish I had seen her face.

Kalyani says to gauri your papa asked me to place in your room, so your wedding time comes soon. Gauri says he has to ask me before my wedding. She leaves.

Precap-Vishwa says I hope this doesn’t have a bad on it. Mad says kali is her kaala teeka.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Kaala Teeka 13th February 2016 –


Kaala Teeka 13th February 2016 –

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